Resaid of Story Origin

Resaid of Story Origin

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All is began from stars gazing. To seek stars that barely can be seen within the city. Where they hide, why they hide. Making all unnecessary question pop-up into my head. The sky was nothing but darkness, all is left are clouds & the moon.


The cold breeze of the night, move the clouds slowly, that give a calm feeling. The stars, I can see them now. So beautiful, so bright, yet it so far away. And another feeling is across.


The more I look at it, the more deeper it feel. It’s like watching the sky that never ending from the depth of the ocean. Never reach, can’t reach, but it opening everything in my head.


Calming the rage of lava that have been easily erupt, by earth & ocean. Learning to control anger & putting them under the minimum level is not that easy. Espesially for those who is grow with it.


My mind have been open, Logical trying to grow, & Emotional are dying.


This is my story, but the story from my story is not mine. Don’t you get it, this is my story, but not actually my life story. One of my teacher once told me, “You can make your life as a story not a diary, but you can’t make a story as your life.”


Maybe it because the resembling of my life story to some of the story that I writed. But this is not an “Untold Story” that need to be reveal, it’s just a story where the deepest stars lead & the way of each perspective I have to see this world.


To being told again, as the emotion trying to survive & ration trying to lead, that eventually being said again, & again & again. Only to become “Resaid of Story”.


The Story that being told once more,,



By; Resaid of Story


Light on Darkness


Isn’t it Beautiful,
(Bukankah Indah,)
The Stars & the Moon,
(Bintang-bintang & Bulan,)
That filling the Sky,
(Yang mengisi Langit,)
Give their Light to us,
(Memberikan Cahaya mereka kepada kita,)
Even in this Dark Night.
(Walau di dalam Gelap Malam.)


Maybe that Beauty is just like you,
(Mungkin Keindahan yang same sepertimu,)
Or that was actually you,
(Atau itu memang dirimu,)
Who I see in that Night.
(Yang Aku lihat di Malam itu.)
When I Lost within my own dream,
(Disaat aku Tersesat didalam mimpiku sendiri,)
Where you Light the way for me.
(Dimana kau Menerangi jalan untukku.)


What I can do if I Love you,
(Apa yang bisa aku lakukan jika aku Mencintaimu,)
What I can do if I Miss you,
(Apa yang bisa aku lakukan jika aku Merindukanmu,)
What I can do if I try to Reach you,
(Apa yang bisa aku lakukan jika aku mencoba untuk Menggapaimu,)
While everything is going to End,
(Sementara semuanya akan Berakhir,)
Within this Darkness.
(Didalam Kegelapan ini.)


When the Clouds are coming,
(Ketika Awan datang,)
Hide all Stars & Moon,
(Menyembunyikan semua Bintang & Bulan,)
That filling our Sky,
(Yang mengisi Langit kita)
I could loss sight of you,
(Aku bisa kehilanganmu,)
Then what I should do.
(Lalu apa yang harus aku lakukan.)


I do Remember what you saying to me,
(Aku Ingat apa yang kau katakan kepadaku,)
That time when I Lost within my own dream,
(Waktu itu ketika aku Tersesat didalam mimpiku sendiri,)
My own Nightmare where I couldn’t find anybody,
(Mimpi Burukku dimana aku tidak bisa menemukan siapa pun,)
Beside Darkness that fill this Empty World,
(Selain Kegelapan yang mengisi Dunia Kosong ini,)
And myself who walk Alone.
(Dan diriku sendiri yang berjalan Sendirian.)


“Don’t be Mourn.”
(“Jangan Bersedih.”)
“If you can’t see me,
(“Jika kau tidak bisa melihatku,
You can see the Light on the City.”
(Kau bisa melihat Cahaya di Kota.”)
“And you can see me in there.”
(“Dan kau bisa melihatku di sana.”)
She said, with her Beautiful Smile.
(Katanya, dengan Senyum Indahnya.)


I ask to her,
(Aku bertanya padanya,)
“If the Darkness came,
(“Jika Kegelapan datang,)
The Fear & the Monsters,
(Ketakutan & Monster,)
Start to eat me slowly,
(Mulai memakanku perlahan-lahan,)
Will you leave me alone here?”
(Akankah dirimu meninggalkanku sendirian disini?”)


She Answer,
(Dia Menjawab,)
“Although the Darkness came,
(“Walaupun Kegelapan datang,)
Fear that eaten you slowly,
(Ketakutan yang memakanmu perlahan-lahan,)
And you still can’t see myself beside you,
(Dan kau masih tidak bisa melihat diriku disampingmu,)
You still can see Light from this World.”
(Kau masih bisa melihat Cahaya dari Dunia ini.”)


“My Soul is in this Light,
(“Jiwaku ada didalam Cahaya ini,)
If the Darkness come alongside with Fears,
(Jika Kegelapan datang bersama dengan Ketakutan,)
While I don’t have enough Time,
(Sementara aku tidak punya banyak Waktu,)
To protect the one I Love,
(Untuk melindungi yang aku Cintai,)
And to Live with you forever.”
(Dan untuk hidup bersamamu selamanya.“


“Maybe I’m being Selfish,
(“Mungkin aku Egois,)
When I want to Protect you,
(Ketika aku ingin Melindungimu,)
Seeing your Smile every days,
(Melihat Senyummu setiap hari,)
Without knowing you also has,
(Tanpa mengetahui kau juga memiliki,)
The same think as I do.”
(Pemikiran yang sama sepertiku.“)


“Do not worry,
(Jangan khawatir,)
I still Life within your Heart.”
(Aku masih Hidup didalam Hatimu.”)
“Light on your Heart,
(“Cahaya di Hatimu,)
Will Shine their Light,
(Akan Menyinarkan Cahayanya,)
When you getting far from me.”
(Ketika kau semakin jauh dariku.”)


“Darkness in your Heart,
(Kegelapan di dalam Hatimu,)
Will gone if you have Light on your Heart.”
(Akan hilang jika kau punya Cahaya di Hatimu.“)
“Although you Life in the Darkness,
(“Walaupun kau Hidup didalam Kegelapan,)
If you have Light on your Heart,”
(Jika kau punya Cahaya di Hatimu,”)
“They just like small snail within the Storms.”
(“Mereka hanya seperti siput kecil didalam Badai.”)


“So, Keep Live on & Move on,”
(Jadi, Keep Live on & Move on,“)
“For me, for yourself, & Hope that you still hold.”
(“Untukku, untuk dirimu sendiri, & Harapan yang masih kau pegang.”)
“I Love You.”

By: Resaid of Story