It called Love

February 19, 2018, It's Called Love.png

“This is not something to understand, but it something to prove.

Do you know what is it?

It’s called Love.”


It’s not something to understand because  it can’t be explain by a mere word & complicate. Only can be prove yet there are always challenge for it, one of them, make your partner understand what you try to show them.


Love Everyday

February 12, 2018, Love Everyday (Bunny 7)

“Even if you show your Love in Valentine’s Day, Don’t Stop There, show your Love & Smile everyday.”


Why would you show your love in Valentine’s Day only, if you can love them everyday, every week, every month, every years, till death do you part.

When you show your love

February 5, 2018, When did you show Your Love (Bunny 7).jpg

“May I ask you something?

When did you show your love? Or for whom is it those love?

The answer is not always the same, since every perspective are different.

Love is not only coming from those who you think is the one for you, it can be also from your family & your best friends.”


It’s happen all the time, whether you realized it or not. But the moment you fell deeply in love & seeing them as the one for you, at that moment you forgot who support you all the time, & who always being there whenever you had a hard time. Sacrificing one best friend for the person who can’t love you back the way you love them are tragically stupid.


Reason & Purpose

January 29, 2018, Reason and Purpose.jpg

“Life with a Reason or Life with a Purpose.

Which one is better, losing either Reason or Purpose always lead to the question “What next?”

Yet it much better if you have both “Reason & Purpose” to live your Life to the Fullest.”


It’s not easy to find or answer the question like ‘what your purpose to live?’. You may can find a lot of reason to live, yet each of them are a weak reason that can fade away easily. It difficult to find a strong reason to live & it really doesn’t matter to have one of them, but when those reason or purpose are accomplish, then what? There will be endless ending, when you have either Reason & Purpose in your life.


January 22, 2018, Next.jpg


“What is Next sometime is not the Next.”


Problem within your life, solution in every your decision to solve problem, & question of your life that never ending, everything is like liner. Each of them await to be able to slap you & seeing your reaction, sometime what is next is not the next at all, sometime it’s just a fabric or piece of what actually come to your life.

Wolf & Lion

January 15, 2018, Wolf & Lion (Bunny 6).jpg

“Even a Lion is just another Kitten when they are in Love.

Even a Lone  Wolf is just a Lonely Animal that need Love.

All can understand what it mean, the only problem are how they seeing thing.”


With love everything is acceptable, the difference, region, age, even the gender. Many doesn’t understand, many just laughing, yet they seek the same thing. Sometime all you need to understand is closed your eyes, ignored those who laugh, & listen for who they really are,,

Your Resolves

January 8, 2018, Your Resolves (Bunny 6).jpg

“What is your resolves in this year?

It been the same question over & ever again, each years that passing by whether you like it or hate it. Either you wasting your time to whining & give up or you keep trying each years until eventually you reach your dream.

It all your choice.”


Every single year we have something similar that called resolves, promise,  goal, or even the will to be accomplish on that year. Many people failed, some are trying their hard, & few actually reach those resolves. Either you whining & give up or you keep trying, it all up to you. but just remember, Death are certain, but the time is not. don’t let yourself regret.