Between Nightmare & Fantasy

November 6, 2017, Between Nightmare & Fantasy.jpg

“Between Nightmare & Fantasy lie a Mystery,

Where you don’t even know when it Begin yet you seek the Ending.”


Many people seek a short-cut, question how to get up above, without considering to trying or even hard working. Even for life is the same way, you know when it begin, yet you seek the ending. if the ending you seek are being used as stepping to motivate yourself to reach that dream no one will complain. but if the ending you seek are trying to get there even without working hard, it will be questionable things.


Once Set a Goal


“once you set a Goal you need to Reach it, if you Fail seek the Reason why, & Learn from it.”


There is no point to set a goal if you don’t trying, even you failing, just seek the reason you fail, learn it & try again, and repeated.