Live your Life

Live your Life.jpg

“Believe in Wonder, Love and Happiness!

Look Forward, no back! Do what you want to do and be proud of it

because you’re the only one who has to live your life.”


it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, how many relative that being nice to you, even how many stranger passing by, in the end you are the only one who live your life according your own accur,,no one else.


Ask to Believe

Ask to Believe.jpg

“You don’t need to ask others to believe you,

If they know you, they will.”


Sometime it difficult to explain things that so simple yet the person you try to explain to blocking their head with their own ego, asking them to believe in your words yet they didn’t listen to them, but the moment you let them alone, let them to assume whatever they want, the misunderstanding become worst, it such a pain. -_-

Zero Step

Zero Step.jpg

“Zero by Step, but Ultimately by My Heart. Trying to be myself, and at that moment I will be the best of Myself ever.”


Every step start from zero, no one start from the top, everyone start from the ground, climbing the mountain trying to reach at the top, not only to reach dream or goal, but also to be a better self than you are.

Main Character

0259 Main Character.jpg

“I may not the main character of this story, & I even not sure if I’m part of your life story, but one thing I can make sure about myself is, I am the main character of my own life story.”


Every person that come to our life is part of our life story, that is whether only passing by or just temporary stay, but even though they are part of our story, we are part of their life story too.

Gray Promise

0258 Gray Promise.jpg

“You may lose your color, & we may have the same fated like the others, but believe me when I say this to you, you are not alone, because I will be there, beside you.”


Once you found someone who love you, truly love you, it doesn’t matter what happen to you, what happen to her/him when they choose to stay beside you, and they will. Love them back the way they love you, because that is what it mean to have someone that truly love you & called “True Love”.

you can’t find “True Love” like you find a tools, you can’t choose “True Love” like you choose your shopping list, all you can do is to prove your love till the end, in sad or happiness, and that’s why it called “True Love”

Feeling Sorry

0257 Feeling Sorry.JPG

“There are no such as things as ‘it all my fault’ or ‘if I don’t do that,,’ and bla,, bla,, bla,, If you doing it by accident, & you feel sorry about it, then that’s fine isn’t it? Sometimes it better to feel sorry once & move on afterwards, rather than blaming yourself & putting burden on your own shoulder.”


Sometime when you can’t forgive yourself from the mistake you made to others, even though you already say sorry to them & they forgiven you, all you need to do is to find a way to forgive yourself, and move on.

In some circumstance, you will find it difficult to forgive yourself, but in many way more than one, that’s the only way to move forward.