Wondering of Deciding

December 11, 2017, Wondering of Deciding.jpg

“If you can Sing a Song,

what would you Sing along, I Wonder.

If you don’t have any Voice to Begin with,

what would you Sing on the Stage, I Wonder.

Each of Decision is always Begin from Wondering of What will happen after you Deciding.”


Fear are scary. Fear to loss, fear to make a mistake, & fear that they will hated you. Yet every fear must be overcome, we never know what will happen next since we only can guessing or predict from our thought. But what it come, let it come, either you face them & learn from it or just let it hit you hard & break you, either way you will face them anyway.



December 4, 2017, Remorse.jpg

“Glad we almost Made it,

Sad we had to Fake it,

Still my own Remorse.”


Did you understand those word? what is your goal on this years? did you accomplish any of it? Well? we are close to the end of the year, with that being said, you do really understand those words.

Stay Awake

November 19, 2017, Stay Awake.jpg

“Did you ever see yourself sleep within dream that dreaming about you watching yourself sleep.”


Looking at the reflection of the mirror is not weird at all, but it really awkward to seeing yourself sleeping in your dream that dreaming seeing himself sleep, & goes on. how do you feeling seeing that kind of dream?

Old friend or New friend

November 13, 2017, Old friend or New friend.jpg

“Old friends or New friends, if you’re there at my Darker Hour, you are My Best Friend.”


What is the point to have friends who is only coming at Brightest hour, making fun of her/his while what he need is support/help, & not understand a single things about you, even she/he ask you to understand them.

Between Nightmare & Fantasy

November 6, 2017, Between Nightmare & Fantasy.jpg

“Between Nightmare & Fantasy lie a Mystery,

Where you don’t even know when it Begin yet you seek the Ending.”


Many people seek a short-cut, question how to get up above, without considering to trying or even hard working. Even for life is the same way, you know when it begin, yet you seek the ending. if the ending you seek are being used as stepping to motivate yourself to reach that dream no one will complain. but if the ending you seek are trying to get there even without working hard, it will be questionable things.

As I am

October 30, 2017, As I am.jpg

“I Cursed as Hatred, I Keep as Anger, I Give as Trial, I Freeze as Pain, I See as Disappoint, I Watch as Hope, I Smile as Believe, I Fall as Step, I Lock as Waiting, and yet I still as I am,”


The best feeling you will ever had is, to stay true to who you are no matter what kind of storm that coming for you, and it’s more fun that way. If you fall just rise again, if you fail just try again, if you being betray just give them mid-finger & move on, be the way you & be true for who you are.