Reason & Purpose

January 29, 2018, Reason and Purpose.jpg

“Life with a Reason or Life with a Purpose.

Which one is better, losing either Reason or Purpose always lead to the question “What next?”

Yet it much better if you have both “Reason & Purpose” to live your Life to the Fullest.”


It’s not easy to find or answer the question like ‘what your purpose to live?’. You may can find a lot of reason to live, yet each of them are a weak reason that can fade away easily. It difficult to find a strong reason to live & it really doesn’t matter to have one of them, but when those reason or purpose are accomplish, then what? There will be endless ending, when you have either Reason & Purpose in your life.



January 22, 2018, Next.jpg


“What is Next sometime is not the Next.”


Problem within your life, solution in every your decision to solve problem, & question of your life that never ending, everything is like liner. Each of them await to be able to slap you & seeing your reaction, sometime what is next is not the next at all, sometime it’s just a fabric or piece of what actually come to your life.

Each Year Story

January 1, 2018, Story Each Years (Bunny 6).jpg

“Imagine that the whole years are just like a book with 365 page, 12 chapter & 2.628.000 words each chapter, what do you think? Every end of the years we close one book and open the new one in every beginning of the years.

Don’t you think it’s funny? To think the last thing you see in the last years was also the first think you see in the new year’s.”


Every ending is just the beginning. Did you ever hear that words before, each time we finish the day, another day coming afterward. Each time we solved problem, another problem come. Each time we reach our happiness, tear always following behind. It’s like they waiting for their turn. But either way, it will make you stronger than your past, & finally reach to the end,,only to begin the new one.

Most of Light

November 27, 2017, Most of Light

“Most of Light are Bright, but whether you used it at Daylight or at Night are different matter.”


Imagine that each of us is “Light”, light suppose to be bright. It difficult to be brighter at Daylight, & even more scary within the dark, that even your light will shivering alongside with your soul. That’s why we need to stand, that’s why we need to move forward, & that’s why we never give in. To face the days & reach our future.

Wondering of Deciding

December 11, 2017, Wondering of Deciding.jpg

“If you can Sing a Song,

what would you Sing along, I Wonder.

If you don’t have any Voice to Begin with,

what would you Sing on the Stage, I Wonder.

Each of Decision is always Begin from Wondering of What will happen after you Deciding.”


Fear are scary. Fear to loss, fear to make a mistake, & fear that they will hated you. Yet every fear must be overcome, we never know what will happen next since we only can guessing or predict from our thought. But what it come, let it come, either you face them & learn from it or just let it hit you hard & break you, either way you will face them anyway.

All about Respect

August 28, 2017, All About Respect.jpg

“If all is about Respect,

Then why you act like As$hole.”


Sometime people keep asking for respect from the other, just because they are elder or even have higher status, but here is the problem. There so many people doing whatever they want after that Respect being given, making them loss respect to it. Respect is not something you can ask, Respect is given when you deserve it. You want it? then act like it.