you Changes

you Changes.jpg

“whether you Changed by your own Effort, or the World will Change you. either way, you Changes,”
You can’t feel or even realize it by your own, but other people also can’t just judging you whenever they like without even realizing their own change.
Maybe it small changes, but don’t be disappoint just because it small, since it much better than nothing, & believe me it will work well. ^_^

Author: resaidofstoryofficial

“As a simple Rational person I was like an ice crystals which stored in a small diamond box filled with water and locked, it long enough being locked so that the boxes become froze.” I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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