Blood that tell

Blood that tell.jpg

“Blood can’t tell who you are, but every respond you take will tell what you are.”

Some people telling what you are by your blood type, but that only the basic,,
Every time you solve a problem, you take a respond from it,,
and every respond you took will eventually change you.

will you be bad or will you be good, that actually depend on how you respond to a problem within your life. Choose wisely, and step forward.


Author: resaidofstoryofficial

“As a simple Rational person I was like an ice crystals which stored in a small diamond box filled with water and locked, it long enough being locked so that the boxes become froze.” I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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