Logic Reality

Logic Reality.jpg

Just logical reality, when you rich, you forget down to earth,,

when you strong, you forget how is a feeling to be weak,,
when you’ve Girlfriend/Boyfriend, you forget who always beside you & support you,,,


Looking Down

Looking Down.jpg

“Don’t compare some point when you just trying looking down on your own friends”

This really happen when you look closely, at first comparing is just for motivate people who have low point to get high point,,but in reality some people do looking down upon them.

Show Love

Show Love.jpg

“To show love is easy,,

What make difficult is how to make them understand what we show them,,”

To Show love is Easy because there are so many way to do so,,
No Matter how big or how small what you gift or what you do for your lover, love doesn’t see from how big or how small it is,,

The most difficult think after that is, how to make them understand what we show,,because sometime when we show love to them, they don’t understand what we really show to them,,,

Excuse Reason

Excuse Reason.jpg

“An Excuse & a Reason have a Different meaning,,

But Somehow for some people they are the same,,”

An Excuse & A Reason are different words & also have different meaning,,

but for perfectionist people, people within anger, people within jealous, bad mood e.t.c, they are the same,,

even it little bit piss off for honest people who trying to explain think but they got ignored,,