Answer of Life

Answer of Life.jpg

“Return is easy as we write a word on paper,

Loose is easy as we throw away a paper,

But, to find “The Answer of Life” is hard as we write on water.”


Everytime we ask ourselves a ‘Question’ that lead to ‘Question of Life’, it always ended up with another question, every time we have a good question, the answer always missing, even we are looking for it desperately, & the moment you found the answer, either it was far too late or you just realized that you have no longer much time to life.


Talk about Journey

Talk About Journey.jpg

“Talk about Journey;

There are people who have so much journey in their life but they have very few experience.

There are also people who have less journey in their life but they have a lot of experience.

Sometime it’s not about how many journey you take, but it’s about how you take it, learn it, and see it from each journey you have & turn them as your step to go forward.”