Wondering of Deciding

December 11, 2017, Wondering of Deciding.jpg

“If you can Sing a Song,

what would you Sing along, I Wonder.

If you don’t have any Voice to Begin with,

what would you Sing on the Stage, I Wonder.

Each of Decision is always Begin from Wondering of What will happen after you Deciding.”


Fear are scary. Fear to loss, fear to make a mistake, & fear that they will hated you. Yet every fear must be overcome, we never know what will happen next since we only can guessing or predict from our thought. But what it come, let it come, either you face them & learn from it or just let it hit you hard & break you, either way you will face them anyway.


All about Respect

August 28, 2017, All About Respect.jpg

“If all is about Respect,

Then why you act like As$hole.”


Sometime people keep asking for respect from the other, just because they are elder or even have higher status, but here is the problem. There so many people doing whatever they want after that Respect being given, making them loss respect to it. Respect is not something you can ask, Respect is given when you deserve it. You want it? then act like it.

Life is not Easy

August 7, 2017, Life is not Easy.jpg

“Life is not that Easy, It Never been Easy.”


No one said life is easy, well for those who are above everything seem easy, for those who are average they trying & working hard, and for those who are below, many of them barely survive in bitterness of life, every, single, day.

Appreciate every single things that pass by the day is not wrong, nothing wrong with that. Because in some place, in this world, there are some who don’t have things that you have, begging & survive with it while you just throwing out like it was nothing.



“Apology doesn’t mean that you were wrong, or the other person was right.
But, prolonging an awkward situation out of Stubbornness is just silly.”


Sometime you need to swallow your pride, your ego, or it doesn’t matter what it is really that holding you to apologize first.