If you Don’t Believe

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“If you don’t Believe me, please don’t bother yourself to Ask me. It’s only wasting of my Time.”


Before you ask a question that lead whether the answer is the truth or a lie, you can tell by their eyes. But it different matter when you don’t believe anyone, what is the point of questioning then?


Every Love has Time


Every Love has Time



What is love?
(Apa itu cinta?)

We can’t understand the meaning of love so easy.
(Kita tak bisa mengerti arti sebuah cinta dengan mudah.)

Many people said they understand the meaning of that word.
(Banyak orang yang berkata mereka mengerti arti dari kata itu.)

But only a few people who can prove it.
(Tapi hanya sedikit orang yang bisa membuktikannya.)

Every love has time.
(Setiap cinta punya waktu.)

Time not belong to us.
(Waktu bukanlah milik kita.)

But it doesn’t mean it is not love.
(Tapi bukan berarti itu bukanlah cinta.)

I believe in my love.
(Aku percaya akan cintaku.)

If God can abide in the presence of love, how could time have a chance?
(Jika Tuhan bisa tunduk Di hadapan cinta, bagaimana mungkin waktu punya kesempatan?)

Time definitely changed.
(Waktu pasti berubah.)

By: Resaid of Story