Revenge Haunt


“you can do whatever you want to do,

except hurting the other,

beware that Revenge always Haunt.”


Bullying without reason, making fun for your own fun, & playing people while there are a ton of game. Not all people can forgive easily, not all people can forget what you doing. Success is one way to revenge but there is a time where they actually taking revenge on you.

Being yourself without bully is not something that difficult, isn’t?


Silent Voice

July 24, 2017, Silent Voice


“Silent Voice doesn’t mean Emotionless”


Sometime people make fun of those who are less & different or many of them are doing so. In  front of the door of underworld we’re all the same, what make different in living realm then? Is it funny to make fun of them? Without your knowing they have a harder life than anyone else, they do have a feeling, they do have emotion. Stop bullying them,  love them & support them to reach their dream, because we nothing less than a human. Don’t make it lower by making fun of them.