The Same Plate

September 4, 2017, The Same Plate.jpg

“Blaming someone without Prove is Rude,

but Blaming somebody without considering yourself,

just put thing as the same Plate.”


Did you ever being blamed for something that you don’t know about or mistake that you never did before, but they push you so far as far as making you look like the culprit behind it. Well, I can understand those things. Talking with someone who don’t believe on anyone but himself sometime is the same like talking to a wall. When you try to explain, it only being look as excuse & lie. while you try to put the truth on it, they don’t believe anything while blaming everything on you. Is that a wall you talking with or a windows that wanted to be thrown by stone. -_-


If you Don’t Believe

If you Dont believe.jpg

“If you don’t Believe me, please don’t bother yourself to Ask me. It’s only wasting of my Time.”


Before you ask a question that lead whether the answer is the truth or a lie, you can tell by their eyes. But it different matter when you don’t believe anyone, what is the point of questioning then?