Here I am 3: a feeling


Here I am 3: a feeling


Here I am, asking to Myself “Who am I?”

(Disini Aku, mempertanyakan Diriku sendiri “Siapa aku?”)

Here I am, thought about something,,

(Disini Aku, memikirkan tentang sesuatu,,)

Something that I thought, someone who can sit above their loneliness & get their happiness when they alone or single is Strong,,,

(Sesuatu yang aku pikirkan, seseorang yang bisa duduk di atas kesepian mereka & mendapat kebahagian mereka sendiri or single itu Kuat,,,)

But here I am too, watching a sunset which come along with a cloudy Sky,,

(Tapi disini aku juga, melihat matahari terbenam bersamaan dengan Langit mendung,,)

And raindrops falling from the heaven, after it.

(Dan hujan jatuh dari surga, setelah itu.)

Everything wet because rain,,

(Semuanya basah karena hujan,,)

But not everything wet because of rain,,

(Tapi tidak semuanya basah karena hujan,,)

Because there is tears,,

(Karena ada air mata,,)

Tears that come because of Sadness & Sorrow,,

(Air mata yang datang karena Kesedihan & Duka,,)

Tears can be hide with a Smile, though.

(Walau, air mata bisa disembunyikan dengan Senyuman.)

Smile that hidden Sadness & Sorrow,,

(Senyuman yang menyembunyikan Kesedihan & Duka,,)

From within,,

(Dari dalam,,)

Deep inside the Heart.

(Jauh didalam Hati.)



When Teardrops fall along with rain, what will happen next?

(Disaat Air mata jatuh bersamaan dengan hujan, apa yang akan terjadi selanjutnya?”

Yet, a feeling from a Calmness Wind doesn’t want to answer that..

(Namun, perasaan dari Ketenangan Angin tidak mau menjawabnya..)

Even from a Shadow of rain, I still can’t Understand all of those feeling..

(Walau dari Bayangan hujan, aku masih tidak bisa Mengerti semua perasaan itu..)

A feeling that let me to falling into a hole, from my own Mistake,,

(Sebuah perasaan yang membiarkanku terjatuh kedalam lubang, dari Kesalahku sendiri,,)

A feeling that let me to Learn from every Mistake that I make before,,

(Sebuah perasaan yang membiarkanku untuk Belajar dari setiap Kesalahan yang aku buat sebelumnya)

A feeling that let me to choose my Path, from every Step that I make,,

(Sebuah perasaan yang membiarkanku untuk memilih Jalanku, dari setiap Langkah yang aku buat,,)

A feeling that let me to have Emotional within my Rational personality,,

(Sebuah perasaan yang membiarkanku untuk memiliki Emosional didalam kepribadian Rasionalku,,)

And a feeling that let me to Love someone who can’t Love me back..

(Dan sebuah perasaan yang membiarkanku untuk Mencintai seseorang yang tidak membalas Cintaku..)

But to Confess all of those feeling to the Sky,,

(Tapi untuk Menyatakan semua perasaan tersebut kepada Langit,,)

I don’t know, what kind of source I need.

(Aku tidak tau, sumber macam apakah yang aku butuhkan.)

I don’t know what the Future brings to me.

(Aku tidak tau apa yang Masa depan bawa untukku.)

That’s why I Live and Laugh in the Present!

(Itulah kenapa aku Hidup dan Tertawa di Masa kini!)

And here I am, still waiting here, under the Tree, under the Rain, and under the Moon,,

(Dan disinilah aku, masih menunggu disini, dibawah Pohon, dibawah Hujan, dan dibawah Bulan,,)

I was waiting for you,,

(Aku menunggumu,,)

I was waiting myself who asleep because of your Love,,

(Aku menunggu diriku yang tertidur karena Cintamu,,)

And I was waiting for Nothing.

(Dan aku menunggu untuk Nothing)

But, although like that,,

(Tapi, walaupun seperti itu,,)

I still Love you,,

(Aku masiih Mencintaimu,,)




By: Resaid of Story


Author: resaidofstoryofficial

This was about one of my hobby as Author, I like writing some Script that sometime I called as "Note" & some Quote when I have Inspiration. But now I have started to write a story that have been popup in my head, it’s not my life story, it’s just story within my head that I put into motion. “Resaid of Story” mean, words or story that being told from you for yourself without any related to your life story yet, it keep pushing you to move on & you willing to shared them. I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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