Bunny Diary Chapter 01; Difference in Silence (Girl)


Bunny Diary Chapter 01; Difference in Silence (Girl)



Every single day is different, every Sunrise have own beauty, & given a chance as hope. Hope to overcome yourself from something that holding you back. Each person has one thing that hold them back, whether it feeling, habits, or difference.


But sometime those differences were born alongside with us, even we don’t wish for it. Excuse to running, some people may think that way but, if we can choose as we born in this world, we chose not to.


It’s not about being grumble & blamed other, but sometime it really difficult to even stay strong as if being drained every single day. I know, that is how Life it feels like. Even sometime it feel impossible to finish the day but,


“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”


Chapter 01:

Did you ever hear those words?

My mother always told me that story before I sleep, sometime it different kind of story, & every time she finish, she always tell me a nice words like,

“Weakness is not an Excuse to Stop Trying. If you can’t do it in the same way, do it by your own way.”


“Do you know who else said that to me?”

It was my sister. Talking about my sister, she is an athlete, she is the faster runner I have been know. I hear she got scholarship to go to University with it. I’m so proud.


“Did you know the reason behind ‘those word’?”


To begin with, I wasn’t like my sister nor my father who can run faster and faster, and faster, and faster than anyone else. The structure of my left leg is different from the other, causing me unable to run properly.


Being bullied, being called ‘Snail’, or even become their joke materials is my everyday back in middle school or even more, I feel tired of it.


But that is not the only reason I move on, the other reason is no other than I will ‘do it by my own way.’


By joining a Drama Club in my high school & since I’m good with it,

(what my sister told me.) – I thought, this is how I introduce myself in the club last year,

“Hi everyone, my name is Echa. 16th year old, First year student, Class C.” – but now they called like,

“Good morning, President.” – I greeting the President of Drama Club.

As she turn at me, she greeting,

“Oh, Good Morning, Enchi.” – said her with smile.

With dry smile,

“Erg,, hehe,,”


This is our President of Drama Club, she always giving every rising star a nickname as they play that role. If you asking how I get those, I think it was from the Show we did in last year festival.


Since the first year was allowed to play the role in the Show that takes ‘Animal’ as theme & other life story mixing in. There are so many people were interested, so that we become famous not only within the school ground but also the other schools.


Sheila, from Class 3-A is the President of Drama Club. I also hear that her father is famous director film, no wonder she is so strict & cool. But she always tell every member of the club,

“Where we are standing right now is not because I’m the daughter of famous director or not only working together, but we also put our heart in every show we have. It doesn’t matter if it goes bad as long you have the will to improve it & not doing the same mistake. That’s all you need to know. Do you understand that? I don’t care if you don’t, now go back to work all of you!! #@?!@#!” – she said while shouting.


Or so it becomes the devilish work every time it happened, but everyone still loves her anyway.


“Good timing, Enchi. You are here. I already read your scripts last night and it was a good story I would say.” – she said while looking on the scripts.

With bright happiness I reach to her,


“Yups, and we will start the preparation on the end of the month if you don’t mind. Since there are still other scripts that we need to play first.” – she said while looking at other scripts.

And with smile I answer her,

“No, I don’t mind at all, President.”


The main reason we love her despite her personality is that, she always appreciate every opinion from other & ask for the opinion if there are no opinion at all. And what is more she give every single of us a change to write the manuscripts for the show. Though it little bit embarrassing since we discusses everything together before deciding which manuscripts we will use for the next show.


“Good. Then I need you to be the main Character.” – she said with smile.

“Alrig,, Say What?!?!” – I answered as I realize something,


“M.. M.. Me??? Why?” – I surprised.

“Why you ask? Of course because it your story, right? So for once more, I need you to play the role as ‘Enchi The Bunny’, okay?” – she said casually.

“No. That’s not okay at all, President.”

With her innocent face she answer,

“Why is that so?”

“Arg, please no more innocent face, President. And don’t forget you put me in duty as your assistant this month, the last assistant you had was collapse if I recall.” – I said trying to remind her.


“Te-he, come on, don’t be stingy. Oh I remember, how about you take the day off today?” – she said giving idea.

“President, I can’t just take the day off. I still have to attend my class.” – I remind her with bored eyes.

“Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. But still I won’t let you in club today, because it your day off today.” – she decided.

“But I’m already in, President.”

“That’s it, now Get Out from this room. Ah by the way, you gonna need a partner for this one, and I think we need that guy again.” – she said as she pointed her finger outside.

“Ach you already choose me as the main role! Oh well, whatever, but ‘that guy’ who?” – I said with cold sweat as I realize it pointless to discuss with her.

“You don’t remember the guy who plays the show with you?” – she said look surprised.

“Nope.” – I say, shaking my head.

“You don’t remember Panda?” – she try to remind me.

“Panda?” – I got confused.

“Yeah Panda, he is one of the best actor I have you know, and he is,,” – as she try to make remind me about him, I cut her line.



“Don’t tell me you forgot his name?” – I ask her with cold sweat.

“Ah of course not, he is,,ehmm,, Ah he is Panda.” – she answered trying covering the truth.

With cold sweat I look at her,

(Ah she is totally forgot his name. She always give people nickname from their role but she actually forgot their name in the same time.) – I thought.

“Oh but I do remember his class, you know. He is from Class 2-A, so go get him for me & See Ya.” – she said after kicking me outside from the Drama Club Room, and without giving any chance to say no, she is running away.


One of the reasons she was feared is once she decided on something, she wouldn’t listen to any other reason. The only choice you had is only do it for your own manuscript or it will be canceled. But that’s the more reason we love her, since she take our manuscript seriously.


Lunch Time, in front of Class 2-A.

Since I don’t have any friends in that class, this is little bit embarrassing, but what to do,

“Ehmmm, excuse me.” – as a girl with glasses & long black hair coming at me,

“Can I help you?” – she ask.

“Ah, yes. Thank you.” – I answered her.

“No problem. My name is Angela, the Class Representative of Class 2-A.” – She introduced herself.

“Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My Name is Echa from Class 2-C, nice to meet you.” – I introduced myself.

“Nice to meet you too. So, is there anything I can help?” – she ask casually.

“Almost forgot again, hhmmm. Sorry, but I’m looking for Panda.” – I realized almost forgot thing.

“Panda???” – she confused.

“Yes, Panda.” – confident.

“If you are looking for Panda, why you don’t look in the Zoo?” – she answered casually.

(As I thought, guess I can’t just randomly ask people that way. Hehehehe.) – I thought with cold sweat.

“Sorry about that, but are you from Drama Club? If so, can you describe him more, maybe I could help you.” – she guessing as giving advice.

“Ah, Yes. I’m from Drama Club, & sorry to tell you the truth, I actually don’t know much about him except his nickname. But, I need him to play his role as Panda in my manuscript.” – I explain to her.

“Panda is his nickname? Wait the minute, from the way you say everything, don’t tell me that were from President Sheila, that nickname.” – she guessing again.

“Yes. I’m Sorry.” – as I surprised with her guess, I also feel awkward.

“Nah don’t worry about it much, I just know how she is.” – she said with smile.


And so our conversation goes on, making me forgot the main reason I was going to that Class.


After School, in front of Class 2-A.


(In the end, I didn’t meet him, huh. And spend most of the time talking with Angela, she is a nice person to talk to, didn’t think that I actually become her friend.) – I thought happily,

(Though I forgot my real intention here, but how I can find him? Even I try to ask the other students, none of them are understand what I mean. Well it my fault to begin with, asking others with vague information, but don’t you think it was President fault. But thinking again, it is my fault that I don’t remember him even though President said we play together on stage. Maybe, if only I can remember his face, his eyes color, or his voice, at least.) – I thought as I talk to myself,

“Okey, one last time, I don’t think there is no one else inside the class but, better check it before I’m going home.” – I said as I decided thing.


And as I walk in front of the door, before my hand touch the handle, the door is opened from the inside.



As everything going so fast, I don’t know what is happened, all I know is I already at the ground,

“Ouch, ouch, ouch.” – I said while feeling pain.


“Hhhmmm, what I hitting on?” – confused,

As I open my eyes, I see a boy with black hair that bump me. All his book & papers is scattered on the floor.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I will help you to compile the book.” – I said with compile his book.

“………” – as he give me silent, he also helping to compile his book.

(No respond? Did he mad? Ah he also helps, but why he didn’t say anything. At least say sorry is good, you know.) – I thought.



As I help him to compile his book, I found something that similar with the scripts,

(Somehow this become awkward, why he so quiet. Ah is not this is the scripts from Drama Club 3 month ago? How he got this? Is he by any chance,) – I thought as I try to ask him in the eyes,

“Uhhmmm I’m sorry, are you by any chance Panda?” – I ask timidly.

He looking back at me,


(Wach our eyes are meet, but why he still not saying a single words, did he not understand what I talking about?) – I thought,

“Ah, I’m talking about these manuscripts you know. How did you have these? Are you playing as Panda, three month ago?” – I try to explain.

“…” – as he keep quiet, he looking for something.

(Ummm, still no respond at all. Did he even hear me? Or did he even remember, but I guess he remembered, since the manuscripts are here,) – I thought, as I try to get his attention by waving my hand in front of him,

“Hallo, are you listening to me?”

“…” – still quiet while looking for something.

I already lost my patience,

“Hay, don’t ignoring me, I’m talking to you! Hallo, earth to Panda, Earth to Panda.”


As I raise my voice little bit,

“Seriously, can you even say a single word? Halloooo, I’m talking to you! Are you a Deaf?” – I said with emotion as I realized what I said to him,

(Oops, I think said too much.) – I thought,

He took a pen, notepad & start writing something,

(Huh? What he writing?)

After he write on small Notepad, he give a paper where he write to me,

[I’m sorry, I’m not Deaf. I’m Mute.]


(Oh My God.) – as I surprised I couldn’t say a single word.

[But I’m figuring out that you don’t know sign language, so I don’t know how to answer you.]

(What am I saying?) – feeling bad.

[You talking so fast, I can’t write that fast.]


(I’m such an idiot. Why would I say that.) – I thought blamed myself for my own stupidity.


And suddenly a voice that I don’t recognize coming from my back,

“Hay brother, how long you gonna make me waiting? Mama will going to mad when we are late. Huh? Hay, are you alright?” – he said seeing both of us on the floor.

*Using sign language,*

<I’m fine. Sorry to make you waiting, I will come.>

As he standing up & then he giving me a hand to stand up without a word, & he giving me a notepad that saying,

[Sorry about the bump, & thanks for helping. I’m in hurry, sorry I must go. See ya.]


As he giving me this, he running together with the person who call him ‘Brother,’ maybe that person is actually his brother but,

(I’m the worst.) – I thought with feeling down, as I couldn’t move my lips, I’m still standing there, in front of his classroom.


I do understand how it feels to have a weakness. But still, I couldn’t bring myself together, not after I’m saying those cruel words to him.



As I regret my own action in silence,

That was how we actually meet, the one who have his own silence was not me, but him.




To be continue.

This story is fiction.
All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story

Resaid of Story Origin

Resaid of Story Origin

Resaid of Story Full logo


All is began from stars gazing. To seek stars that barely can be seen within the city. Where they hide, why they hide. Making all unnecessary question pop-up into my head. The sky was nothing but darkness, all is left are clouds & the moon.


The cold breeze of the night, move the clouds slowly, that give a calm feeling. The stars, I can see them now. So beautiful, so bright, yet it so far away. And another feeling is across.


The more I look at it, the more deeper it feel. It’s like watching the sky that never ending from the depth of the ocean. Never reach, can’t reach, but it opening everything in my head.


Calming the rage of lava that have been easily erupt, by earth & ocean. Learning to control anger & putting them under the minimum level is not that easy. Espesially for those who is grow with it.


My mind have been open, Logical trying to grow, & Emotional are dying.


This is my story, but the story from my story is not mine. Don’t you get it, this is my story, but not actually my life story. One of my teacher once told me, “You can make your life as a story not a diary, but you can’t make a story as your life.”


Maybe it because the resembling of my life story to some of the story that I writed. But this is not an “Untold Story” that need to be reveal, it’s just a story where the deepest stars lead & the way of each perspective I have to see this world.


To being told again, as the emotion trying to survive & ration trying to lead, that eventually being said again, & again & again. Only to become “Resaid of Story”.


The Story that being told once more,,



By; Resaid of Story

Story & Truth


Story & Truth


Don’t you know, every life tell a story,
(Apakah kau tidak tahu, setiap kehidupan menceritakan kisah,)
Either it fairy tale or it real one,
(Entah itu dongeng atau nyata,)
No one will wonder which one,
(Tidak ada yang akan heran yang mana,)
When you tell the truth,
(Ketika kau memberitahu kebenaran,)
And smile afterward.
(Dan tersenyum setelahnya.)


Don’t you know something,
(Apa kau tidak tahu sesuatu,)
That every person have own story,
(Bahwa setiap orang memiliki cerita sendiri,)
And from those story, they have one thing similar,
(Dan dari cerita mereka, mereka memiliki satu hal yang sama,)
“Untold sacrifices are never valued,
(“Pengorbanan yang tak diceritakan tidak pernah dihargai,)
And told sacrifices are never believe.”
(Dan pengorbanan yang diceritakan tidak pernah dipercaya.”)


You know it all the time,
(Kau tahu itu sepanjang waktu,)
Not every lie telling a lie,
(Tidak setiap kebohongan berbohong,)
Cause not all pain you have can be hidden.
(Menyebabkan tidak semua kepedihan yang kau miliki dapat disembunyikan.)
Not every truth telling the truth,
(Tidak setiap kebenaran mengatakan yang sebenarnya,)
Since there are also a truth that hurt.
(Karena ada juga kebenaran yang menyakitkan.)


Not all truth are mean being told,
(Tidak semua kebenaran yang berarti diberitahukan,)
Not all truth will ended good,
(Tidak semua kebenaran akan berakhir baik,)
And not all truth lead to peace.
(Dan tidak semua kebenaran mengarah ke perdamaian.)
Yet many people was ask for it,
(Namun banyak orang yang menanyakan hal itu,)
Till their ego reject every fact of it.
(Hingga ego mereka menolak setiap fakta itu.)


No one able change the truth,
(Tidak ada yang bisa merubah kenyataan,)
That hurt yourself, or even the others,
(Yang menyakiti dirimu sendiri, atau bahkan orang lain,)
It doesn’t matter how you try to reject them,
(Tidak peduli bagaimana kau mencoba untuk menolak mereka,)
Or it doesn’t matter if you are the only one who know,
(Atau tidak peduli jika kau adalah satu-satunya yang tahu,)
The truth will come without knocking, and change you.
(Kebenaran akan datang tanpa mengetuk, dan mengubahmu.)


Maybe that is how the story began,
(Mungkin itu adalah bagaimana cerita dimulai,)
Or that is how the story eventually begin.
(Atau itu adalah bagaimana cerita akhirnya dimulai.)
Each time the truth slapped you, ego are reaching,
(Setiap kali kebenaran menamparmu, ego yang mencapai,)
Each time the truth hurting you, you changed,
(Setiap kali kebenaran menyakitimu, kau berubah,)
And with day that passing, you become your own history.
(Dan dengan hari yang berlalu, kau menjadi sejarahmu sendiri.)


History that created from each your story,
(Sejarah yang dibuat dari setiap cerita mu,)
Each story that remain to be your origin,
(Setiap cerita yang tersisa menjadi asalmu,)
And each origin will bring in a meaning,
(Dan setiap asal usul akan membawa arti,)
Yet each meaning eventually changed,
(Namun setiap makna akhirnya berubah,)
Each time the story passing.
(Setiap kali cerita melewati.)


Passing to your precious friends that you can trust,
(Melewati teman-teman berhargamu yang dapat kau percaya,)
And believe that they never turn against you.
(Dan yakin bahwa mereka tidak pernah berbalik melawanmu.)
While each your friends trying to understand,
(Sementara setiap teman-temanmu mencoba untuk memahami,)
The one thing you let them to know,
(Satu hal yang kau membiarkan mereka tahu,)
Seem like many has fail to even listen, a single truth.
(Tampaknya banyak yang telah gagal bahkan mendengarkan, satu kebenaran.)


As result none of them truly understand,
(Sebagai akibatnya tidak satupun dari mereka benar-benar memahami,)
Well, how could they, when they don’t know the truth.
(Nah, bagaimana bisa mereka, ketika mereka tidak tahu yang sebenarnya.)
They only hear what suits them & listen only to respond,
(Mereka hanya mendengar apa yang cocok untuk mereka & mendengarkan hanya untuk menanggapi,)
But still judging you like they know everything.
(Tapi tetap menilaimu seperti mereka tahu segalanya.)
They do know everything, yet not every last truth.
(Mereka tahu segalanya, namun tidak setiap kebenaran terakhir.)


No one has the right to judge,
(Tidak ada yang memiliki hak untuk menghakimi,)
Because no one really know,
(Karena tidak ada yang benar-benar tahu,)
What you have been through.
(Apa yang kau telah lalui.)
They might have heard the stories,
(Mereka mungkin sudah mendengar cerita,)
But they didn’t feel what you felt in your heart.
(Tapi mereka tidak merasakan apa yang kau rasakan di dalam hatimu.)


Within the story always have story,
(Dalam cerita selalu memiliki cerita,)
There are not much difference on surface,
(Ada banyak perbedaan di permukaan,)
Yet which one is telling a lie,
(Namun mana yang berbohong,)
And which one is telling the truth,
(Dan mana yang mengatakan yang sebenarnya,)
Not much people can tell.
(Tidak banyak orang tahu.)


Whether it is just story telling,
(Apakah itu hanya story telling,)
Or it is what actually happen,
(Atau itu adalah apa yang sebenarnya terjadi,)
They just can’t open up the story,
(Mereka hanya tidak bisa membuka cerita,)
From unwritten diary & go to page 973,
(Dari diary tidak tertulis & pergi ke halaman 973,)
And think they know you.
(Dan berpikir mereka tahu kamu.)


Within the truth always have truth,
(Dalam kebenaran selalu memiliki kebenaran,)
There are a lot difference behind them,
(Ada banyak perbedaan di belakang mereka,)
Yet what make those truth was right & wrong,
(Namun apa yang membuat kebenaran yang benar & salah,)
When even within the light still darkness?
(Ketika bahkan dalam cahaya masih ada kegelapan?)
The answer is simple, like it or hate it.
(Jawabannya sederhana, suka atau benci.)


The biggest lesson we’ve learned this year,
(Pelajaran terbesar yang kita pelajari tahun ini,)
Is that no one is really ours friend,
(Adalah tidak ada yang benar-benar menjadi teman kita,)
Or truly loves us until they’ve seen,
(Atau benar-benar mengasihi kita sampai mereka melihat,)
Every dark shadow inside us,
(Setiap bayangan gelap di dalam diri kita,)
And stayed.
(Dan stayed.)


Yet in reality, many has leave behind,
(Namun dalam kenyataannya, banyak yang telah pergi,)
Disgust by every dark shadows that we called “truth.”
(Muak oleh setiap bayangan gelap yang kita sebut “kebenaran.”)
Of course you hate those kind of people,
(Tentu saja kau membenci jenis orang,)
who tell you that “you’ve changed,”
(yang mengatakan bahwa “kau sudah berubah,”)
When they never even knew you at all.
(Ketika mereka bahkan tidak pernah tahu kau sama sekali.)


Only telling a story, being called “liars,”
(Hanya menceritakan sebuah kisah, menjadi dipanggil “pembohong,”)
Only telling the truth, being called “disgusting,”
(Hanya mengatakan yang sebenarnya, menjadi dipanggil “menjijikkan,”)
Telling a story with the truth, being called “drama queen,”
(Menceritakan cerita dengan kebenaran, menjadi dipanggil “drama queen,”)
And telling a story with a lie, many has listening,
(Dan menceritakan cerita dengan kebohongan, banyak yang telah mendengarkan,)
Causing an imagination that they think, they know us better.
(Menyebabkan imajinasi yang mereka pikir, mereka tahu kita lebih baik.)


Every story holding a single truth,
(Setiap cerita memegang satu kebenaran,)
The truth that you let them know,
(Kebenaran bahwa kau membiarkan mereka tahu,)
And the truth you still keep for yourself.
(Dan kebenaran yang kau masih simpan untuk dirimu sendiri.)
Sometimes better to be Slapped with the truth,
(Terkadang lebih baik Ditampar dengan kebenaran,)
Than kissed with a lie.
(Dibanding dicium dengan kebohongan.)


Yet always prepare yourself for the worst scenario,
(Namun selalu persiapkan dirimu untuk skenario terburuk,)
Because the truth you going to tell not only could deepen the bond,
(Karena kebenaran yang kau akan beritahukan tidak hanya bisa memperdalam ikatan,)
But also could destroy it.
(Tapi juga bisa menghancurkannya.)



By: Resaid of Story

Unmask Book


Unmask Book


Life is like a Book, Some Chapters are Sad,
(Hidup itu seperti Buku, Beberapa Bab itu Sedih,)
Some are Happy & Some are Exciting,
(Beberapa Senang & Beberapa Seru,)
But if you never turn the Page,
(Tapi jika kau tidak pernah membalik Halaman,)
You’ll never know what the next Chapter,
(Kau tidak akan pernah tahu apa yang Bab selanjutnya,)
Has in Store for you.
(Yang mereka Simpan untukmu.)


And if your life were like a Book,
(Dan jika hidupmu seperti Buku,)
What do you think of it?
(Apa yang kau pikirkan tentang itu?)
People could Understand you,
(Orang bisa Mengerti dirimu,)
Simply by reading them, right.
(Hanya dengan membaca mereka, kan.)
But, what happened to your Mask?
(Tapi, apa yang terjadi pada Topengmu?)


How we are Living may not much Different.
(Bagaimana kita Hidup mungkin tidak jauh Berbeda.)
Born in this World without wearing a Mask,
(Lahir di Dunia ini tanpa menggunakan Topeng,)
Got Hurt & standing between Facade or Revenge.
(Tersakiti & berdiri diantara Fasad atau Dendam.)
Live life like some sort of Book that piling up,
(Menjalanin hidup seperti semacam Buku yang menumpuk,)
And reading every Chapter that never ending.
(Dan membaca setiap Bab yang tidak ada akhirnya.)


How everything can happen that way?
(Bagaimana segalanya bisa terjadi seperti itu?)
That is another Story, another Reason,
(Itu Cerita lainnya, Alasan lainnya,)
Which is only you that know the Story.
(Yang mana kau adalah satu-satunya yang tahu Ceritanya.)
Since this is your Story, not my Story,
(Sejak ini adalah Ceritamu, bukan Ceritaku,)
Don’t Write it down on your Facade.
(Jangan Menulisnya diatas Fasadmu.)


Because some people trying to read them,
(Karena beberapa orang mencoba untuk membacanya,)
Yet, there is some who could tell the Difference,
(Namun, ada beberapa yang bisa memberitahu Perbedaannya,)
Between your Facade Story or your Story.
(Diantara Cerita Fasadmu atau Ceritamu.)
It’s not that easy to keep the Book close,
(Ini tidaklah mudah untuk menjaga Buku tetap tertutup,)
When the Storms just keep coming.
(Ketika Badai terus menerus datang.)


It Different Story when you keep the Book open,
(Lain Cerita ketika kau membiarkan Buku terbuka,)
Letting the Wind blow your Chapter slowly,
(Membiarkan Angin menium Babmu perlahan,)
And making another person easier to reading.
(Dan membuat orang lain dengan mudah membacanya.)
Even you putting those Facade Mask on,
(Walau kau menggunakan Topeng Fasad itu,)
To hide your Tears & create such a Smile.
(Untuk menyembunyikan Air Matamu & membuat Senyum seperti itu.)


But just what you trying to hide,
(Tapi apa yang kau coba untuk sembunyikan,)
When everything written on your Mask,
(Ketika segalanya tertulis diatas Topengmu,)
Is it the same pointless Mask you put on,
(Apakah itu Topeng tak ada gunanya yang sama kau pakai,)
Or it just the Mask start to Betray yourself.
(Atau itu hanyalah Topeng mulai Mengkhianati dirimu sendiri.)
Just which one is it? No one could tell.
(Hanya saja yang mana? Tidak ada yang bisa memberitahu.)


Is this the Mask fault, or the Book,
(Apa ini kesalahan Topeng, atau Buku,)
Where usually you know what genre is it?
(Dimana biasanya kau tahu genre apa itu?)
Is this Love Story or Sad Story,
(Apakah ini Cerita Cinta, atau Cerita Sedih,)
Is this Drama Story, or Action Story,
(Apakah ini Cerita Drama, atau Cerita Aksi,)
Is this Adventure Story, or Sci-fi Story,
(Apakah ini Cerita Petualangan, atau Cerita Sci-fi,)


That tell the whole Story of your Life.
(Yang menceritakan keseluruhan Cerita Hidupmu.)
One question, “From where you read them?”
(Satu pertanyaan, “Dari manakah kau membacanya?”)
The Previous Chapter, where you see your Pain.
(Dari Bab Sebelumnya, dimana kau melihat Rasa Sakitmu.)
The Mid Chapter, where you leave your Bookmark.
(Dari Bab Tengah, dimana kau meninggalkan Bookmarkmu.)
Or the Next Chapter, where you still Wondering.
(Atau Bab Selanjutnya, dimana kau masih Bertanya-tanya.)


How the Story of your Life will go after all this.
(Bagaimana Cerita dari Hidupmu akan pergi setelah semua ini.)
Yet you can’t start the Next Chapter of your Life,
(Namun kau tidak bisa memulai Bab Selanjutnya dari Hidupmu,)
If you keep re-reading the Last One with Facade.
(Jika kau terus membaca lagi Yang Terakhir kali dengan Fasad.)
But at least you do understand your own Story,
(Tapi setidaknya kau mengerti Ceritamu sendiri,)
How about another person? or the closest one?
(Bagaimana dengan orang lain? atau orang terdekat?)


Do you know of their Story,
(Apa kau tahu Cerita mereka,)
Not all about their Past Story,
(Bukan tentang semua Cerita Masa Lalunya,)
It just simple how they reach to you,
(Ini hanya simple bagaimana mereka meraihmu,)
When they come at the Darkest hours,
(Ketika mereka datang di Jam-jam Tergelap,)
Did you even recognize which one is the Real One.
(Apa kau mengenali yang manakah yang Asli.)


Sometime we just want people to Understand Us,
(Terkadang kita hanya ingin orang untuk Mengerti Kita,)
Without Considering that they need them too,
(Tanpa Mempertimbangkan mereka juga membutuhkannya,)
And start to tell the wrong Story without Understand.
(Dan mulai menceritakan Cerita yang salah tanpa Mengerti.)
Never tell a Story of others that you don’t Understand,
(Jangan pernah menceritakan Cerita orang lain yang tidak kau Mengerti,)
But try to Ask & Understand it.
(Tapi cobalah Bertanya & Mengertilah.)


Even so, not all Book were easy to Read & Understood.
(Meski begitu, tidak semua Buku mudah untuk Dibaca & Dimengerti.)
There are people who Write their Life like an Ancient Time,
(Ada orang yang Menulis Hidup mereka seperti Masa Kuno,)
Some are Writing like Legendary History that Lost in Time,
(Beberapa Menulis seperti Sejarah Legenda yang Hilang dalam Waktu,)
And only few people that Write their life by their Unique.
(Dan hanya sedikit orang yang Menulis hidup mereka oleh Keunikan mereka.)
Your Mask & Facade are doesn’t count, & that is what make Complicate.
(Topengmu & Fasad tidaklah dihitung, & itulah yang membuat Complicate.)


If I were a Book, I just wondering.
(Jika aku sebuah Buku, aku hanya bertanya-tanya.)
Which of these Books tell about me?
(Yang manakah dari Buku-buku tersebut yang menceritakan tentangku?)
Since you know every Story I have,
(Semenjak kau tahu semua Cerita yang aku punya,)
But you still don’t Understand,
(Tapi kau masih tidak Mengerti,)
How to read the Story of my Life.
(Bagaimana kau membaca Cerita Hidupku.)


What did you looking on the Mask?
(Apa yang kau lihat pada Topeng?)
And How do you trying to Reading?
(Dan Bagaimana kau mencoba untuk Membacanya?)
It’s not easy to Understand me,
(Ini tidaklah mudah untuk Mengerti aku,)
When what you see is only a Mask,
(Ketika apa yang kau lihat hanyalah Topeng,)
That I never Wear.
(Yang tidak pernah aku Pakai.)


True enough I’ve been Hurt in the Past,
(Cukup Benar aku pernah Tersakiti di Masa Lalu,)
That is why I’ve the Mask that I keep hold.
(Itulah mengapa aku punya Topeng yang aku terus genggam.)
Tremble between Present that always try to Shatter,
(Berguncang diantara Masa Kini yang selalu mencoba untuk Menghancurkan,)
Since I always trying to alter all the Emotion that I have.
(Semenjak aku selalu mencoba untuk mengubah semua Emosi yang aku punya.)
And looking Forward for the Future I had.
(Dan melihat Kedepan untuk Masa Depan yang aku miliki.)


With the step that I always take to move,
(Dengan langkah yang selalu aku ambil untuk bergerak,)
With the Mask & Hope that I always hold,
(Dengan Topeng & Harapan yang aku selalu genggam,)
And with the way I Respond to be who I am now.
(Dan dengan caraku Merespont untuk mejadi diriku sekarang.)
I’m sure you couldn’t understand,
(Aku yakin kau tidak bisa mengerti,)
Until you seeing thing from my point of view.
(Sampai kau melihat hal dari sudut pandangku.)


Silent Book was Mysterious,
(Buku Hening adalah Misterius,)
Even their Eyes could say Nothing,
(Bahkan Mata mereka bisa mengatakan Nothing,)
As the Mouth that keep Shut.
(Sebagaimana Mulut yang tetap Tertutup.)
The Feet that make a Step,
(Kaki yang membuat Langkah,)
And the Hand, that keep Waiting.
(Dan Tangan, yang terus Menunggu.)


Maybe that is the kind of Book I am.
(Mungkin aku adalah Buku semacam itu.)
The kind of Facade Mask in my Left hand,
(Semacam Topeng Fasad di tangan Kiriku,)
That I never wear at the very least.
(Yang tidak pernah aku gunakan setidaknya.)
The kind of Small Hope in my Right hand,
(Semacam Harapan Kecil di tangan Kananku,)
That I never expect thing to be right.
(Yang tidak pernah aku harapkan hal menjadi benar.)


Problem between the Book & the Reader,
(Masalah diantara Buku & Pembaca,)
Is not about you couldn’t Read them,
(Bukanlah tentang kau tidak bisa Membaca mereka,)
Is not about you couldn’t tell the Different,
(Bukanlah tentang kau tidak bisa mengetahui Bedanya,)
But it’s just you that keep Reading the same Chapter,
(Tapi ini hanyalah dirimu yang terus Membaca Bab yang sama,)
As the First Chapter that you ever Meet.
(Seperti Bab Pertama yang pernah kau Temui.)


Sometime you don’t need to keep Reading,
(Terkadang kau tidak perlu terus Membaca,)
The same Page to Understand the others besides yourself.
(Halaman yang sama untuk Mengerti orang lain selain dirimu sendiri.)
Try to Read the next Page, & you will Understand them.
(Cobalah untuk Membaca Halaman selanjutnya, & kau akan Mengerti mereka.)
Seek the Reason behind their Mask & Facade Story,
(Mencari Alasan dibalik Topeng mereka & Cerita Fasad,)
It will help you, to Understand them even more.
(Akan membantumu, untuk lebih Mengerti mereka.)


I didn’t say it make Easier,
(Aku tidak mengatakan ini membuat Semakin Mudah,)
But whether you Give Up,
(Tapi apakah kau Menyerah,)
Or keep Reading to Understand it,
(Atau terus Membaca untuk Mengerti,)
To the people you Care about the Most.
(Kepada orang yang Paling kau Pedulikan.)
Is Up to You.
(Itu Terserah Padamu.)


Just remember the Reason why you Start it,
(Hanya saja ingatlah Alasan kenapa kau Memulainya,)
If in the end you just Giving up like this.
(Jika pada akhirnya kau Menyerah seperti ini.)



By; Resaid of Story




Every single Year it always the same,
(Setiap Tahun selalu sama,)
What we wish from the Beginning of the Years,
(Apa yang kita inginkan dari Awal Tahun,)
Why we are looking back at the End of the Years,
(Kenapa kita melihat kebelakang di Akhir Tahun,)
It is all have the same question,
(Semuanya punya pertanyaan yang sama,)
“What is Changed?”
(“Apa yang Berubah?”)


Before we know about Reality in this life,
(Sebelum kita mengetahui tentang Realitas dalam hidup ini,)
We never realize the game that even we played.
(Kita tidak pernah menyadari game yang bahkan kita mainkan.)
But after we know them well & understand it,
(Tapi setelah kita mengenal mereka dengan baik & mengerti,)
Even to cry over it, we don’t want it at all.
(Meski menangis akan hal itu, kita tidak menginginkannya sama sekali.)
Change that can be Wonderful or Scary thing.
(Perubahan yang bisa menjadi Indah atau hal yang Menakutkan.)


It’s not much different than those statement.
(Ini tidak jauh berbeda dari pernyataan tersebut.)
We only want to grabs a Wonderful change,
(Kita hanya ingin mengambil perubahan Indah,)
Within this life, not the opposite of it.
(Dalam hidup ini, bukan kebalikannya.)
Yet as the time goes, it can’t be avoid.
(Namun seperti berjalannya waktu, itu tidak bisa dihindari.)
With a single question, “What Happen?”
(Dengan satu pertanyaan, “Apa yang Terjadi?”)


Is it about the Past or the Future,
(Apakah ini tentang Masa Lalu atau Masa Depan,)
That change you into someone like this.
(Yang mengubahmu menjadi seseorang seperti ini.)
Is it the World or your own Respond,
(Apakah Dunia atau Respontmu sendiri,)
That put you in where you Standing now.
(Yang menaruhmu dimana kau Berdiri sekarang.)
You do understand this much.
(Kau mengerti sebanyak ini.)


People who become our Memory,
(Orang yang menjadi Memori kita,)
Whether they Hurt us or not in the Past,
(Apakah mereka Menyakiti kita atau tidak di Masa Lalu,)
While we’re wondering between the Present,
(Ketika kita bertanya-tanya diantara Masa Kini,)
Where we actually already prepare for the Future.
(Dimana kita sebenarnya sudah bersiap untuk Masa Depan.)
Next question, “Can you Recognize?”
(Pertanyaan selanjutnya, “Bisakah kau Menyadarinya?”)


The change that happen to yourself,
(Perubahan yang terjadi pada dirimu sendiri,)
It’s not as easy as you put a Mirror in front of you,
(Ini tidaklah semudah kau menaruh Kaca didepanmu,)
While blaming the Past & the World for this change,
(Sementara menyalahkan Masa Lalu & Dunia untuk perubahan ini,)
Without considering it was your own Respond,
(Tanpa mengingat itu Respontmu sendiri,)
To change yourself this way.
(Yang mengubah dirimu sendiri seperti ini.)


Stand up when we Fell,
(Berdirilah ketika kita Jatuh,)
Smile brightly when we Cry,
(Tersenyumlah dengan terang ketika kita Menangis,)
And Run, to reach it with your hand,
(Dan Lari, untuk menggapainya dengan tanganmu,)
Before we loose it again in this change.
(Sebelum kita kehilangannya lagi dalam perubahan ini.)
Wondered, “Is it all this Good to Change?”
(Bertanya-tanya, “Apakah semua Sebagus ini untuk Berubah?”)


“What doesn’t Kill you,
(“Apa yang tidak membunuhmu,)
Just make you Stronger.”
(Hanya membuatmu Lebih Kuat.”)
It supposedly to be that way,
(Itu seharusnya seperti itu,)
Unavoidably doesn’t mean by all means,
(Yang tidak dapat dihindari bukan berarti dengan segala cara,)
Even to Sacrifice your feeling to wear a Mask.
(Bahkan untuk Mengorbankan perasaanmu untuk menggunakan Topeng.)


You can’t Recognize it,
(Kau tidak bisa Menyadarinya,)
When you look up to the Sky,
(Ketika kau melihat ke Langit,)
Remembering the Past before the Pain,
(Mengingat Masa Lalu sebelum Rasa Sakit,)
And look Down to Earth, to comparing,
(Dan Merendahkan diri, untuk membandingkan,)
The Change that has been happen.
(Perubahan yang telah terjadi.)


“You know what is Changed.”
(“Kau tahu apa yang Berubah.”)
How you use to be Smile a lot,
(Bagaimana kau biasa Tersenyum banyak,)
By a Single thing that Simple,
(Dengan satu hal yang Simple,)
Yet it very Mean to you.
(Namun itu sangat Berarti bagimu.)
It’s like looking at different person.
(Itu seperti melihat orang yang berbeda.)


“You know the Reason behind it.”
(“Kau tahu Alasan dibaliknya.”)
Truth behind their Lie,
(Kebenaran dibalik Kebohongan mereka,)
Love, Hatred, Happiness or Sadness,
(Cinta, Kebencian, Kebahagian atau Kesedihan,)
Pain, Lonely, Loyalty even Betrayal,
(Rasa Sakit, Kesepian, Loyalitas bahkan Pengkhianatan,)
Could Change yourself into different person.
(Bisa Mengubah dirimu sendiri menjadi orang yang berbeda.)


“You could Recognize it very well.”
(“Kau bisa Mengenalinya dengan baik.”)
Some people Miss the way you are in the Past,
(Beberapa orang Merindukan dirimu yang di Masa Lalu,)
Some are Curious what happen to you in the Past,
(Beberapa Ingin Tahu apa yang terjadi padamu di Masa Lalu,)
And some are Thinking you just Imitate other person.
(Dan beberapa Berpikir kau hanya Meniru orang lain.)
Yet it doesn’t matter since we not live there anymore.
(Namun itu tidak masalah selama kita tidak hidup disana lagi.)


“And you Well Aware what it take to Changed.”
(“Dan kau Menyadarinya apa yang dibutuhkan untuk Berubah.”)
Many people just Lose a Piece of their Heart,
(Banyak orang hanya Kehilangan Sepotong Hati mereka,)
Losing their Emotional to Rational or the Opposite,
(Kehilangan Emosional mereka kepada Rasional atau Sebaliknya,)
Losing What you are just to be Who you are,
(Kehilangan Apa dirimu hanya untuk menjadi Siapa dirimu,)
In Exchange to make you Stronger.
(Sebagai gantinya untuk membuatmu Semakin Kuat.)


“Between Sacrifice or Resolve that you have.”
(“Antara Pengorbanan atau Tekad yang kau punya.”)
Which side will be Lost to which Decision,
(Sisi mana yang akan Kalah pada Keputusan yang mana,)
Because some people are trying to find a Fitting Piece,
(Karena beberapa orang mencoba untuk menemukan Potongan yang Tepat,)
To Filling an empty place within their Heart.
(Untuk Mengisi tempat kosong didalam Hati mereka.)
But some are just ignore it to Step Forward,
(Tapi beberapa hanya membiarkannya untuk Melangkah Maju,)


Even though it Start to Tear Apart.
(Walau pun itu Mulai Menghancurkan.)
This is not a Game anymore,
(Ini bukanlah Game lagi,)
What you call “Slightest Hope”,
(Yang kau sebut “Sedikit Harapan”,)
Is not an Expectation you did hold,
(Bukanlah Harapan yang kau pegang,)
For the Change that keep happen everytime.
(Untuk Perubahan yang terus terjadi setiap saat.)


So, What will you do.
(Jadi, Apa yang akan kau lakukan.)
To be Better or just getting Worse.
(Untuk menjadi Lebih Baik atau Hanya semakin Memburuk.)
It’s your Decision to Change or to Stay the same.
(Itu Pilihanmu untuk Berubah atau Tetap sama.)
This is not the Decision from your Friendship or Relationship,
(Ini bukanlah Pilihan dari Persahabatanmu atau Hubunganmu,)
But the Decision for you to yourself, to make.
(Tapi untuk membuat Pilihan untukmu kepada dirimu sendiri.)


Don’t Regret It.
(Jangan Menyesalinya.)

By; Resaid of Story

Here I am 9; Can You See Me part Final (All)


Here I am 9; Can You See Me part Final (All)


Do you ever loss something?

(Apa kau pernah kehilang sesuatu?)

Something that you not realize it,

(Sesuatu yang kau tidak sadari,)

Until the very end where you hurt Him,

(Hingga pada akhirnya kau menyakitinya,)

When everything look too late for you to Fix,

(Ketika segalanya terlihat terlambat bagimu untuk Memperbaikinya,)

And you can’t do anything except going Forward.

(Dan kau tidak bisa melakukan apa pun selain Maju.)


I think that is what people call “REGRET,”

(Aku pikir itu apa yang orang-orang sebut “PENYESALAN,”)

Guilty is something else that I feel,

(Bersalah adalah hal lain yang aku rasakan,)

Yet I feel loss, I feel thing is not the same.

(Namun aku merasa kehilangan, aku merasakan hal tidaklah sama.)

Should I be happy about all this?

(Haruskah aku senang tentang semua ini?)

Since I know that my Family not Fighting anymore for me.

(Sejak aku tahu Keluargaku tidak Berkelahi lagi untukku.)


Even so, why my Tears not Stopping,

(Meski begitu, kenapa Air Mataku tidak Berhenti,)

Why I still Crying when Doctor said I will be fine,

(Kenapa aku masih Menangis ketika Dokter bilang aku akan baik-baik saja,)

With my Memory that coming back at that night.

(Dengan kembalinya Memoriku pada malam itu.)

It Hurt, it even more hurt when I try to forgot it,

(Ini Menyakitkan, ini lebih menyakitkan ketika aku mencoba melupakannya,)

I need to, I need to find Him.

(Aku perlu, aku perlu menemukannya.)


Here I am, trying to find Him with Vague information,

(Disinilah aku, mencoba untuk menemukannya dengan Vague informasi,)

Asking to every single Person that I passing,

(Bertanya kepada setiap Orang yang aku lewati,)

Asking to every single Shop that I passing by,

(Bertanya ke setiap Toko yang lewati,)

With the same Question & Vague information,

(Dengan Pertanyaan yang sama & Vague informasi,)

That I can’t remember correctly.

(Yang aku tidak ingat secara benar.)


Here I am, fell on my knee again,

(Disinilah, jatuh di lututku lagi,)

Shocked by the fact His Family is moving,

(Terkejut dengan kenyataan Keluarganya pindah,)

But one Girl is coming out from the Neighbor,

(Tapi satu Gadis keluar dari Tetangga,)

By saying, “So it was you after all.”

(Dengan berkata, “Jadi kau rupanya.”)

With Her cold eyes & looking down.

(Dengan mata dinginnya & memandang rendah.)


I try to Stand & Run to Her to ask about Him,

(Aku mencoba untuk Berdiri & Berlari kepadanya untuk menanyakan tentang Dia,)

But before I could ask, She Slap me with a Sad expression,

(Tapi sebelum aku bisa bertanya, dia Menamparku dengan ekspresi Sedih,)

“Sorry I really want to do this for once. Why you come here?”

(“Maaf aku benar-benar ingin melakukan ini sekali. Kenapa kau datang kemari?”)

I don’t know if that is Hatred or Anger, the reason She Slap me,

(Aku tidak tahu jika itu adalah Kebencian atau Amarah, alasan dia Menamparku,)

Yet She Cry afterward, I couldn’t even say a word for a moment.

(Namun dia Menangis setelahnya, aku tidak bisa mengatakan sekata pun untuk sesaat.)


“I just want to find Him, I want to meet Him, Please.”

(“Aku hanya ingin menemukannya, aku ingin menemui Dia, Kumohon.”)

“He gone, He was going Overseas 4 years ago.”

(“Dia pergi, Dia pergi ke Luar Negeri 4 tahun yang lalu.”)

“Overseas? Where He go? When He coming back?”

(“Luar Negeri? Kemana dia pergi? Kapan dia kembali?”)

“Do you think I will answer that from someone who Hurt Him?”

(“Apa kau pikir aku akan menjawabnya dari orang yang Menyakitinya?”)

With Her Anger & Tears, She answer that way.

(Dengan Amarahnya & Air Matanya, dia menjawabnya seperti itu.)


And I couldn’t do anything except Cry for it,

(Dan aku tidak bisa melakukan apa pun selain menangis,)

“Please. I’m begging you. Please. You are the only hope I have.”

(“Kumohon, Aku mohon padamu. Kumohon. Kau satu-satunya harapanku.”)

She Wipe Her Tears, “He only come back at Christmas for His Family,”

(Dia membasuh Air Matanya, “Dia hanya kembali di Christmas untuk Keluarganya,”)

I’m surprised to hear that & cut Her line, “But the Christmas is already Ended!”

(Aku terkejut mendengarnya & memotong pembicaraan, “Tapi Christmas sudah Berakhir!”)

With Calm She answer, “That’s not my problem at all.”

(Dengan Tenang dia menjawab, “Itu bukan masalahku sama sekali.”)


And here I am, lose all hope that I can find,

(Dan disinilah aku, kehilangan semua harapan yang bisa aku temukan,)

But She turn Her back, walk away while saying,

(Tapi dia berbalik, berjalan jauh sambil berkata,)

“If you that desperate, He will going back Overseas tomorrow morning”

(“Jika kau begitu putus asa, Dia akan kembali ke Luar Negeri besok pagi”)

“Stop Him while you can. I already try my best all those years.”

(“Hentikan Dia selagi kau bisa. Aku sudah mencoba semampuku selama ini.”)

She stop Her step & looking back at me.

(Dia menghentikan langkahnya & melihat ke arahku.)


“But if you hurt Him again, I won’t forgive you.”

(“Tapi jika kau menyakitinya lagi, aku tidak akan mengampunimu.”)

I understand Her feeling & with Smile I said, “Thanks You.”

(Aku mengerti perasaannya & dengan Senyum aku berkata, “Terima Kasih.”)

She Smile, “Huft, I will be late to work if I stay any longer.”

(Dia Tersenyum, “Huft, aku akan telat untuk kerja jika aku disini lebih lama.”)

And with that She leave me alone in the middle of Snowfall.

(Dan dengan itu dia meninggalkanku sendirian di tengah Salju yang turun.)

As I getting Weak, as I’m Relief for everything I hear.

(Sesaat aku Menjadi Lemah, aku Lega untuk segalanya yang aku dengar.)


Here I am, trying to Rest even for a little bit.

(Disinilah aku, mencoba untuk Istirahat walau untuk sebentar.)

But I can’t, Curious & Worried are filling my Head.

(Tapi aku tidak bisa, Penasaran & Kwatir memenuhi Kepalaku.)

Whether He will Forgive me or not, I don’t know.

(Apakah Dia akan Memaafkanku atau tidak, aku tidak tahu.)

In the end, I ended up not having sleep at all,

(Pada akhirnya, Aku berakhir tidak tidur sama sekali,)

And coming to the Airport early morning.

(Dan datang ke Bandara di pagi hari.)


Yet here I am, surprised with what I see,

(Namun disinilah aku, terkejut dengan apa yang aku lihat,)

The person that I has been looking for,

(Orang yang aku cari selama ini,)

Are Standing in front of me, with His Smile.

(Berdiri dihadapanku, dengen Senyumannya.)

“Yo, Long time no see. Is that what I suppose to say?” He said.

(“Yo, Lama tak jumpa. Apa itu yang seharusnya aku katakan?” Katanya.)

“Is that,,is that really you? I’m not dreaming, am I?” Still not believe.

(“Apa itu,,apa itu benar-benar kau? Aku tidak bermimpi kan?” Masih belum percaya.)


“At the very least you not, & I’m also not a ghost,”

(“Setidaknya kau tidak, & aku juga bukan hantu,”)

He walk at me & passing me, “Lets go home.”

(Dia berjalan ke arahku & melewatiku, “Ayo Pulang.”)

“No! First of all why you are here? Why you send me back?”

(“No! Yang pertama-tama kenapa kau disini? Kenapa kau mengirimku kembali?”)

He Smile, “I’m here because the Girl who Slap you call me last night.”

(Dia Tersenyum, “Aku disini kare gadis yang Menamparmu meneleponku tadi malam.”)

He start to leave & say, “She tell me everything, so let go home.”

(Dia mulai pergi & berkata, “Dia memberitahuku segalanya, jadi ayo pulang.”)


I pulling His clothes & ask, “Wait. Are you still mad at me?”

(Aku tarik bajunya & bertanya, “Tunggu. Apa kau masih marah padaku?”)

“Are you going to leave me without a word again?”

(“Apa kau akan pergi meninggalkanku tanpa kata lagi?”)

“Do you Hate me that much, that you don’t want to see me?”

(“Apa kau Membenciku sebanyak itu, itu sebabnya kau tidak mau melihatku?”)

He look me in the eyes & say, “I do mad, but I’m not Hate you.”

(Dia melihatku di mata & berkata, “Aku marah, tapi aku tidak Membencimu.”)

“And it seems She tell you a lie about me.”

(“Dan sepertinya dia mengatakan kebohongan tentangku.”)


“I’m not leaving until the end of month.” He said with Smile.

(“Aku tidak akan pergi hingga akhir bulan.” Katanya dengan Senyum.)

He hold my hand & pull me, “That’s why I ask you, let go home.”

(Dia memegang tanganku & menarikku, “Itu sebabnya aku memintamu, ayo pulang.”)

“Before you got sick because of cold.” He worried.

(“Sebelum kau sakit karena dingin.” Dia kwatir.)

It Warm, his hand is really Warm, it like a Dream to me,

(Hangat, tangannya begitu Hangat, itu seperti Mimpi bagiku,)

We walk under the Snowfall, yet it Warm.


“Please, don’t let me go.” I said to Him,

(“Please, jangan membiarkanku pergi.” Aku bilang padanya,)

“I won’t, I promise.” He said.

(“Aku tidak akan, Aku janji.” Katanya)

“Don’t leave me alone.” I ask Him,

(“Jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri.” Aku memintanya,)

“I won’t, but I must work.” He said.

(“Aku tidak akan, tapi aku harus bekerja.” Dia bilang.)

“Let me Love you as you Love me.” I confess.

(“Biarkan aku Mencintaimu seperti kau Mencintaiku.” Aku mengatakan isi hatiku.)


Without He notice He say, “Yes, do whatever yo,,wait what?”

(Tanpa Dia sadari Dia bilang, “Ya, lakukan apa pun yang ka,, tunggu apa?”)

He stop His step, look me in the eyes with face that I could tell,

(Dia menghentikan langkanya, melihatku dimata dengan wajah yang aku tahu,)

He Happy, but not believe what He hear just a moment ago.

(Dia Senang, tapi tidak percaya apa yang barusan dia dengar.)

So I repeat Myself, “Let me Love you as you Love me back then.”

(Jadi aku mengulangnya lagi, “Biarkan aku Mencintaimu seperti kau Mencintaiku seperti dulu.”)

He Smile, He know that I tell the Truth about this.

(Dia Tersenyum, Dia tahu jila aku mengatakan Kebenaran tentang ini.)


He Start His step again, but now he holding my hand,

(Dia Memulai langkahnya kembali, tapi sekarang dia menggenggam tanganku,)

With Smile He turn at me & say, “I did like to say the same thing as you.”

(Dengan Senyum Dia melihatku & berkata, “Aku pun juga ingin mengatakan hal yang sama sepertimu.”)

His Smile that once was Gone, now is coming back.

(Senyumannya yang telah Hilang, sekarang kembali lagi.)

And I want His Smile, I want to see His Smile even more,

(Dan aku ingin Senyumannya, aku ingin melihatnya Tersenyum,)

I want to protect those Smile of Him.

(Aku ingin melindungi Senyumannya.)


“Hei, maybe it little bit late for me to say,”

(“Hey, mungkin ini sedikit telat untuk mengatakan ini,”)

“Hhmmm what is?”

(“Hhmmm Apa?”)

“Merry Christmas & Happy New Years, D.A.R.L.I.N.G.”

(“Merry Christmas & Happy New Years, D.A.R.L.I.N.G.”)

So that I can see those Smile everyday.

(Agar aku bisa melihat Senyumannya setiap hari.)

Not as Whispering, but as Someone I Love.

(Bukan sebagai Bisikan, tapi sebagai Orang yang Aku Cintai.)





By; Resaid of Story

Here I am 8; Can You See Me part 3 (Girl)


Here I am 8; Can You See Me part 3 (Girl)


People live from the Past,

(Orang hidup dari Masa Lalu,)

Walking to the Present day,

(Berjalan ke hari Masa Kini,)

And move forward to the Future.

(Dan berjalan maju ke Masa Depan.)

But sometime, you can’t remember thing,

(Tapi terkadang, kau tidak bisa mengingat hal,)

Thing that supposed to be remember.

(Hal yang seharusnya kau ingat.)


Do I did something wrong in the Past,

(Apakah aku melakukan kesalahan di Masa Lalu,)

Why I feel I loose something Important,

(Kenapa aku merasa aku kehilangan sesuatu yang Penting,)

Something I can’t remember at all.

(Sesuatu yang tidak bisa aku ingat sama sekali.)

If that is Important, why I can’t remember,

(Jika itu Penting, kenapa aku tidak bisa mengingatnya)

All those memory when the Last time I Smile.

(Semua memori itu saat Terakhir kalinya aku Tersenyum.)


The Last time somebody Whispering me,

(Terakhir kalinya seseorang Membisikiku,)

When I Crying or even when I Sad.

(Saat aku Menangis atau bahkan saat aku Sedih.)

The Last time somebody Trying to Stop me,

(Terakhir kalinya seseorang Mencoba Menghentikanku,)

When I walk into the Wrong choice.

(Ketika aku berjalan kedalam pilihan yang Salah.)

Yet I can’t remember that.

(Namun aku tidak bisa mengingat itu.)


Here I am, watching White Snow that keep falling.

(Disinilah aku, melihat Salju Putih yang terus jatuh.)

From the Sky just like White Cotton that soft,

(Dari Langit yang seperti Kapas Putih yang lembut,)

That will fill this World to be White like Cloud.

(Yang akan mengisi Dunia ini menjadi Putih seperti Awan.)

Just how long I am feel this way before,

(Hanya berapa lama aku merasa seperti ini sebelumnya,)

I wonder since when it is.

(Aku bertanya-tanya sejak kapan ini.)


Here I am, watch them from my window.

(Disinilah aku, melihat mereka dari jendelaku.)

Sit with a Glass of Warm Chocolate that I Love,

(Duduk dengan Segelas Chocolate Hangat yang aku suka,)

And questioning myself what I missing exactly.

(Dan mempertanyakan diriku apa yang aku lupakan sebenarnya.)

I never feel this way before, until that time,

(Aku tidak pernah merasa seperti ini, hingga saat itu,)

Two years ago, when the Last time I Break up.

(Dua tahun lalu, ketika Terakhir kalinya aku Putus.)


I feel I miss something that I can’t recall,

(Aku merasa aku merindukan sesuatu yang tidak bisa aku ingat,)

I wondering why, I can’t remember that Person.

(Aku bertanya kenapa, aku tidak bisa mengingat Orang itu.)

That one Person, that always Stay beside me,

(Orang satu itu, yang selalu Tinggal disampingku,)

Stay behind me, to help me Standing when I Fell.

(Tinggal dibelakangku, untuk membantuku Berdiri ketika aku Jatuh.)

Without I know, I fell asleep, to my Dream, to my Memory.

(Tanpa aku ketahui, aku tertidur, ke Mimpiku, ke Memoriku.)


That I always seek for the past two years,

(Yang selalu aku cari selama 2 tahun belakangan,)

But what is this feeling I have here.

(Tapi persaan apa ini yang aku punya disini.)

A Guilty feeling? A Regret feeling?

(Persaan Bersalah? Perasaan Menyesal?)

Which of those feeling I feel now.

(Perasaan yang mana yang aku rasakan sekarang.)

I don’t know anymore which is it.

(Aku tidak tahu lagi yang mana.)


Here I am, standing to my old self,

(Disinilah aku, berdiri di diriku yang dulu,)

Where I always play in this Park,

(Dimana aku selalu bermain di Taman ini,)

Where I always play with Sandbox alone,

(Dimana aku selalu bermain dengan Sandbox sendirian,)

And I always Bullied by those children.

(Dan aku selalu Dibully oleh anak-anak itu.)

But always being Saved, by a Strange Boy.

(Tapi selalu Diselamatkan, oleh Anak Aneh.)


Here I am, Smile watch Him saving me from those brat.

(Disinilah aku, Tersenyum melihatnya menyelamatkanku dari anak nakal itu.)

Still, I wondering why I can’t recognize that Boy.

(Masih, aku bertanya-tanya kenapa aku tidak bisa mengenali Bocah itu.)

He got Injured badly, but He Smile like it was nothing.

(Dia Terluka cukup parah, tapi Dia Tersenyum seperti itu bukan apa-apa.)

Yet why I didn’t help Him? Why my old self so cold,

(Namun kenapa aku tidak menolongnya? Kenapa diriku yang dulu begitu dingin,)

That I just care to myself only.

(Dimana aku hanya peduli pada diriku sendiri saja.)


For a Short time, I remember.

(Untuk waktu Singkat, aku mengingat.)

I remember the reason I being like that.

(Aku mengingat alasan aku menjadi seperti itu.)

Because at home, no one Care & always Fight for Stupid reason.

(Karena dirumah, tidak ada yang Peduli & selalu Berkelahi dengan alasan yang Bodoh.)

But I’m surprised, next day, He coming again,

(Tapi aku terkejut, keesokan harinya, Dia datang lagi,)

Ask my old self to play together.

(Menanyakan diriku yang dulu untuk bermain bersama.)


“You are bothersome, go away.”

(“Kau mengganggu, pergi sana.”)

Why I’m being rude to Him?

(Kenapa aku begitu kasar padanya?)

But why He just Smiling at me.

(Tapi kenapa Dia hanya Tersenyum padaku.)

Like it was nothing happens yesterday.

(Seperti tidak terjadi apa pun kemarin.)

He always like that, His Smile make me Calm.

(Dia selalu seperti itu, Senyumannya membuatku Tenang.)


Here I am, watching my old self passing the time.

(Disinilah aku, melihat diriku yang dulu melewati waktu.)

Watching myself growing up with Smile,

(Melihat diriku sendiri tumbuh dengan Senyum,)

From that Boy that always Support me,

(Dari Bocah itu yang selalu Mendukungku,)

That always Cheer me when I Cry,

(Yang selalu Menghiburku ketika aku Menangis,)

He always there for me.

(Dia selalu disana untukku.)


Here I am, wondering why I don’t have Boyfriend like Him.

(Disinilah aku, bertanya-tanya kenapa aku tidak punya Pacar seperti Dia.)

Wondering where He is now? Where He go? & Why?

(Bertanya-tanya dimana Dia sekarang? Kemana Dia Pergi? & Kenapa?)

Why I still can’t recognize His face after all this?

(Kenapa aku masih tidak bisa mengenali wajahnya setelah semua ini?)

What happening between Him & me that time?

(Apa yang terjadi antara Dia & aku saat itu?)

Everytime I seek the Answer, why only Question that come.

(Setiap kali aku mencari Jawaban, kenapa hanya Pertanyaan yang muncul.)


It was my Birthday party, that time I become 18 years old.

(Saat itu pesta Ulang Tahungku, saat itu aku beranjak 18 tahun.)

He give me the Most Simplest Gift but it Handmade,

(Dia memberiku Hadiah Paling Simple tapi Buatan Tangan,)

I can tell that by the look, it look Wonderful.

(Aku bisa tahu itu dari bentuknya, itu terlihat Indah.)

But, why my old self Laughing at that Gift & throw it,

(Tapi, kenapa diriku yang lama Tertawa ke Hadiah itu & membuangnya,)

Yet I accept the gift from a rich & popular boy with Smile.

(Namun aku menerima hadiah dari anak kaya & populer dengan Senyum.)


Afterward, that stranger Confess to me,

(Setelah itu, orang asing itu Mengatakan Cintanya padaku,)

Why my old self just say “Yes” to him?

(Kenapa diriku yang dulu mengatakan “Ya” padanya?)

View months has passing, & he Cheat on me,

(Beberapa bulan kemudian telah terlintas, & dia Menyelingkuhiku,)

I Cry, I Shout his name & ask what is my Mistake?

(Aku Menangis, Aku Meneriakkan namanya & bertanya apa Kesalahanku?)

And as usually, that Boy always there for me.

(Dan seperti biasa, Bocah itu selalu ada untukku.)


Here I am, blinded by Love that I don’t Understand,

(Disinilah aku, terbutakan oleh Cinta yang tidak aku Mengerti,)

Hurting Him without knowing or looking at Him,

(Menyakitinya tanpa aku ketahui atau melihat ke arahnya,)

Calling another man name in front of Him,

(Memanggil nama pria lain didepannya,)

Begging & Crying for him, just what I blind for.

(Memohon & Menangis padanya, hanya saja apa yang membutakanku.)

“You Hurt Him, You Hurt Him!” That I shout to my old self.

(“Kau Menyakitinya, Kau Menyakitinya!” dimana aku berteriak pada diriku yang dulu.)


Here I am, watch myself being Stop by that Boy,

(Disinilah aku, melihat diriku sendiri di Hentikan oleh Bocah itu,)

When I trying to ask the reason for his Betrayal,

(Ketika aku mencoba untuk mempertanyakan alasan Pengkhianatannya,)

He try to Convince me, to Stop me, even telling me His Feeling.

(Dia mencoba Meyakinkanku, Menghentikanku, bahkan memberitahuku Perasaannya.)

Yet, once more I Hurt Him by saying a rude thing to Him,

(Namun, sekali lagi aku Menyakitinya dengan mengatakan hal kasar padanya,)

“You just my Friend, & This not your Business!”

(“Kau hanya Temanku, & Ini bukan Urusanmu!”)


I’m surprised, how could I say something like that,

(Aku terkejut, bagaimana aku bisa mengatakan hal seperti itu,)

To Someone that always there for me, “Why?”

(Kepada Seseorang yang selalu ada untukku, “Kenapa?”)

“No, No, No,,Don’t leave Him Alone! Please, Don’t Go!”

(“Tidak, Tidak, Tidak,,Jangan meninggalkan Dia Sendirian! Kumohon, Jangan Pergi!”)

“Please Come Back, you going to the Wrong person”

(“Kumohon Kembalilah, kau pergi ke orang yang Salah”)

“Please,, please.” I fell on my knees trying to stop myself.

(“Kumohon,, kumohon.” aku jatuh dilututku mencoba untuk menghentikan diriku sendiri.)


I Crying together with Rain that falling from the Sky,

(Aku Menangis bersamaan dengan Hujan yang turun dari Langit,)

Stupid, just how stupid I was, to leave Him there.

(Bodoh, hanya seberapa bodoh aku, untuk meninggalkanya disana.)

I remember now, the reason that rich boy Cheat on me,

(Aku mengingatnya sekarang, alasan anak kaya itu Menyelingkuhiku,)

The reason why I can’t remember all of that, is all the same Person.

(Alasan kenapa aku tidak bisa mengingat semua itu, semuanya adalah Orang yang sama.)

The time I turn my back, & trying to Fix everything, Accident was happen.

(Ketika aku berbalik, & mencoba Memperbaiki segalanya, Kecelakaan itu terjadi.)


By the time I woke up, I can’t stop my Tears anymore,

(Ketika aku terbangun, aku tidak bisa menghentikan Air Mataku lagi,)

I lost my Memory, I loose Someone that mean so much to me,

(Aku kehilangan Memoriku, aku kehilangan Seseorang yang begitu berarti bagiku,)

Yet I call Him Nothing, Think of Him as Whispering only,

(Namun aku memanggilnya Nothing, Menganggapnya hanya Bisikan,)

I’m the Worst, I should find Him, I should Apologize to Him,

(Aku yang Terburuk, Aku harus menemukannya, Aku harus Meminta Maaf Padanya,)

But when I realize it, I’m surprised, that was 9 years ago.

(Tapi ketika aku menyadarinya, aku terkejut, itu terjadi 9 tahun yang lalu.)


Why is it become like this.

(Kenapa ini menjadi seperti ini.)


To be continue.



By; Resaid of Story