Unnecessary Feeling

Unnecessary Feeling.jpg

“,,Maybe you are right, there are so many unnecessary feelings within our life. But without any of those feelings, how people can appreciate love. How they know that they being happy without knowing sadness. How they know about royalty without being betray. How they know about hope without Despair. How they know which feeling is which, if they never know the other feeling.”


Even there is a time when we don’t want any of this unnecessary feeling, they keep coming to us, make us depress, & gloomy, that made us sometime wish to not having any of those. But did you ever think, what happen if you never know those unnecessary feeling? How do you know about Happiness when you don’t know sadness. How you know about hope without knowing Despair. Without it we know nothing.


Revenge Haunt


“you can do whatever you want to do,

except hurting the other,

beware that Revenge always Haunt.”


Bullying without reason, making fun for your own fun, & playing people while there are a ton of game. Not all people can forgive easily, not all people can forget what you doing. Success is one way to revenge but there is a time where they actually taking revenge on you.

Being yourself without bully is not something that difficult, isn’t?

Don’t Trust Me


October 2, 2017, Don't Trust Me.jpg

“sometime when people saying ‘don’t Trust me’,

they do really understand how it feel being ‘Betray’.”


Betrayal is not something that easy to forgive, they destroy people, change them, & turn them into someone who you know now, either they become wild or wise is up to them, but knowing one thing, they do really understand how it feel being betray.

Say it Properly

September 25, 2017, Say it Properly.jpg

“there is always something I want to Say, Easy to Think but it Hard to Say it properly.”


Every single time you made a mistake or accidently hurt people feeling, there is only one thing to do, apologize or say ‘sorry’ to them. But even your mind thinking that way, sometime it very difficult to say it, and it got even harder by the time that passing by.

Love is not the only one that easy to think but difficult to say it properly.

Regardless Which Personality

September 18, 2017,Regardless which personality.jpg

“Regardless of which personality you have, it doesn’t change the fact that you are the one & only person I love.”


If you have a lover or partner or crush, don’t just love them from a good side, a good personality, & a good behaviour. People also have a bad side, bad personality, & bad habit that they hide & only shown to those who are closer to them, when you learn about that, are you going to disgust at them or are you going to accept the way they are that sometime trying to change just for you.

Stone Expectation

September 11, 2017, Stone Expectation.jpg

“‘Expecting’ is like you tell a Stone that he can Fly and throw him far away only to Fall somewhere else.”


Did you ever “Expecting” things from people who would never grant those expectation of yours. Trust & Love, in this case, expecting something from those two from someone who doesn’t love you back or not trust you at all is doing nothing but killing every single day.

The Same Plate

September 4, 2017, The Same Plate.jpg

“Blaming someone without Prove is Rude,

but Blaming somebody without considering yourself,

just put thing as the same Plate.”


Did you ever being blamed for something that you don’t know about or mistake that you never did before, but they push you so far as far as making you look like the culprit behind it. Well, I can understand those things. Talking with someone who don’t believe on anyone but himself sometime is the same like talking to a wall. When you try to explain, it only being look as excuse & lie. while you try to put the truth on it, they don’t believe anything while blaming everything on you. Is that a wall you talking with or a windows that wanted to be thrown by stone. -_-