The Way to Die

Choice of the way to Die

“All living beings will die eventually, the question is ‘Will it End by your own hand or Will it End by fate.'”


Did you ever hear that ‘Death is Certain, but Time is Not.’ Even some people said Life is too short to take it serious all the time but, doesn’t mean you put every toxic that give you temporary happiness or calmness only to letting them to kill you slowly like a living hell. If fate say something, then all we can do is to be stronger, but when fate say nothing, poisoning yourself only for fun is just a stupid decision.


Reason & Purpose

January 29, 2018, Reason and Purpose.jpg

“Life with a Reason or Life with a Purpose.

Which one is better, losing either Reason or Purpose always lead to the question “What next?”

Yet it much better if you have both “Reason & Purpose” to live your Life to the Fullest.”


It’s not easy to find or answer the question like ‘what your purpose to live?’. You may can find a lot of reason to live, yet each of them are a weak reason that can fade away easily. It difficult to find a strong reason to live & it really doesn’t matter to have one of them, but when those reason or purpose are accomplish, then what? There will be endless ending, when you have either Reason & Purpose in your life.


January 22, 2018, Next.jpg


“What is Next sometime is not the Next.”


Problem within your life, solution in every your decision to solve problem, & question of your life that never ending, everything is like liner. Each of them await to be able to slap you & seeing your reaction, sometime what is next is not the next at all, sometime it’s just a fabric or piece of what actually come to your life.

If you Don’t Believe

If you Dont believe.jpg

“If you don’t Believe me, please don’t bother yourself to Ask me. It’s only wasting of my Time.”


Before you ask a question that lead whether the answer is the truth or a lie, you can tell by their eyes. But it different matter when you don’t believe anyone, what is the point of questioning then?