Just Different

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“You think I’m Bad?

No. I’m just Different.”


Some people said those words is just an excuse to be sarcastic, but don’t you know there is a time when whatever do is wrong for others. Well, we live not to pleasant others, we live our own life & seek happiness by our own way.  That’s Life.


The Way to Die

Choice of the way to Die

“All living beings will die eventually, the question is ‘Will it End by your own hand or Will it End by fate.'”


Did you ever hear that ‘Death is Certain, but Time is Not.’ Even some people said Life is too short to take it serious all the time but, doesn’t mean you put every toxic that give you temporary happiness or calmness only to letting them to kill you slowly like a living hell. If fate say something, then all we can do is to be stronger, but when fate say nothing, poisoning yourself only for fun is just a stupid decision.

Resaid of Story Origin

Resaid of Story Origin

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All is began from stars gazing. To seek stars that barely can be seen within the city. Where they hide, why they hide. Making all unnecessary question pop-up into my head. The sky was nothing but darkness, all is left are clouds & the moon.


The cold breeze of the night, move the clouds slowly, that give a calm feeling. The stars, I can see them now. So beautiful, so bright, yet it so far away. And another feeling is across.


The more I look at it, the more deeper it feel. It’s like watching the sky that never ending from the depth of the ocean. Never reach, can’t reach, but it opening everything in my head.


Calming the rage of lava that have been easily erupt, by earth & ocean. Learning to control anger & putting them under the minimum level is not that easy. Espesially for those who is grow with it.


My mind have been open, Logical trying to grow, & Emotional are dying.


This is my story, but the story from my story is not mine. Don’t you get it, this is my story, but not actually my life story. One of my teacher once told me, “You can make your life as a story not a diary, but you can’t make a story as your life.”


Maybe it because the resembling of my life story to some of the story that I writed. But this is not an “Untold Story” that need to be reveal, it’s just a story where the deepest stars lead & the way of each perspective I have to see this world.


To being told again, as the emotion trying to survive & ration trying to lead, that eventually being said again, & again & again. Only to become “Resaid of Story”.


The Story that being told once more,,



By; Resaid of Story





We live just like a Recording.
(Kita hidup seperti Rekaman.)
Always record everything.
(Selalu merekam segalanya.)
It doesn’t matter if it’s small think.
(Tidak peduli jika itu hal kecil.)
It doesn’t matter if it’s big think.
(Tidak peduli jika itu hal besar.)


Every records always be saved.
(Setiap rekaman selalu disimpan.)
We put Sweet & Good record,
(Kita menaruh rekaman Manis & Bagus,
In a good care.
(Dalam perawatan yang baik.)
But we put Worst & Bad record,
(Tapi kita menaruh rekaman Buruk & Jelek,)
In different way from care.
(Dalam cara yang berbeda dari perawatan.)


We always try to Recall the Memory,,
(Kita selalu mencoba untuk Mengingat Memory,,)
From someone that we hold so dear.
(Dari seseorang yang kita sangat sayang.)
But we always try to Throw the Memory,,
(Tapi kita selalu mencoba untuk Melempar Memory,,)
That Hurt the most.
(Yang paling Menyakitkan.)
And become Dream.
(Dan menjadi Mimpi.)


Every records are not the same.
(Setiap rekaman tidaklah sama.)
Yet, there is a possibility that might happen.
(Namun, disana ada kemungkinan itu bisa terjadi.)
Through a dream that called Nightmare.
(Melalui mimpi yang disebut Mimpi Buruk.)
Even Worst than a Blank Dream.
(Walau lebih Buruk daripada Mimpi Hampa.)


If it’s something you’re meant to forget, you will.
(Jika itu adalah sesuatu yang dimaksudkan untuk kau lupakan, kau akan.)
Without even thinking that you want to forget.
(Tanpa berfikir bahwa kau ingin melupakannya.)
Because the more time you think you want to forget,
(Karena semakin kau memikirkan ingin melupakan,)
The Stronger those Memories become.
(Semakin Kuat Memories tersebut.)


How to Respond,,
(Bagaimana Merespondnya,,)
How to Answer,,
(Bagaimana Menjawabnya,,)
And how to take those Memory as a Lesson itself,,
(Dan bagaimana mengambil Memori itu sebagai Pelajaran itu sendiri,,)
Will lead to Personality,,
(Akan mengarah ke Kepribadian,,)
That create what we’re now.
(Yang membuat kita seperti sekarang.)


by: Resaid of Story