Better than Nothing

Better than Nothing

“It’s True Sorry doesn’t change Anything, but it doesn’t mean Nothing, and better than Nothing.”


Words that already being spoken can’t be taking back, so you need to do something with your action, apologize is one of them, not because you are wrong or right, but because you know there is something important than your own ego.


Feeling Sorry

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“There are no such as things as ‘it all my fault’ or ‘if I don’t do that,,’ and bla,, bla,, bla,, If you doing it by accident, & you feel sorry about it, then that’s fine isn’t it? Sometimes it better to feel sorry once & move on afterwards, rather than blaming yourself & putting burden on your own shoulder.”


Sometime when you can’t forgive yourself from the mistake you made to others, even though you already say sorry to them & they forgiven you, all you need to do is to find a way to forgive yourself, and move on.

In some circumstance, you will find it difficult to forgive yourself, but in many way more than one, that’s the only way to move forward.

Say it Properly

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“there is always something I want to Say, Easy to Think but it Hard to Say it properly.”


Every single time you made a mistake or accidently hurt people feeling, there is only one thing to do, apologize or say ‘sorry’ to them. But even your mind thinking that way, sometime it very difficult to say it, and it got even harder by the time that passing by.

Love is not the only one that easy to think but difficult to say it properly.



“Apology doesn’t mean that you were wrong, or the other person was right.
But, prolonging an awkward situation out of Stubbornness is just silly.”


Sometime you need to swallow your pride, your ego, or it doesn’t matter what it is really that holding you to apologize first.