Wondering of Deciding

December 11, 2017, Wondering of Deciding.jpg

“If you can Sing a Song,

what would you Sing along, I Wonder.

If you don’t have any Voice to Begin with,

what would you Sing on the Stage, I Wonder.

Each of Decision is always Begin from Wondering of What will happen after you Deciding.”


Fear are scary. Fear to loss, fear to make a mistake, & fear that they will hated you. Yet every fear must be overcome, we never know what will happen next since we only can guessing or predict from our thought. But what it come, let it come, either you face them & learn from it or just let it hit you hard & break you, either way you will face them anyway.


Once Set a Goal


“once you set a Goal you need to Reach it, if you Fail seek the Reason why, & Learn from it.”


There is no point to set a goal if you don’t trying, even you failing, just seek the reason you fail, learn it & try again, and repeated.