World of Gray

0260 World of Gray

“In the World where there is nothing but Gray, even the Light in the Darkness Sky will look the same. Yet somehow have different feeling from the real one.”


Everything still look the same even in different color, but there is also a time their color giving us another feeling that they shouldn’t have in their original color.


Just Different

Just Different.jpg

“You think I’m Bad?

No. I’m just Different.”


Some people said those words is just an excuse to be sarcastic, but don’t you know there is a time when whatever do is wrong for others. Well, we live not to pleasant others, we live our own life & seek happiness by our own way.  That’s Life.

Imitation of Friends

Imitation of Friends.jpg

“if you are led around by these Worthless Imitations of friends, it will be very Unpleasant.”


There is few people who live their life in freedom, just like a lone wolf, taking a decision without even need being led around by others. and there are some people who just being led by these worthless imitations of friends, led around with a decision that they even can’t take by themselves & as what they really wanted. the outer layer of your desire is one thing, but what did you really desire & fit on you are different matter. Why following other to become someone you are not, if you can become yourself. these few people only understand, are one of them? or you just the rest of them.

The Way to Die

Choice of the way to Die

“All living beings will die eventually, the question is ‘Will it End by your own hand or Will it End by fate.'”


Did you ever hear that ‘Death is Certain, but Time is Not.’ Even some people said Life is too short to take it serious all the time but, doesn’t mean you put every toxic that give you temporary happiness or calmness only to letting them to kill you slowly like a living hell. If fate say something, then all we can do is to be stronger, but when fate say nothing, poisoning yourself only for fun is just a stupid decision.

Coin of Love

February 26, 2018, Coin of Love.jpg

“Protecting & Hurting are like two different face on a single coin that’s called, Coin of Love.


Sometime there is a think that I really can’t understand, why a couple slap or hurting their partner for a simple mistake that can be compromise easily yet the one who got hurt apologize, where is love in there?

Simplest Decision

October 23, 2017, Simplest Decision Logical Sadist.jpg

“sometime the Simplest answer for each Decision with Logical mindset that eventually you took, is always being look as a Sadist answer.”


You do know there are a problem that take a short time to solve them but also there are a problem that take a long time to solved it.  The Simplest Decision is one way to have short-cut, it’s not idiotic at all when you took it from Logical mindset. rather than called them idiotic, it’s more likely Sadistic (Heartless).