Bunny Diary Chapter 04.5; Theatrum – Ghost Ship I; Lonely Girl

Bunny Diary Chapter 04.5; Theatrum – Ghost Ship I; Lonely Girl

Bunny Diary Chapter 4.5; Theatrum – Ghost Ship I; Lonely Girl

“You never know what kind of fate you have ahead, you never know what kind of person awaits you, & you never know what kind of story will be written for you. Only fate that filling with question & mysterious, that make everything more fun to play with. Don’t you agree with me.” – she said with smile.


As I can hear unrecognized voice into my head, it lead me to another direction as I try to listen where it coming from, that is not far from my side.


While I try to find whose voice it is, she ask me,

“So, why don’t you finish your story?” – with smirk.


It very simple question, yet I can’t answer that question easily. How even I began the story, when everything is changed. Everything is, gone, empty.


Two hour earlier.

All seem normal to me, passengers on board, crew are standby at their post, & captain is greeting all passengers in front of the gate,

(Seem weird, even it natural on  Cruise Ship like this.) – I thought.


Many passenger just having fun, have shopping, & make a lot of noise for their party,

(Seem annoying to me, though.) – I thought with bored eyes.


And the rest, they just rest in their cabin or relaxing under the sun. It’s not something to be surprised for, since some of them are tired from their traveling that will be going onward.


Yet not all passenger can sleep with so much noise like this,

(Doesn’t matter if you had cabin or not, either way you can’t sleep this way.) – I thought as I get annoyed.


Walking between the crowd, alone, using my headphones & music on, to repelled all noise in this world. It’s not that I don’t want to enjoy the party or spend all the money to buy unnecessary stuff, but what is the point to buy the same things all over if the old one is still good. I called it ‘efficient’, but my friends called them ‘stingy’. Can’t blame them for what they look at the surface only. Arguing what you believe is right to someone who don’t listen or even open their mind is pointless.


Called it ‘strange’ for I can’t enjoy this kind of party, called it ‘weird’ for I choose this kind of choice for my life & called it ‘heartless’ for I really don’t care for those who make fun of me.


As the time passing by I try to get myself out from the crowd, I found an empty bench close to balcony fence, where I can see ocean & less people passing by. Though it doesn’t change much about the noise that still disturbing me,


“I’m tired.” – I said while sitting.


But by the time I try to close my eyes, everything suddenly become quiet. More than quiet, all noise from the music & all voice from people whose talking out loud is gone. Even the music from my headphone. That basically, there are nothing but a silent,

(Should I be happy about that, that I finally could sleep peacefully or should I worried over something that bothering me the whole time.) – I wondering.


No noise, no voice, it’s just me & the silence now. Even when I try to move my body, I couldn’t do it. I feel like floating, in the mid of darkness that filled with emptiness.


Until her voice reached me. A voice that filled the emptiness. A voice that awake me from the darkness. A voice, that I didn’t recognize at all, a beautiful voice yet all her words that she have been saying, they feel lonely.


As I’m awake, I opened my eyes. Surprisingly that I’m awake inside the cabin, where there are many seats on & she is over there, sitting on the other side, close to the windows. With the fact that it only the two of us is here, alone.


All others passengers is gone, crew are nowhere to be seen, & all place that I have been seen become darker. Even though, I try to sleep at the noon time.


The moon from the windows is the only light we have, with nothing I can heard except her voice, the wave from the sea & wind was so quiet.


While reading a book, she said,

“Don’t you think it little bit awkward to be like this?” – She ask one question after another’s, without even looked at me.


While everyone is gone & everything is different, she keeps asking like there was nothing happened. Yet she keep talking without waiting any of my answer, telling her story like there was no tomorrow, that make me lose a track of the time itself.


‘How long I have been here?’ is the only thing that popup to my mind, wondered about the time with the broken clock on the wall. I truly can’t tell the time difference with this kind of atmosphere surrounding me.


And suddenly she said something else,

“Isn’t that beautiful, the stars between those darkness.” – she said with looking up to the sky from the windows,

“So pity tiny from here, yet it still beautiful, don’t you think so?” – said her with her little smirk she putting on.


Can’t say a single word, can’t say I understand all her words, while she always put it in a strange way.


As she staring out to the windows, as my eyes adapted with this darkness, I try to look at her once more. With a silky black hair & long white dress, that really suits her, though it’s look like for a party dress rather than casual.


She also wearing a glasses that covering her red eyes. She sit there, under the moon light, looking at them so deeply & she is rather beautiful than scary,

(Just how deep she staring at those stars & moon in the sky?) – I thought with wondering.


“Don’t you think it impolite, to staring a woman like that.” – she said suddenly with her eyes glance at me & smile she give to me.


As she smiled at me, as I realized my mistake, I got blushed,




Then she put her book to the side, & start to standing up from her seat,

“So, do you want to get a fresh air?” – she ask kindly.


As I could understand her word, & without I thinking I respond to her,

“Sure.” – with I standing up as well.


It’s not actually I respond to her without thinking, but there are many thing that I want to know even it enough to make my head full of question. Like, ‘where am I right now?’ or something like, ‘is this some kind of weird dream?’ but even all those question is popup inside my head, ‘why it really feel so real for I am here, right now.’ Is the most thing that make me confused.


While we are on the way to going out to feel the wind & the world, I realize something. This ship is really empty & without any trace of living being. Rust, dust, & shattering glass can be seen everywhere, even the ship have many hole & crack. The pool is empty, the shopping district & the party place are in a mess, like being abandoned for a long time.


When we got outside, the wind that blows on us are colder than snow that falling,

(Wow, it quite cold here.) – I thought with freezing.


As I look up to the sky, I saw beautiful stars & moon that filling the darkness on the sky, without a single cloud floating. Just like what she said,

“The stars between those darkness, so pity tiny from here, yet it still beautiful.” – I said to myself.


The views from here are pretty nice, though for some people is creepy. When I saw her, she closed her eyes as she feel the winds that blows at her, & the way her hair got blows are so beautiful.


But then the rain suddenly pouring, even there are no cloud on the sky. As she open her eyes, she just standing there feel the rain over her. She turning around & around, she just dancing, & feel the rain surround her. Just like a little girl that happily playing under the rain.


As I walk closer to her, she looked at me & saying,

“Are you going to stand there or will you pull me inside?” – she said with giving me her hand,

“Because if you not gonna dance with me, both of us gonna get wet.” – said her with smile.

I looked at her with thinking,

(Dancing or not, the results is still the same for both of us. Let’s just go inside, shall we.) – I thought, as I take her hand, I pull her inside to take cover.


Yet she already dry by the time she passing the door to the corridor. As we walk into the dark corridor, she lead the way, ‘where we are going?’ I don’t have the answer for that either way.


Afterward things become more quiet, since she not start conversation & even it awkward for me to start conversation while she give me a silence.


As we walk into the darkness night, the moon is the only light we have. He lighting our way through the windows, though it still quite dark but it much better than nothing.


With her steps still onward, she looking back on me, while saying,

“Did you ever feel lonely?” – ask her with curious expression.

Surprised with her question, I answer her casually since I do understand that kind of thing,

“You only feel lonely when there are people.”

“Then what happened when all people is gone?” – answer her questioning my answer.

“Rather than feeling lonely, it’s more likely, Empty.” – answer me with looking outside the windows.

As she do the same thing as I did, she respond,

“Empty? It a very troublesome, huh.” – she said with a boring eyes,

“Then what happen when you throw all those unnecessary feelings?” – she looking back at me, this time is with a deep stared,

“Will you have love or will you have happiness within you from that?” – ask her curious.

Surprised with her statement, I respond,

“Maybe you are right, there are so many unnecessary feelings within our life. But without any of those feelings, how people can appreciate love. How they know that they being happy without knowing sadness. How they know about royalty without being betray. How they know about hope without Despair. How they know which feeling is which, if they never know the other feeling.” – I explain.

As she give me a moment of silent, she keep staring at me deeply,

“Wow, you do know your stuff, huh. Impressive.” – she said with smile,

“But then how about you throw all those feelings? By all, I mean all of them.” – she said with turn to my direction.

Surprised with what her said,

“Huh?” – I stopped my step.

But knowing I stopped my step, she continue her steps,

“I wonder which one of us is not human anymore that way.” – she getting closer,

“Isn’t that an interesting statement?” – she said with malicious smile.


As I hear those words coming out from her, I’m awake in the same place as I’m awake before, while she sit there reading her book on the same place when the first time I saw her.



“Is it a dream that being repeated,”

“Or is it an event that being looped,” – she said while cut my words,


As she looking at me with her smile, she closed her book & start telling me all her story again. Without any hesitation or even holding back, like a teacher telling all her history to her student. She tell what she want to tell. Laugh, angry, confused, exciting, I could tell all her emotion alongside her story, & the way she tell me all her story, is just make me wonder,

(How long she have been here?) – curious.

“Must pretty Lonely.” – she said suddenly while stopped on the mid of her story, as she keep looking at me in the eyes, she keep questioning thing that I don’t really understand,

“Do you want to coming back,” – she said with serious tone,

“Or do you want your heart back?” – she ask casually.


But when I started to understand her words, in the same time I surprised by what she really mean by it. But before I could ask her, she disappeared before my eyes. For a moment ago she was there, on the same seat together with her book, telling me her story, yet just a blink eyes, she disappeared.


Without thinking much, I try to looking for her. ‘What reason I have to do that?’, even I have no idea the reason behind my action, but one thing that I’m sure, it’s not a panic it more likely worried.


As I try to looking for her in every single place, in every cabin, shopping district or even the party place, yet I couldn’t find her.


But suddenly I saw a flower petal falling behind me, one after another, it’s like they try to guide me to somewhere else,

(Perhaps they will guide me to where she is.) – I thought as I feel relieved.


Later on.

Finally I arrived to the final petal which is led me to this door, they guide me quite far from the point I saw them,

(If I remember correctly this door is, the door to restaurant, right? Last time I check it still in a mess, why they led me to here?) – wondering to myself.


As I open the door, I’m surprised with what I saw. The restaurant is not in a mess, even everything in this ship is in a mess, & what is more I check this place before but,

“How could it become like this?” – confused & wondering.


Everything is tidy. Bar, table, decoration, wall, ceiling, & even the red carpet are clean like new. As I walk to one of the closer table to me, I see the candle are match with the atmosphere. Fork & knife was on their place correctly,

“Just how did this happen?” – I wondered as I pull the chair & try to sit.

“It takes you long enough to coming here, I’m hungry you know.” – she said suddenly appear in front of me.

“Ah, sorry about that.” – I respond casually.

“Hehehe, you are quite strange you know that, but I like that.” – she said with a smile at me,

“So, do you want to have dinner now?” – she ask me kindly.

“Yeah.” – I respond.


Just as I thought, I feel relieved when I can find her unharmed. Though the possibility of her got injured are zero. Since from what I have learn, she have been here for such a long time.


Each of her words was twisted, each of her story mean one day she have been lonely. I don’t know how long she have been here, or how lonely she must be this whole time, even I have no idea what she is.


Each of her story, telling me the truth about her. Each of her words, telling me her feeling. Yet each time that passing by from this moment, I couldn’t hear her voice properly, as if she vanished again, before I could ask her name.


As I walking into those dark corridor again with her, the moon give a light toward me, I can see her, she have been waiting under the shadow, I can see her with her red eyes glowing within the darkness like a devil.


“I don’t remember the last time I meet a person like you.” – she said with smile,

“I don’t even remember this feeling,” – she said with her tone little bit sad,

“It’s not about being lonely.” – ,

“But how it feel to have accompanied by someone like you.” – she said while she trying to keep her smile,

“Though I’m the only one who always talk, you still listening to me calmly with the eyes of curiosity that ready to ask all about my story,” – ,

“It’s difficult to put farewells into words, huh, but,” – ,

“Let’s meet again in the other side.” – she said with smile on her face.


As she giving me her final smile, with waving her hand as her farewells, a bright light coming from behind her, getting more, & more bright till everything white blank.


As I wake up in the same place when I try to sleep, I really can’t tell whether it’s real or just a dream. Everything seem like just a dream, but how I explain this, this sensation, this feeling, was like real. Since everything that happened back then seem so real to me, it like almost impossible to be just a dream.


“A dream, huh?” – I questioning myself.


After I awake, I could hear all loud voice as clear as day again, all passenger that gone are back, & all mess are also vanish.


As I arrive to my destination, while I trying to forget everything, there is yet one think that still bothering me, what does she mean by “Let’s meet again in the other side.”?


The END..?



As he walk away, back to the ship, there is a beautiful girl with a silky black hair, white dress & glasses covering her red eyes, waving her hand as if she try saying farewells to a certain person, with her sweet devil smile she said,

“Let me have your soul for myself next time.”



To be continue,


This story is fiction.

All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story


Bunny Diary Chapter 04; Shy Paola

Bunny Diary Chapter 4; Shy Paola.jpg

Bunny Diary Chapter 04; Shy Paola


Every action always determine thing that happen, but sometime there is a time where a single thing change everything. Whether it is the right thing or the wrong thing to do, once it done it can’t undone. That’s how life is.


They keep giving you a second chance that called ‘Tomorrow’, & leave you with a choice to start your step or repeat the same mistake again.


Previously in front of Class 2-A, Lunchtime,

As Echa standing face to face with Panda,

*Using Sign Language*

<I’m sorry. I’m sorry to call you that way before, will you please forgive me?>


As Panda & his friend had a few second pause.

Blue & the other two are surprised that she using sign language,

“Woe Panda, did you have a fight with your girlfriend?” – Blue ask Panda with looking at him.

<Shut Up.> – Panda said little bit confused too.

“But still, why she propose to you? Did you teach her wrong?” – ask Blue still confused.

<Don’t ask me. I’m not the one who teach, but somehow I know what happened here> – Panda said with eyes that somehow understand what she trying to say exactly.


As Echa hear what Blue said she respond,

“Propose???” – she said with confused.

Looking back at her, Panda ask,

<You, are you trying to apologize just now?>

“S-Sorry, I can’t understand what you are saying, I just learn the word that I mean to say. So, if you could please, can you write it for me.” – she scared & surprised as Panda using sign language to her.

As Panda take his notepad from his pocket & write something,

(Its look like she just learn that, interesting.) – he thought,

[Come with me.] – As Panda show that notepad to her, he grabs her hand and brings her to somewhere else.

With Blue & the other two being left behind by Panda, he shouting,

“Panda, don’t forget our promise to hang out together, okey!!”

As Panda still can hear his shouting,

(Since when I promise you something like that.) – thought Panda with annoy eyes.


School Garden, The Garden of the School.

Near the Flowers Garden as Panda watering the flower & Echa sit on the bench close to the garden, Panda give her a notepad every time he passing her,

[I’m sorry to brings you here, it was my turn today to watering them.]

“It’s okey.” – Echa said after she read Panda notepad.

[So, what you actually try to say before.]

“Hhmm, I just want to apologize about that bump & calling you Deaf even you are not.” – she said timidly.

As Panda finish his duty to watering the flowers, he sit beside her on the bench,

[Don’t worry about it, people sometime confused & think that we’re the same.] – he give a notepad with smile.

“By the way, why your friends suddenly talking about ‘Proposal’ before?” – Echa wonder while remembering their words.

Panda surprised,

[About that, do you even know what is the meaning from the sign language you use before?] – also wondering.

“Hhmmm, if I’m not wrong I just try to say ‘I’m sorry to call you that way before, will you please forgive me?’ is there something wrong?” – Echa said trying to remembering what she said.



[The last part, it totally mess up.] – Panda said with cold sweat.

“Eh, really!? Then what I actually saying there?” – Echa surprised.

[I don’t think you want to know about it.]

“Oh come on, tell me where I make a mistake. If I don’t know my mistake then I will never be able to learn a single thing.” – she insisted.

As Panda looking at her,

(Hhmmm, Interesting.) – he thought with smile.

“Panda, are you listening?” – she ask, wondering why Panda smile.

As Panda giving a sign for her that mean ‘wait moment’, while he writing something,

[In the last part that you want to say ‘will you please forgive me?’ the sign are wrong. Instead saying ‘forgive me’ the sign language you use is mean ‘will you marry me.’]

As Echa read Panda notepad, her face turn into red and slowly ask him,


“D-Did I,, Did I really say that?” – she blushed.

With straight face,


* Blushing*

“P-ple,,,,please tell me, h-how many student understand sign language in your class?” – she ask timidly.

[All of them.]

“Arrgg please, don’t say it with a straight face like you have nothing to do about this.” – as she embarrassed, she cover her face with both of her hand.

With curious,

[Actually, who teach you sign language anyway?]

Looking at notepad he give to her,

“Hhmmm, it President Sheila from Drama Club. You know her, right?”

[I do know her. She is my brother girlfriend, & she is not someone who make a mistake deliberately. Knowing that she always busy, did she not send you any message?] – Panda wonder.

“Oh you mean Wolf-Boy, that’s your brother? I know about him, since President Sheila keep talking about him if she talking about love. And about my phone, it was split into 2 piece because of that bump, since it was flip-phone, you know, when I fell down and my phone was on my hand and you know what happened, hehehe.” – she explain with smile like nothing is happened.

[Wolf-Boy? Who?] – Panda confused.

“So-Sorry, I don’t mean it, I hear President Sheila called him that way.”

[I thought as much, no it is fine, it suit him. And sorry about what happened to your phone.] – Panda give a notepad as he apologize.

“Hhmm,, no, don’t worry about it, it’s not like your fault or anything else, it’s my own fault for being careless.” – she said with little bit awkward.


[You are quite clumsy, hah.]

“Heh? How you know that?” – she surprised.


Before he answer her question that obviously she is quite clumsy herself, Panda take a look at his watch,

[I’m sorry. The President of Student Council is absent today, so I need to go back to the Student Council Room. I’m sure the other already waiting, so tell me why you are looking for me beside apologize?]

“Woah, I’m actually forget about that! I’m sorry to take your time, it’s about my manuscripts, President Sheila said you could help me as the second character that’s why I’m looking for you, can you help me out this time?” – she said realizing she forget something important.

As Panda seem in hurry,

[Fine by me. Meet me in front of Class 2-B after school, we need her. See ya.] – as he give a notepad to her, he going to the Student Council Room as fast as he can without explaination.


But Echa seem not understand what Panda writing,

“Help? Her? Who he is talking about?”



*The writer notepad.*

Don’t you think there is something to asked here? It’s not actually complicate question or complicate thing to understand, because it quite simple. How Panda will play his role while he is Mute?


Any consideration why Sheila still choose him?


Seem Echa not thinking about that, since she always focus on her study & club activity, that sometime made her become clumsy.



After School, in front of Class 2-B.

(Hhmmm, Why Panda ask me to go here.) – Echa thought as she standing in front of Class 2-B & looking for Panda that nowhere to be found.

As someone open the door from the inside,

<You are here?> – said Panda with sign language.

Seeing Panda standing there, Echa see a hands is grabs his back showing that someone is hiding behind him,

“Hhmmm, who is that?” – she ask casually out of curiosity.

As Panda looking at his back he using sign language to her,

<Hey, you promised to me that you won’t hide from her.>

As she using sign language only by her right hand,

<But I don’t know her. Is she gonna eat me?>

<She is not carnivore.>

<How you can be so sure? What is her name then?>


“Hhmmm, I’m sorry. What you guys talking about?” – Echa ask looking at their conversation that made her confused.

Panda looking back at Echa, as he forget about her,

[Sorry about this, but how Sheila called you in Drama Club?]

“President Sheila? Oh, she called me Enchi The Bunny, why?” – she ask little bit surprised.

He using sign language again to the girl behind his back,

<Her name is Enchi The Bunny, and Bunny not eating meat, they eat carrot.>

<I can hear that.>

“Hey, even I can’t understand what you guys talking about but I feel being mocked or at least that is what I feel.” – Echa said feeling little bit annoy.

[No one is mocked you, at the very least that is what I think.] – Panda smile.



[Just kidding. The girl behind me is Paola The Squirrel, as you can see she is a very shy person, and scared with people.] – explain Panda with his notepad.

“People? But you are also people.” – Echa confused.

<No! Panda is Panda!> – as Paola responded with sign language to what Echa saying.

“Huh?” – Echa getting more confused.

[Please, don’t mention that to her.] – after he show that note to her, he talk to Paola with sign language,

<Paola, say hi to her.>


As she respond nicely to him, she just wave her right hand to Echa,

<Nice to meet you.>

“Oh, nice to meet you there. My name is Echa from Class 2-C.” – Echa said responding to Paola hand she notice it mean ‘Nice to meet you’.

But she just give her a sign language as a answer & one word only that of course Echa can’t understand,

“Bunny.” – she said with making a ‘Bunny’ sign with her right hand.

“I’m sorry, What is that mean again?” – ask Echa looking at Panda with confused.

As he saw the sign Paola have been make he write a note,

[She said ‘You’re not Echa, You are Enchi The Bunny’. It seem she will stick with that nickname of your.] – he give a note with expressionless face.

Little bit annoy,

“And whose fault is that? Anyway, why you ask me coming here?” – Echa said still confused.

[You still don’t understand, are you?]

“Understand what?”

[If I’m going to the stage, how I’m supposed to talk there?]

As Echa respond without thinking,

“Of course you just need to go there and read the scripts and,,,,” – but as she realizing thing in the midway, she have a pause.


Few second later,

“Oooohhhh No!!!! I’m forget that you can’t talk! But President Sheila said you are the only person who can play the role! What should I do? What should I do?” – as she realize the most important part she going panic.

Yet Panda calmly show another notepad to her,

[Calm yourself, Enchi. That’s why I ask you to come here, to meet the person who may help our problems.]

“What do you mean by that? And why you calling me that too?” – Echa said while still don’t got it & little bit annoy by Panda who called her that way too now.


[Stay focus, Enchi.]

Little bit annoy,

“You are the one who need to focus, Panda. So, who is this person you’re talking about?” – Echa ask casually.

[She is right behind my back. Maybe Paola is a very shy person, but she can imitate or change her voices like others.] – Panda give a note with smile.

“For real? That’s so cool Paola, I just hope we have someone like you in Drama Club.” – Echa admire Paola.


After hearing that Paola become more timid behind Panda back, as Echa seeing what is happened, she getting more confused with the way she act,

“Paola? What happened? Panda, did I said something wrong to her?” – she ask.

[Well about that, she like reading a book & her voice are good, but she is not coming from Library Club or Glee Club. Originally she is one of from yours, Drama Club.] – Panda give a note with expressionless face again.

As Echa surprised reading that,

“Eh? Really? S..sorry about that. Paola, I’m sorry okey. It’s just we never met before,,”

Before Echa continue her words, Panda show another notepad,

[That’s because Sheila is the one who drag her to join the club.]

“I don’t know why I’m saying this, but I’m sorry about our Club President.” – she said as she feels the same thing has happened to Panda.

[No Problem. Just give me the manuscripts, & the schedule to practice, I need to adjust with my schedule & Paola won’t come or even practice without me, so if you don’t mind about the trouble.]

“No, it’s fine. Here is the manuscripts & schedule for the practice.” – Echa said as she give the manuscripts & the schedule to Panda, then he give them to Paola.

But suddenly Paola poking Panda back,

<What is it?> – ask Panda as he looking at her.

<I think you did forget something?>

(Oh!) – Panda thought remembering the thing he forgot & then he write something on the notepad fast,

[Enchi, I forgot to tell you that Paola had own manuscripts for the next show & because of her fear she can’t ask anyone for help even after being approves by Sheila.] – he give a note with worry,

[In exchange for helping you, Paola ask a favor, ‘Would you like to be the second main character in her manuscripts?’] – Panda give another note.

“Hhmm? Of course, I will. There is no need for her to ask a favor. If you need help, just ask me, I definitely help you.” – Echa said with energetic & smile.

<You see Paola, she is a nice person.> – Panda said with smile.

“Y-yeah.” – she answer with a very timid voice.


As the conversation between them still going on and on, they continue their conversation on the way home. The next morning, they start to practice every time they had time to do so. For Paola who always hide behind Panda back, no one know how she actually look like. Yet many of the member trying to approach her.


But she sure are clingy to Panda the whole time, not to mention she surprised everyone in the Drama Club with her ability to change her voice to whoever she want & can perfectly adjust her voice to how Panda lip sync or the opposite.


In the end, everything is going smoothly.


Well, it’s not that smooth since Panda really busy with Student Council stuff & Class Representative that need to be attended, make it practice become more difficult for him. As for Echa & Panda who play the role for main character, both have extra practice because of those two reason.


As for Paola, despite she is a shy person & not talking to anyone except Sheila & Panda though she using sign language, she have been enjoying as voice-over for Panda.


The day after The Show.

The Show was just like President Sheila predicted, it is a Big Success for the Drama Club and even Paola who become famous among the others member, can’t do much except running behind Panda or Sheila back afterward, and cry whenever the other try to pull her.


But still, because of how she behave people can’t describe her clearly. Timid  and quiet person, her body is small it make others difficult to see her once she hide behind Panda or Sheila. Her brawn hair are so long that it covering her face, and she always use a hoody jacket, that make more difficult for other to recognize her.


But everyone seem don’t mind about her, since Sheila & Panda is explaining her situation to them to understand her more. By the time passing, some member already accustomed with her & few are still trying to approach her since they want to be friend, but her respond are always the same, & that is how her daily activity in club from then on.


Even with her behavior, thanks to that, many of member are willing & supported Paola manuscripts. Instead, they really want to know how the story goes on, trying their best to make Paola more comfortable in  the Drama Club, to made her feel like her own home, to heal her fear of people, & to become her friends.



As Panda seeing that, he just standing there laying on the wall with a smile. A smile that no one ever see it, his real smile without a sadness being hide, and yet without knowing, Echa seeing that smile.


With her heart starting to feel weird. Beating much faster every single time, she just standing there, staring those smile of him, while blushing.




To be Continue.

This story is fiction.
All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story

Bunny Diary Chapter 03; Silence Words (Boy)


Bunny Diary Chapter 03; Silence Words (Boy)


Can I ask you something, how did you seeing this world? From which edge you seeing it, or even how you seen our sky up above? Are you seeing it as it is or as an endless sky & realize just how small you are, in this world. How a single weakness can determine your entire life? What is the purpose of life when you just focus on a single weakness?


I think that is too much question already but, every question keep me wonder how each perspective people have. None of us have the same perspective over everything, it pretty simple to make other understand if we had this kind of thing.


A single weakness make us different, a single mistake make us being judge, but none of us is perfect neither. What give them the right to judge people, when some people don’t look at themselves beforehand.


But whether they are normal or less, people always have interesting way to make their decision & that’s the more reason why I like to observe them.


Whether they giving up or keep trying till the end. Every choice they make only lead to one future yet, there are so many possibilities to how it actually ended. That part alone, was the interesting part, keeping people to wonder how the future will lead them.


Previous chapter, inside Classroom 2-A.

As I stared at the sunset from the window,

(The Sunset is beautiful, it so calm after finishing all this paper. I wonder what time now,) – I thought while checking the time,

(17:30!!! What the? All homework is done but all this paper from the teacher is making me this late, hope there is still teacher in Staffroom.) – I thought as I put all papers together in hurry & walk to the door fast,

(Again, why I’m the only one who got this, I’m not the only Class Rep, though. Better fast.) – I thought as complain.


But something unexpected is happened, as I opened the door in hurry,


“Ouch, ouch, ouch.” – she said while feeling pain.

(What happen? Did I bump to someone?) – I thought with scratching my head.

“Hhhmmm, what I hitting on?” – confused.

(A girl voice?) – surprised.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I will help you to compile the book.” – she said with compile my book.

As I open my eyes, I see a girl with a long hair helping compile the book,

(Who is that girl? Well, it doesn’t matter as long as she helped too.) – I thought as I also helping to compile my own book.

View second later, she suddenly ask,

“Uhhmmm I’m sorry, are you by any chance Panda?” – she ask timidly.

As I respond to her question by looking back at her,

(Panda? Ah she knows from those manuscripts, is she from Drama Club? Don’t tell me Sheila send her here. Not again.) – I thought with cold sweat.

“Ah, I’m talking about these manuscripts you know. How did you have these? Are you playing as Panda, three month ago?” – she said trying to explain & remind me.

(As I though, she is from Drama Club. But, as I can remember correctly none of them can use ‘Sign Language’ except Sheila & Paola.) – I thought as I looking for something to write.

“Hallo, are you listening to me?” – she said while waving her hand in front of me.

(Arg, I need to answer her, but where is my notepad, anyway? Or at least something to write with.) – I thought as I still looking for pen or pencil.

She already lost her patience,

“Hay, don’t ignoring me, I’m talking to you! Hallo, earth to Panda, Earth to Panda.”

(Yeah, yeah, I know. But I need to find my notepad first, where is this guy anyway?) – I thought with little bit panic.

She raise her voice little bit,

“Seriously, can you even say a single word? Halloooo, I’m talking to you! Are you a Deaf?”

(Heee, so she mad at me, huh? Ah there it is, better take a pen & write something for her.) – I thought little bit surprised by her.


As I found my pen, I start to write something on my notepad, & give her a notepad that saying,

[I’m sorry, I’m not Deaf. I’m Mute.]

“……” – with silent she look surprised reading my note.

[But I’m figuring out that you don’t know sign language, so I don’t how to answer you.]


[You talking so fast, I can’t write that fast.]

As she look gloomy she keep quiet,



And before I could write everything to explain everything to her, he suddenly show up from her back,

“Hay brother, how long you gonna make me waiting? Mama will going to mad when we are late. Huh? Hay, are you alright?” – he said seeing both of us on the floor.

(Oh right, I forgot mama asking us to go shopping since there is a big discount near the station on 17:00, need to hurry.) – I thought while taking all the paper & book that already compiled,

*Using sign language,*

<I’m fine. Sorry to make you waiting, I will come.>


As I standing up & I try to help her standing too, I give her one last notepad,

[Sorry about the bump, & thanks for helping. I’m in hurry, sorry I must go. See ya.]

(Ah she is become more gloomy, I hope it just my imagination.) – I thought as I leave her behind.


As we run trying to catch up with time, I leave her alone in there.

“Hay brother, who is that girl? Is that your girlfriend?” – ask him tempting.

*Using sign language,*

<Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t know her but she is from Drama Club I think.>


“Hohoho, this will be an interesting story if I told mama that you have a girlfriend now.” – he said not really listening.

<And it will be more fun if I told Sheila that you looking at another girl.> – I said with little bit annoyed & bored eyes.

“Hay, that is going too far, Brother.” – he said with surprised,

“And that’s also a lie, Sheila won’t believe you for that, haha.” – he said with confident.

<Who know, did you even remember the last thing that happen to you when you made her mad just because a little misunderstanding?> – I said with emotionless face,

<And what is more, just now you were talking about that girl, right? There is more than enough evidence to tell the truth, you know.> – I said with cold eyes & smirk.

“Brother, you are so cold.” – he said with scared & cold sweat.

<You started first.> – I said with bored eyes.

“Urg, okey, okey, but you keep call her ‘that girl’ don’t you know her name?” – ask him confused.


“The heck? Well, whatever as long as we can buy what we need to.”

<Can’t do, I need to go to Staffroom to give this paper work to the teacher first.> – I said with showing the paper that needed to return.

“Roger that.”



As I speak, just after we give the paper to the teacher, we decide to racing whether to catch the time before the discount time are finish or to know which one of us is the faster. And that is how we leave the school, to get what we need to, just hoping not sold out yet.


The time has pass by.

Present Time, 5 day after the actual accident, Monday.

As I walk into gate of the school, I keep thinking for what actual reasons Sheila send her to me. And what make worst is, Mother send me to Uncle place to help him for 5 days straight. Currently he is the owner of famous restaurant & always ask for my help whenever he don’t have enough worker,

(Well it doesn’t matter for me, I got paid anyway.) – I thought,


(But honestly, the place was really crowd. I barely have no time to rest) – I thought with sleepy eyes,

(Luckily, I have no duty this morning & since I just got home today morning, I’m still sleepy here.) – I thought.


What make worst is actually not how much work to do in the restaurant but that girl. Knowing how Sheila doing thing, she most properly send her to my class every single day. It became awkward to meet her after that ‘Bump’ and gone for 3 days.


*Sign Language*

As I open my classroom door & knock before I’m going in, *knock, knock,*

<Good Morning>

“Oh, Good Morning Panda.” – they respond, as everyone notice me.

Little bit confused,

(Arg, why everybody call me Panda now?) – I thought with cold sweat.

As I walk to my seat, on row 4 number 3, one guy greet me,

“Yo, long time not see, Panda.” – he greet with a smile.


<Not that long, Blue.> – I said with bored eyes.


Little note for this guy.

His name is Ursiblue, his hair maybe brawn, but his eyes & all his staff is blue, that’s why everybody else called him ‘Blue’ even the Teacher.


*Sign Language*

<So, what is the clue, Blue?>

“Woe, I’m not the dog who give a mark on something as a clue, you know.” – Blue said little bit annoy.

<Oh come on, give me one clue.> – I said as I put my bag beside my desk.

“You really don’t know about it?” – Blue ask wondering.

<Like I told you, what are you talking about actually?> – more confused.

“Your girlfriend, Echa from Class 2-C, right? She have been waiting for you in front of the class every lunch time even after school, & she only asking one question, ‘is Panda here?’” – Blue trying to explain.

<Girlfriend? I don’t have,, wait, you said her name was Echa? Who?> – I ask with surprised & confused.


“Oh don’t be shy, everyone in class think that you are her boyfriend, you know. Especially she keep coming only to looking for you, don’t you think it romantic?”

With a bored eyes,

(No wonder everyone call me Panda now, especially this guy who doesn’t listen to anyone.) – I thought.

“Hai,,hai,, Panda, how about next time we are going to the Park together, my girlfriend and yours with the others too.” – happily suggested.

(Not listening. Not listening. Not Listening.) – I thought as I get annoyed by him.

“Ah but don’t mention her name to Angela, okey. She have been in ‘Bitchy mood’ after hearing those rumors.”

<It’s not like we are dating, we are even barely know each other.>

“But those rumors is true right? I really can’t wait until we can hang out together. So, when did you confess to her & how did you confess to her? You are so good at hiding thing, you know. We will celebrate this for you, when the party & where is the place, come on, don’t forget to invite me, okey.” – he said with exciting.

Together with everyone else in class that listening & watch to their conversation, with bored eyes,

(This guy really not listening.) -_-


<Talking about Angela, where she is? She is nowhere to be found?> – I ask Blue while looking around the classroom.

“She have Student Council meeting in other school if I’m not wrong or something like that.” – Blue said trying to remember.


“Hai,,hai,, why you are looking for her? Did you miss her? Don’t cheat on your girlfriend, Panda. She is a nice girl, you know. If you compare with Angela, she is better than her.” – Blue said with curious.

<Are you even listening, I told you, we’re not dating. And just try to say that thing in front of her.>


“Who? Angela? You must be kidding me, Panda.” – Blue said got scared,

“She is such a scary President Student Council & Class Representative whenever she is in serious mode or bad moon. I can’t understand how people can work together with her anyway.” – he explain with scared.

<Hey, don’t you forget that the one you talking about here is her, & the one you just give comment is me.> – I said as I looked at him.


“Sorry, sorry, I forget about it,,. Please, don’t tell Angela about that.” – Blue said little bit scared of her.


As he try to keep talking even more, the Teacher is coming,

“Okey everyone, back to your seat. We will start the lesson soon. Pao, can you take the map in the library.”

As I standing up,

<Yes, Mrs. Cindy.>


‘Pao,’ that is how the Teacher called me. Though it’s not really my name but that’s how the others call me before they changed it to ‘Panda.’ They said it much shorter & easier to call,

(Well they had the point, though.)


Everyday is the same. Everyday is almost this way, maybe I was lucky to have friends like them.


As I stared at the sky from corridor the windows, sometime I do pity myself. Being different from others, or being unable to say any words in my mind, but how possible I make myself down when I’m not the only one.


There are so many people that less than me, but they never give up trying to reach up there. It’s not that easy, it never been easy.


So why giving up, if there are someone who trying their best to not, even if there are none, be the first one sound not so bad either.


Maybe that’s how I reach where I am, right now. Where I’m stand, with my friends, & with my family.


And maybe you have one or two question you did like to ask from me,

One of them is, ‘How all your friends understand ‘Sign Language’?’



All is began from there, neighborhood, childhood, even every Teacher I met, they told me,

“You are good at teaching. Why don’t you become a teacher someday?”


From then on, one by one they ask me to teach them everything, especially ‘Sign Language.’ When I ask the reason of it, do you know what their answer?

“Because we want to Understand you.”


Unbelievable, is not it?

Even I have the same thinking about it. It was just like a sweet dream that never ending.


Especially her, the one who is always waiting for me those few days. Never stop surprising me, and unbelievable she willing to doing it.


In front of Class 2-A, Lunch Break,

It’s as surprise as I standing in front of my class & seeing what she is trying to say,


*Using Sign Language*

<I’m sorry. I’m sorry to call you that way before, will you please forgive me?>


There is nothing as surprising as her willingness, but there are also question behind her action,

(For what reason she doing all of this.)




To be Continue.

This story is fiction.
All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story

Bunny Diary Chapter 02; Silence Request (Girl)


Bunny Diary Chapter 02; Silence Request (Girl)


Did you know, whenever you said something bad to others & feel bad about it, what you feel is nothing but regret. The words you’ve said cannot be taken back, so you must take action to paint over what you have already said.


And sometime apologize doesn’t mean that you were wrong, or the other person was right. Mistake & fault once is done can’t be undone but, prolonging an awkward situation out of Stubbornness is just silly.


The day after the accident, Wednesday, inside Drama Club,


“………” – gloomy.

A while later,

“Oh it rare to see you come to the Club early in the morning, Bunny.” – greeting President Sheila.


“Hhmmm, oh good morning, President.” – Echa answered with feeling down.

“So, what happen here, did someone steal the carrot from your garden early in the morning?” – said Sheila trying to give a little joke.

“No, Nothing happen.” – Echa respond getting more down.

“You know what, whenever people said ‘Nothing happen’ basically there is something happen. So, would you like to tell me what’s going?” – Sheila ask with worried.

“I said something.”

“Okey, I’m listening. Is it something bad or good?” – Sheila ask again, while sit down beside Echa.

“Something bad.” – she said getting more gloom.

“For example?” – Sheila ask casually.

“I called him Deaf. That time I was mad at him & accidently called him that. I don’t know that he actually Mute.” – Echa said while covering her face with both of her hand.

“Hhhmmm,, wait, let me guess. Are you talking about Panda? And both of you accidently bump each other. While you help him, you try to talk to him but he doesn’t answer you & that is make you mad, is that what happened?” – said Sheila trying to guess casually.

Looking at Sheila surprisingly,

“H-how you know that, President?”

“Well, there are so many story in novel with similar thing happen, not to mention I forgot to tell you that he is Mute, sorry.” – Sheila said casually.

“Yeah, you right.” – Echa said with eyes that saying ‘it all your fault’.

“Hey, don’t look at me with that eyes, I’m sorry okey, I’m sorry. I was thinking you did remember about him even little bit.”

Suddenly down again,

“Yes, you are right. If I did remember him a little bit, this will never happen.”


“Are you feel bad about it?” – Sheila ask with little bit worry looking at Enchi down.

“Yes, I am.” – said Echa sad.

“So, why you still here?” – ask Sheila with smile.

“What do you mean, President?” – ask Echa little bit confused.

“What I mean is, if you feel bad about it, what you should do then?” – ask Sheila with tempting.

“Meeting him?” – Echa guess as she turn at Sheila.

“That’s right. And?” – Sheila ask with smile.

“And apologize to him for what I have said to him.” – Echa guessing as her spirit up little bit.

“So I’ll repeat my question, why you still here?” – ask Sheila tempting again.

“I need to go meet him.” – Echa said with her spirit up.

“That’s right.”

As Echa standing up,

“I need to waiting for him.”

“That’s the spirit.” – said Sheila with smile.

As Echa looking at Sheila,

“I need to apologize to him.”

“Okey, that is good too, but don’t push too hard, okey. The outcome can be backfire on yourself.” – said Sheila little bit worry.

“Ach, you right.”

“Now go get me My Super Stars!” – Sheila said as pointed her finger outside.

As Echa running with her spirit up high,

“Yes Ma’am.” – she leave her.

“She called me ‘Ma’am’, hah? Hope she is okey, I’m worried.” – said Sheila more worried.


As Echa leaving Sheila, she immediately going to Panda Classroom, hoping that he is there & able to apologize for what she have been said to him. But as she waiting for him at lunch time & even after school, he is nowhere to be seen. Just like before, even she ask his classmate no one know where he is. Or at least that is what they said to her.


The next day, Thursday, inside Drama Club,

As Sheila looking at Enchi being depressed again in the same place,

“Hay, you okey, Enchin?” – ask Sheila with worried.

With gloomy aura getting stronger around her, Echa said,

“He hated me. He totally hated me. I’m so Screw. He,,”

As Sheila cut her word cause her worried,

“Wait, wait, wait. What happen? Are you alright, Enchi?” – she said trying to make Echi calm.

“Yeah, I’m fine President. It just, yesterday, he is not there.” – Echa said getting more gloom.

“Oh, is that so. But listen to me Enchi, if he is not there doesn’t mean that he hate you. Maybe he busy with his Council stuff at other school or have family business.” – Sheila said trying to cheer her.

As Echa surprised,

“Heh??? He was one of Student Council member?” – she turn at Sheila

“Hhmmm, you don’t know that?” – Sheila surprised too.

“Of course I don’t know about it, I was thinking that the Vice-President of Student Council is Mute just a rumor only.”

“Well, it seem the rumor become real, Enchin.”

“I guess you are right, President.” – said Echa still little bit surprised hearing that.

“If I may add, he always stand in Rank Two in every exam, but always Rank One in final exam. Everyone know that he is doing it on purpose, knowing his weakness. That is why that little Angel always beating him up, & push him to join the Student Council with her.” – said Sheila as she do some paperwork.

“Th, Thanks for clearing thing, President. But by ‘Angel’ you mean ‘Angela’ from Class-2A, right?” – Echa said getting more surprised.

Listening while getting busy,

“He’emd, it is her. Don’t give up my dear, if you truly want to apologize do it now or never.”

As Echa smile hearing that, she said,

“Thanks, President.” – while she going to Panda Classroom again.


With her smile giving her hope, she trying to waiting for him again. From the morning, break time, lunchtime, & afterschool.


Unfortunately the result is still the same, but this time is different.


This time she coming back to Drama Club with smile like she usually do, Friday.

As she greeting everybody in the Drama Club,

“Good Morning, President. Good Morning, everyone.” – with smile.

“Oh good morning, Enchi. What is with happy smile friday, did you get a date?” – Sheila give a little joke while busy with her things.

“Nope.” – Echa said with big smile on her face.

“Do you apologized yet?” – Sheila ask casually.

“Nope.” – answered Echa with the same smile.

As Sheila stop what she is doing right now,

“Okey, now I’m little bit worried. What you planning?” – she ask while she turn at Echa.

As Echa confused,

“Ech? What do you mean, President?”

“Enchi, I know you, when you happy like this in the ‘awkward’ situation, it mean you have something on your mind to break those ‘awkward’ situation, am I right.” – Sheila guessing.

*Giggle, 😛 (Giving tongue)*,

“Te-he, please you make me shy, President.” – Echa said little bit blush.

“Honey, I’m pretty busy right now. In the next 3 days we have Show in 3 different place, so better now or later.” – Sheila said while looking at the schedule she have.

As Echa little bit panic hearing that, she try to put in the point,

“I’m sorry, President. Anu,, Hhmmm, Please, teach me Sign Language.”


“Huh? Say what? What do you mean , Enchin? Why so sudden?” – Sheila ask little bit confused too.

“Hhmmm, Well, you know, since up till now I try to apologize but he never show up, I think it have something to do with his family. So that’s why I have idea, why I’m not learn Sign Language & Surprise him, & since you know him, I’m pretty sure that President can teach me.” – Echa trying to explain.

As Sheila looking at her phone with a bad mood,

“You probably right, Enchi. Even that Wolf-Boy doesn’t contact me at all, & about your idea, it is a great idea, but why don’t you go to School Library or Internet to do so?”


(Actually, I’m more concern about Wolf-Boy, that dare to make President in a state of bad mood. Hope everyone is safe.) – thought Echa hearing that & got scared looking at Sheila in a Bad Mood,

“S-school Library is being renovated, to go to bookstore in Saturday or Sunday is impossible since my sister had a plan for me, & about internet, I never use one.” – she explain.

“Woah, I will pretend I do understand all, but I will just show you once & you need to remember it, okey? Our time is running my dear Enchi.” – said Sheila looking at her watch that it almost time for the first period start.

“Yes I will, President.” – Echa said with energetic.

“Okey, I’ll show you how to say ‘I’m sorry to call you that way before, will you please forgive me?’ in Sign Language, is that too long for you?”

As Echa put her concentration to remember what Sheila will teach her,

“No, please continue, President.”


As Sheila show Sign Language to Echa,

< I’m sorry. I’m sorry to call you that way before, will you please,,>


Just before Sheila finish, one girl is coming to her,

“President, about the Wedding costumes that you ask me to modified, I need more time since I’m doing it alone.”

“Then, you can take the other girls who have finish their part to help you. We need it for today, can you finish it today?” – said Sheila as she talk to that girl she doesn’t realize what she show to Enchi.

“I’m afraid it will be not much help, because it quite complicated design you have there.” – the other girl complained.


*School Bell Ringing.*

As Sheila realizing what she is doing she turn to Enchi,

“Okey, Enchi, how about I send you MMS later? Huh? Where she is?” – said her while looking for her, & just realizing that Echa already going back to her class,

(Well, I hope I giving her the right Sign to her.) – she thought.


With worried pass her head, Sheila can’t do anything but hoping it was the right Sign Language that she teach to Enchi. As she going to help finishing the Wedding costumes & other preparation for the Show.


But those hope are really not stand for that long, since she actually did give her the wrong sign language.


(Is she showing the right or the wrong sign language.)

Such a thought are never passed through Echa mind, since she believe Sheila just like she believe her sister.


As she try to memorize what Sheila show to her, all her classmate was confused for what she is doing exactly. Well, how they can understand her circumstance when even herself not sure if she doing it exactly like Sheila did or not.


Echa is good at memorizing book & baking a cake, but she have vague memory to remember someone face. Especially people who don’t speak much or rather he not talking at all.


He is famous but he is quiet. He is calm but look scary. His smile has a thousand unspoken words, that sometime cute. His silent is either it make him cool or just make an awkward situation. We are talking about Panda that is.


And without Echa realizing, she give the Vice-President from Student Council & the Second Class Representative a new nickname, as well as the weird rumors that being spread around.


Monday, inside Class 2-C Classroom.

As Echa confident about her sign language,

(Alright. I’m sure I’ll be able to say sorry to him, and I’ll ask him to help me. Okey that sound good. Just, don’t be weird, don’t be weird, and, – – -) – she thought but, she being look weird by the other student.


To be honest, she is not that good at dealing people, especially opposite gender. As she trying to get her sources to apologize to him, she spending the whole morning. Fact about Echa, she always coming to schools earlier than Student Council and everyday she bake a cookies only to share them with all her friends.


In front of Class 2-A, as everyone out for lunchtime, there is a girl waiting for a boy, at the same time & the same place she waiting for a certain person, yes we are talking about Echa that waiting for Panda.


As Echa seen Panda walk out from his classroom,

(Okey, now is the time.) – she thought as she walk to his direction.


As Echa walk toward him, in the same time Panda notice her & stop his step. As she stop her step in front of him, she try to use sign language,

*Using Sign Language*

<I’m sorry. I’m sorry to call you that way before, will you please forgive me?>,

(I hope I doing it, right.) – she thought.


But as she show her sign language, everyone from his class have a pause as if they are surprised about something that obviously she doesn’t realize it.



To be Continue.

This story is fiction.
All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story

Bunny Diary Chapter 01; Difference in Silence (Girl)


Bunny Diary Chapter 01; Difference in Silence (Girl)



Every single day is different, every Sunrise have own beauty, & given a chance as hope. Hope to overcome yourself from something that holding you back. Each person has one thing that hold them back, whether it feeling, habits, or difference.


But sometime those differences were born alongside with us, even we don’t wish for it. Excuse to running, some people may think that way but, if we can choose as we born in this world, we chose not to.


It’s not about being grumble & blamed other, but sometime it really difficult to even stay strong as if being drained every single day. I know, that is how Life it feels like. Even sometime it feel impossible to finish the day but,


“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”


Chapter 01:

Did you ever hear those words?

My mother always told me that story before I sleep, sometime it different kind of story, & every time she finish, she always tell me a nice words like,

“Weakness is not an Excuse to Stop Trying. If you can’t do it in the same way, do it by your own way.”


“Do you know who else said that to me?”

It was my sister. Talking about my sister, she is an athlete, she is the faster runner I have been know. I hear she got scholarship to go to University with it. I’m so proud.


“Did you know the reason behind ‘those word’?”


To begin with, I wasn’t like my sister nor my father who can run faster and faster, and faster, and faster than anyone else. The structure of my left leg is different from the other, causing me unable to run properly.


Being bullied, being called ‘Snail’, or even become their joke materials is my everyday back in middle school or even more, I feel tired of it.


But that is not the only reason I move on, the other reason is no other than I will ‘do it by my own way.’


By joining a Drama Club in my high school & since I’m good with it,

(what my sister told me.) – I thought, this is how I introduce myself in the club last year,

“Hi everyone, my name is Echa. 16th year old, First year student, Class C.” – but now they called like,

“Good morning, President.” – I greeting the President of Drama Club.

As she turn at me, she greeting,

“Oh, Good Morning, Enchi.” – said her with smile.

With dry smile,

“Erg,, hehe,,”


This is our President of Drama Club, she always giving every rising star a nickname as they play that role. If you asking how I get those, I think it was from the Show we did in last year festival.


Since the first year was allowed to play the role in the Show that takes ‘Animal’ as theme & other life story mixing in. There are so many people were interested, so that we become famous not only within the school ground but also the other schools.


Sheila, from Class 3-A is the President of Drama Club. I also hear that her father is famous director film, no wonder she is so strict & cool. But she always tell every member of the club,

“Where we are standing right now is not because I’m the daughter of famous director or not only working together, but we also put our heart in every show we have. It doesn’t matter if it goes bad as long you have the will to improve it & not doing the same mistake. That’s all you need to know. Do you understand that? I don’t care if you don’t, now go back to work all of you!! #@?!@#!” – she said while shouting.


Or so it becomes the devilish work every time it happened, but everyone still loves her anyway.


“Good timing, Enchi. You are here. I already read your scripts last night and it was a good story I would say.” – she said while looking on the scripts.

With bright happiness I reach to her,


“Yups, and we will start the preparation on the end of the month if you don’t mind. Since there are still other scripts that we need to play first.” – she said while looking at other scripts.

And with smile I answer her,

“No, I don’t mind at all, President.”


The main reason we love her despite her personality is that, she always appreciate every opinion from other & ask for the opinion if there are no opinion at all. And what is more she give every single of us a change to write the manuscripts for the show. Though it little bit embarrassing since we discusses everything together before deciding which manuscripts we will use for the next show.


“Good. Then I need you to be the main Character.” – she said with smile.

“Alrig,, Say What?!?!” – I answered as I realize something,


“M.. M.. Me??? Why?” – I surprised.

“Why you ask? Of course because it your story, right? So for once more, I need you to play the role as ‘Enchi The Bunny’, okay?” – she said casually.

“No. That’s not okay at all, President.”

With her innocent face she answer,

“Why is that so?”

“Arg, please no more innocent face, President. And don’t forget you put me in duty as your assistant this month, the last assistant you had was collapse if I recall.” – I said trying to remind her.


“Te-he, come on, don’t be stingy. Oh I remember, how about you take the day off today?” – she said giving idea.

“President, I can’t just take the day off. I still have to attend my class.” – I remind her with bored eyes.

“Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. But still I won’t let you in club today, because it your day off today.” – she decided.

“But I’m already in, President.”

“That’s it, now Get Out from this room. Ah by the way, you gonna need a partner for this one, and I think we need that guy again.” – she said as she pointed her finger outside.

“Ach you already choose me as the main role! Oh well, whatever, but ‘that guy’ who?” – I said with cold sweat as I realize it pointless to discuss with her.

“You don’t remember the guy who plays the show with you?” – she said look surprised.

“Nope.” – I say, shaking my head.

“You don’t remember Panda?” – she try to remind me.

“Panda?” – I got confused.

“Yeah Panda, he is one of the best actor I have you know, and he is,,” – as she try to make remind me about him, I cut her line.



“Don’t tell me you forgot his name?” – I ask her with cold sweat.

“Ah of course not, he is,,ehmm,, Ah he is Panda.” – she answered trying covering the truth.

With cold sweat I look at her,

(Ah she is totally forgot his name. She always give people nickname from their role but she actually forgot their name in the same time.) – I thought.

“Oh but I do remember his class, you know. He is from Class 2-A, so go get him for me & See Ya.” – she said after kicking me outside from the Drama Club Room, and without giving any chance to say no, she is running away.


One of the reasons she was feared is once she decided on something, she wouldn’t listen to any other reason. The only choice you had is only do it for your own manuscript or it will be canceled. But that’s the more reason we love her, since she take our manuscript seriously.


Lunch Time, in front of Class 2-A.

Since I don’t have any friends in that class, this is little bit embarrassing, but what to do,

“Ehmmm, excuse me.” – as a girl with glasses & long black hair coming at me,

“Can I help you?” – she ask.

“Ah, yes. Thank you.” – I answered her.

“No problem. My name is Angela, the Class Representative of Class 2-A.” – She introduced herself.

“Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My Name is Echa from Class 2-C, nice to meet you.” – I introduced myself.

“Nice to meet you too. So, is there anything I can help?” – she ask casually.

“Almost forgot again, hhmmm. Sorry, but I’m looking for Panda.” – I realized almost forgot thing.

“Panda???” – she confused.

“Yes, Panda.” – confident.

“If you are looking for Panda, why you don’t look in the Zoo?” – she answered casually.

(As I thought, guess I can’t just randomly ask people that way. Hehehehe.) – I thought with cold sweat.

“Sorry about that, but are you from Drama Club? If so, can you describe him more, maybe I could help you.” – she guessing as giving advice.

“Ah, Yes. I’m from Drama Club, & sorry to tell you the truth, I actually don’t know much about him except his nickname. But, I need him to play his role as Panda in my manuscript.” – I explain to her.

“Panda is his nickname? Wait the minute, from the way you say everything, don’t tell me that were from President Sheila, that nickname.” – she guessing again.

“Yes. I’m Sorry.” – as I surprised with her guess, I also feel awkward.

“Nah don’t worry about it much, I just know how she is.” – she said with smile.


And so our conversation goes on, making me forgot the main reason I was going to that Class.


After School, in front of Class 2-A.


(In the end, I didn’t meet him, huh. And spend most of the time talking with Angela, she is a nice person to talk to, didn’t think that I actually become her friend.) – I thought happily,

(Though I forgot my real intention here, but how I can find him? Even I try to ask the other students, none of them are understand what I mean. Well it my fault to begin with, asking others with vague information, but don’t you think it was President fault. But thinking again, it is my fault that I don’t remember him even though President said we play together on stage. Maybe, if only I can remember his face, his eyes color, or his voice, at least.) – I thought as I talk to myself,

“Okey, one last time, I don’t think there is no one else inside the class but, better check it before I’m going home.” – I said as I decided thing.


And as I walk in front of the door, before my hand touch the handle, the door is opened from the inside.



As everything going so fast, I don’t know what is happened, all I know is I already at the ground,

“Ouch, ouch, ouch.” – I said while feeling pain.


“Hhhmmm, what I hitting on?” – confused,

As I open my eyes, I see a boy with black hair that bump me. All his book & papers is scattered on the floor.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I will help you to compile the book.” – I said with compile his book.

“………” – as he give me silent, he also helping to compile his book.

(No respond? Did he mad? Ah he also helps, but why he didn’t say anything. At least say sorry is good, you know.) – I thought.



As I help him to compile his book, I found something that similar with the scripts,

(Somehow this become awkward, why he so quiet. Ah is not this is the scripts from Drama Club 3 month ago? How he got this? Is he by any chance,) – I thought as I try to ask him in the eyes,

“Uhhmmm I’m sorry, are you by any chance Panda?” – I ask timidly.

He looking back at me,


(Wach our eyes are meet, but why he still not saying a single words, did he not understand what I talking about?) – I thought,

“Ah, I’m talking about these manuscripts you know. How did you have these? Are you playing as Panda, three month ago?” – I try to explain.

“…” – as he keep quiet, he looking for something.

(Ummm, still no respond at all. Did he even hear me? Or did he even remember, but I guess he remembered, since the manuscripts are here,) – I thought, as I try to get his attention by waving my hand in front of him,

“Hallo, are you listening to me?”

“…” – still quiet while looking for something.

I already lost my patience,

“Hay, don’t ignoring me, I’m talking to you! Hallo, earth to Panda, Earth to Panda.”


As I raise my voice little bit,

“Seriously, can you even say a single word? Halloooo, I’m talking to you! Are you a Deaf?” – I said with emotion as I realized what I said to him,

(Oops, I think said too much.) – I thought,

He took a pen, notepad & start writing something,

(Huh? What he writing?)

After he write on small Notepad, he give a paper where he write to me,

[I’m sorry, I’m not Deaf. I’m Mute.]


(Oh My God.) – as I surprised I couldn’t say a single word.

[But I’m figuring out that you don’t know sign language, so I don’t know how to answer you.]

(What am I saying?) – feeling bad.

[You talking so fast, I can’t write that fast.]


(I’m such an idiot. Why would I say that.) – I thought blamed myself for my own stupidity.


And suddenly a voice that I don’t recognize coming from my back,

“Hay brother, how long you gonna make me waiting? Mama will going to mad when we are late. Huh? Hay, are you alright?” – he said seeing both of us on the floor.

*Using sign language,*

<I’m fine. Sorry to make you waiting, I will come.>

As he standing up & then he giving me a hand to stand up without a word, & he giving me a notepad that saying,

[Sorry about the bump, & thanks for helping. I’m in hurry, sorry I must go. See ya.]


As he giving me this, he running together with the person who call him ‘Brother,’ maybe that person is actually his brother but,

(I’m the worst.) – I thought with feeling down, as I couldn’t move my lips, I’m still standing there, in front of his classroom.


I do understand how it feels to have a weakness. But still, I couldn’t bring myself together, not after I’m saying those cruel words to him.



As I regret my own action in silence,

That was how we actually meet, the one who have his own silence was not me, but him.




To be continue.

This story is fiction.
All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story

Resaid of Story Origin

Resaid of Story Origin

Resaid of Story Full logo


All is began from stars gazing. To seek stars that barely can be seen within the city. Where they hide, why they hide. Making all unnecessary question pop-up into my head. The sky was nothing but darkness, all is left are clouds & the moon.


The cold breeze of the night, move the clouds slowly, that give a calm feeling. The stars, I can see them now. So beautiful, so bright, yet it so far away. And another feeling is across.


The more I look at it, the more deeper it feel. It’s like watching the sky that never ending from the depth of the ocean. Never reach, can’t reach, but it opening everything in my head.


Calming the rage of lava that have been easily erupt, by earth & ocean. Learning to control anger & putting them under the minimum level is not that easy. Espesially for those who is grow with it.


My mind have been open, Logical trying to grow, & Emotional are dying.


This is my story, but the story from my story is not mine. Don’t you get it, this is my story, but not actually my life story. One of my teacher once told me, “You can make your life as a story not a diary, but you can’t make a story as your life.”


Maybe it because the resembling of my life story to some of the story that I writed. But this is not an “Untold Story” that need to be reveal, it’s just a story where the deepest stars lead & the way of each perspective I have to see this world.


To being told again, as the emotion trying to survive & ration trying to lead, that eventually being said again, & again & again. Only to become “Resaid of Story”.


The Story that being told once more,,



By; Resaid of Story

Story & Truth


Story & Truth


Don’t you know, every life tell a story,
(Apakah kau tidak tahu, setiap kehidupan menceritakan kisah,)
Either it fairy tale or it real one,
(Entah itu dongeng atau nyata,)
No one will wonder which one,
(Tidak ada yang akan heran yang mana,)
When you tell the truth,
(Ketika kau memberitahu kebenaran,)
And smile afterward.
(Dan tersenyum setelahnya.)


Don’t you know something,
(Apa kau tidak tahu sesuatu,)
That every person have own story,
(Bahwa setiap orang memiliki cerita sendiri,)
And from those story, they have one thing similar,
(Dan dari cerita mereka, mereka memiliki satu hal yang sama,)
“Untold sacrifices are never valued,
(“Pengorbanan yang tak diceritakan tidak pernah dihargai,)
And told sacrifices are never believe.”
(Dan pengorbanan yang diceritakan tidak pernah dipercaya.”)


You know it all the time,
(Kau tahu itu sepanjang waktu,)
Not every lie telling a lie,
(Tidak setiap kebohongan berbohong,)
Cause not all pain you have can be hidden.
(Menyebabkan tidak semua kepedihan yang kau miliki dapat disembunyikan.)
Not every truth telling the truth,
(Tidak setiap kebenaran mengatakan yang sebenarnya,)
Since there are also a truth that hurt.
(Karena ada juga kebenaran yang menyakitkan.)


Not all truth are mean being told,
(Tidak semua kebenaran yang berarti diberitahukan,)
Not all truth will ended good,
(Tidak semua kebenaran akan berakhir baik,)
And not all truth lead to peace.
(Dan tidak semua kebenaran mengarah ke perdamaian.)
Yet many people was ask for it,
(Namun banyak orang yang menanyakan hal itu,)
Till their ego reject every fact of it.
(Hingga ego mereka menolak setiap fakta itu.)


No one able change the truth,
(Tidak ada yang bisa merubah kenyataan,)
That hurt yourself, or even the others,
(Yang menyakiti dirimu sendiri, atau bahkan orang lain,)
It doesn’t matter how you try to reject them,
(Tidak peduli bagaimana kau mencoba untuk menolak mereka,)
Or it doesn’t matter if you are the only one who know,
(Atau tidak peduli jika kau adalah satu-satunya yang tahu,)
The truth will come without knocking, and change you.
(Kebenaran akan datang tanpa mengetuk, dan mengubahmu.)


Maybe that is how the story began,
(Mungkin itu adalah bagaimana cerita dimulai,)
Or that is how the story eventually begin.
(Atau itu adalah bagaimana cerita akhirnya dimulai.)
Each time the truth slapped you, ego are reaching,
(Setiap kali kebenaran menamparmu, ego yang mencapai,)
Each time the truth hurting you, you changed,
(Setiap kali kebenaran menyakitimu, kau berubah,)
And with day that passing, you become your own history.
(Dan dengan hari yang berlalu, kau menjadi sejarahmu sendiri.)


History that created from each your story,
(Sejarah yang dibuat dari setiap cerita mu,)
Each story that remain to be your origin,
(Setiap cerita yang tersisa menjadi asalmu,)
And each origin will bring in a meaning,
(Dan setiap asal usul akan membawa arti,)
Yet each meaning eventually changed,
(Namun setiap makna akhirnya berubah,)
Each time the story passing.
(Setiap kali cerita melewati.)


Passing to your precious friends that you can trust,
(Melewati teman-teman berhargamu yang dapat kau percaya,)
And believe that they never turn against you.
(Dan yakin bahwa mereka tidak pernah berbalik melawanmu.)
While each your friends trying to understand,
(Sementara setiap teman-temanmu mencoba untuk memahami,)
The one thing you let them to know,
(Satu hal yang kau membiarkan mereka tahu,)
Seem like many has fail to even listen, a single truth.
(Tampaknya banyak yang telah gagal bahkan mendengarkan, satu kebenaran.)


As result none of them truly understand,
(Sebagai akibatnya tidak satupun dari mereka benar-benar memahami,)
Well, how could they, when they don’t know the truth.
(Nah, bagaimana bisa mereka, ketika mereka tidak tahu yang sebenarnya.)
They only hear what suits them & listen only to respond,
(Mereka hanya mendengar apa yang cocok untuk mereka & mendengarkan hanya untuk menanggapi,)
But still judging you like they know everything.
(Tapi tetap menilaimu seperti mereka tahu segalanya.)
They do know everything, yet not every last truth.
(Mereka tahu segalanya, namun tidak setiap kebenaran terakhir.)


No one has the right to judge,
(Tidak ada yang memiliki hak untuk menghakimi,)
Because no one really know,
(Karena tidak ada yang benar-benar tahu,)
What you have been through.
(Apa yang kau telah lalui.)
They might have heard the stories,
(Mereka mungkin sudah mendengar cerita,)
But they didn’t feel what you felt in your heart.
(Tapi mereka tidak merasakan apa yang kau rasakan di dalam hatimu.)


Within the story always have story,
(Dalam cerita selalu memiliki cerita,)
There are not much difference on surface,
(Ada banyak perbedaan di permukaan,)
Yet which one is telling a lie,
(Namun mana yang berbohong,)
And which one is telling the truth,
(Dan mana yang mengatakan yang sebenarnya,)
Not much people can tell.
(Tidak banyak orang tahu.)


Whether it is just story telling,
(Apakah itu hanya story telling,)
Or it is what actually happen,
(Atau itu adalah apa yang sebenarnya terjadi,)
They just can’t open up the story,
(Mereka hanya tidak bisa membuka cerita,)
From unwritten diary & go to page 973,
(Dari diary tidak tertulis & pergi ke halaman 973,)
And think they know you.
(Dan berpikir mereka tahu kamu.)


Within the truth always have truth,
(Dalam kebenaran selalu memiliki kebenaran,)
There are a lot difference behind them,
(Ada banyak perbedaan di belakang mereka,)
Yet what make those truth was right & wrong,
(Namun apa yang membuat kebenaran yang benar & salah,)
When even within the light still darkness?
(Ketika bahkan dalam cahaya masih ada kegelapan?)
The answer is simple, like it or hate it.
(Jawabannya sederhana, suka atau benci.)


The biggest lesson we’ve learned this year,
(Pelajaran terbesar yang kita pelajari tahun ini,)
Is that no one is really ours friend,
(Adalah tidak ada yang benar-benar menjadi teman kita,)
Or truly loves us until they’ve seen,
(Atau benar-benar mengasihi kita sampai mereka melihat,)
Every dark shadow inside us,
(Setiap bayangan gelap di dalam diri kita,)
And stayed.
(Dan stayed.)


Yet in reality, many has leave behind,
(Namun dalam kenyataannya, banyak yang telah pergi,)
Disgust by every dark shadows that we called “truth.”
(Muak oleh setiap bayangan gelap yang kita sebut “kebenaran.”)
Of course you hate those kind of people,
(Tentu saja kau membenci jenis orang,)
who tell you that “you’ve changed,”
(yang mengatakan bahwa “kau sudah berubah,”)
When they never even knew you at all.
(Ketika mereka bahkan tidak pernah tahu kau sama sekali.)


Only telling a story, being called “liars,”
(Hanya menceritakan sebuah kisah, menjadi dipanggil “pembohong,”)
Only telling the truth, being called “disgusting,”
(Hanya mengatakan yang sebenarnya, menjadi dipanggil “menjijikkan,”)
Telling a story with the truth, being called “drama queen,”
(Menceritakan cerita dengan kebenaran, menjadi dipanggil “drama queen,”)
And telling a story with a lie, many has listening,
(Dan menceritakan cerita dengan kebohongan, banyak yang telah mendengarkan,)
Causing an imagination that they think, they know us better.
(Menyebabkan imajinasi yang mereka pikir, mereka tahu kita lebih baik.)


Every story holding a single truth,
(Setiap cerita memegang satu kebenaran,)
The truth that you let them know,
(Kebenaran bahwa kau membiarkan mereka tahu,)
And the truth you still keep for yourself.
(Dan kebenaran yang kau masih simpan untuk dirimu sendiri.)
Sometimes better to be Slapped with the truth,
(Terkadang lebih baik Ditampar dengan kebenaran,)
Than kissed with a lie.
(Dibanding dicium dengan kebohongan.)


Yet always prepare yourself for the worst scenario,
(Namun selalu persiapkan dirimu untuk skenario terburuk,)
Because the truth you going to tell not only could deepen the bond,
(Karena kebenaran yang kau akan beritahukan tidak hanya bisa memperdalam ikatan,)
But also could destroy it.
(Tapi juga bisa menghancurkannya.)



By: Resaid of Story