Stronger Stay True

November 20, 2017, Stronger Stay True.jpg

“Be Stronger than Who you are,

Stay True as Who you are.”


In this kind of world where are living in, it’s not something that Impossible to become Stronger than Who you are, yet Stay True for Who you are, to precisely Down to Earth.


Simplest Decision

October 23, 2017, Simplest Decision Logical Sadist.jpg

“sometime the Simplest answer for each Decision with Logical mindset that eventually you took, is always being look as a Sadist answer.”


You do know there are a problem that take a short time to solve them but also there are a problem that take a long time to solved it.  The Simplest Decision is one way to have short-cut, it’s not idiotic at all when you took it from Logical mindset. rather than called them idiotic, it’s more likely Sadistic (Heartless).

All about Respect

August 28, 2017, All About Respect.jpg

“If all is about Respect,

Then why you act like As$hole.”


Sometime people keep asking for respect from the other, just because they are elder or even have higher status, but here is the problem. There so many people doing whatever they want after that Respect being given, making them loss respect to it. Respect is not something you can ask, Respect is given when you deserve it. You want it? then act like it.

Wasting Energy

August 21, 2017, Wasting Energy.jpg

“When people start to get tired while working, & become more quiet, sometimes they just think, ‘Talk is a Wasting Energy’.”


When fatigue are unavoidable but work are still much, some of people will try to distract themselves with something that interest them, but there are also some who still focus on their work, shut their own mouth to safe their energy & work quietly.

What You Have

July 31, 2017, What you Have(What your parent have is doesn't mean what you have, earning by your own is much satisfied than only being given.).jpg

“I’ve Nothing” is not always reference to Negative description, but it only Down to Earth,

since what you have is actually not from your own but your parent.”


What your parent have doesn’t mean what you have, what they give as present doesn’t mean you earned by your own. Just try to do something & earn things by your own, there will be a different feeling to it, and it much satisfied than only being given. Though, that’s the parent responsibility, being spoil is not the answer on this case.

Silent Voice

July 24, 2017, Silent Voice


“Silent Voice doesn’t mean Emotionless”


Sometime people make fun of those who are less & different or many of them are doing so. In  front of the door of underworld we’re all the same, what make different in living realm then? Is it funny to make fun of them? Without your knowing they have a harder life than anyone else, they do have a feeling, they do have emotion. Stop bullying them,  love them & support them to reach their dream, because we nothing less than a human. Don’t make it lower by making fun of them.

a Words

July 17, 2017, A Words.jpg

“a Word without Word but to be Word when it mean Words, yet a Words can mean nothing when it a Lie, but to hear the Truth, Word it can Change People Mind.”


With one or two words, it enough to break a relationship, friendship, or even family. Whether you lie to hide the truth or tell the truth to avoid misunderstand or even trying to build trust between them, the result will be the same all over again. Those who listen & understand your reason will take as your explanation. and those who not listen or going rampage will only take your reason as an excuse, that’s all.