Can you understand a Smile?

(Bisakah kau mengerti sebuah Senyuman?)

From somebody,,

(Dari seseorang,,)

From someone that you Love,,

(Dari seseorang yang kau Cintai,,)

That you Dear,,

(Yang kau Sayang,,)

And that you Care about.

(Dan yang kau Pedulikan.)

Do you understand a Smile,,?

(Apa kau mengerti sebuah Senyuman,,?)

That hided Sadness & Sorrow,,

(Yang menyembunyikan Kesedihan & Duka,,)

That hided Anger & Hatred,,

(Yang menyembunyikan Amarah & Kebencian,,)

That hided Confuse & Loneliness,,

(Yang menyembunyikan Kebingungan & Kesepian,,)

That hided Despair & Gloomy.

(Yang menyembunyikan Putus Asa & Suram.)

But also,,

(Tetapi juga,,)

Can you see a Difference from it,,

(Bisakah kau melihat Perbedaan dari itu,,)

A Difference that tell the Truth,,

(Perbedaan yang mengatakan Kebenaran,,)

Behind our Shadow,,

(Dibalik Bayangan kita,,)

That reflected by a mirror.

(Yang tercermin dari cermin.)

Like a Breeze that can’t be Touched,,

(Seperti Angin yang tidak dapat Disentuh,,)

Can be Feeling, but also can’t be see.

(Bisa Dirasakan, tapi juga tidak bisa dilihat.)

When I look up at the Sky,,

(Disaat aku melihat ke atas Langit,,)

A Breeze bring in the Leafs to Dance,,

(Angin membawa Dedaunan untuk Menari,,)

Getting strong and bring in the Rains,,

(Semakin kuat dan membawa Hujan,,)

Hoping they wash my Smile,,

(Berharap mereka membasuh Senyumanku,,)

Smile that hided a Broken-heart,,

(Senyuman yang menyembunyikan Patah Hati,,)

Smile that hided a Tears,,

(Senyuman yang menyembunyikan Air Mata,,)

Smile that hided a Guilty Feeling,,

(Senyuman yang menyembunyikan Rasa Bersalah,,)

And Smile that always you Admire.

(Dan Senyuman yang selalu kau Kagumi.)

When I was Small,,

(Disaat aku masih Kecil)

I Laughed less but there was Infinite hidden Happiness.

(Aku Tertawa sedikit tetapi ada Kebahagian tersembunyi yang Tak Terbatas.)

As I grew up I learn to Laugh a lot to hide the unspoken Sadness & Sorrow.

(Disaat aku tumbuh aku belajar untuk banyak Tertawa untuk menyembunyikan Kesedihan & Duka tak terucap.)

But it was a Mistake to let myself lost within it.

(Tapi itu Kesalahan untuk membiarkan diriku sendiri hilang didalamnya.)

Because Smile also can change Personality,,

(Karena Senyuman juga bisa mengubah Kepribadian,,)

Which changed the way we’re before,,

(Yang mengubah diri kita yang dulu,,)

Until this day.

(Hingga saat ini.)



By: Resaid of Story


Author: resaidofstoryofficial

This was about one of my hobby as Author, I like writing some Script that sometime I called as "Note" & some Quote when I have Inspiration. But now I have started to write a story that have been popup in my head, it’s not my life story, it’s just story within my head that I put into motion. “Resaid of Story” mean, words or story that being told from you for yourself without any related to your life story yet, it keep pushing you to move on & you willing to shared them. I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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