Better than Nothing

Better than Nothing

“It’s True Sorry doesn’t change Anything, but it doesn’t mean Nothing, and better than Nothing.”


Words that already being spoken can’t be taking back, so you need to do something with your action, apologize is one of them, not because you are wrong or right, but because you know there is something important than your own ego.


What You Have

July 31, 2017, What you Have(What your parent have is doesn't mean what you have, earning by your own is much satisfied than only being given.).jpg

“I’ve Nothing” is not always reference to Negative description, but it only Down to Earth,

since what you have is actually not from your own but your parent.”


What your parent have doesn’t mean what you have, what they give as present doesn’t mean you earned by your own. Just try to do something & earn things by your own, there will be a different feeling to it, and it much satisfied than only being given. Though, that’s the parent responsibility, being spoil is not the answer on this case.