Know the Difference: Love & Care

Know The Difference; Love & Care.jpg

“Each person are different,

for how they show their love & care.

But Hurting & Stealing their freedom is not one of them.

Know the different.”


there is many people obsessed, the good thing is they are not obsessed with drug, & the bad thing is they could steal your freedom from your life with a reason that they love you. It’s really not bad things at all to have someone who love you so much, but sometime when it goes too much, it could lead to different story. For example hurting you just because a little jealous, over-protecting that ended up badly, slapping you for small mistake even though you not married yet (it doesn’t mean it good after married, it still bad either way. (-_-)) to the point took your freedom to live the way you want to live, e.t.c., question, Where is love in there?


Limitless Possibility

Limitless Possibility.jpg

“The possibility are limited, when you Understand Nothing, you Listen to No One, and your Rage are on the Line.

Think straight and keep your Head cool.

Because that is how the Possibility become Limitless.”


It difficult to find an answer or even understand what your close friends or love one try to explain when all you do is mad.

The Next Thought

The Next Thought.jpg

“The Next  Thought About What I Thought is Something About My Thought.”


There is a lot of possibility how things work, every good possibility, every bad possibility, till the point thinking of what will happen next, trying to think from one of them will end up negatively, thinking from both good & bad possibility will take a lot of time & stress before even deciding things.

It’s good to have 1-3 step ahead, think 1-10 time before saying it, & ultimately take the best source of action out of it.

Not Diary but Story

Not Diary but Story

“To writing a story is easy, but to write a story that you would like to read over and over again, is difficult.

Not Diary, but Story.”


Writing story is easy, you can writing base on fantasy or your own experience, the question is, can that story be good enough for you to read by yourself over & over again or just make you embarrassing.

Bored with Relationship

Bored with Relationship.jpeg

“Relationship is not like belongings that you can throw when you grow Bored with it.”


Relationship is not tools, it’s not for fulfilling your lust, hurting them, throw them whenever you got bored with them, if that’s the way you love, then why you still wondering about your own action.