Colder than Flame, Warmer than Froze

Colder than Flame, Warmer than Froze


Need some deep thoughts to understand this,,

(Butuh beberapa pemikiran yang mendalam untuk memahami hal ini,,)

Need some time to know what it means,,

(Butuh beberapa waktu untuk mengetahui apa artinya,,)

Need a deep heart to find the answer within your heart..

(Butuh hati yang mendalam untuk menemukan jawabannya di dalam hatimu..)

This is what I am talking about,,

(Ini adalah apa yang saya bicarakan,,)

But I don’t think you can understand what I am talking about..

(Tapi saya tidak berpikir Anda dapat memahami apa yang saya bicarakan..)

Though it’s not what I am talking about..

(Meskipun itu bukan apa yang saya bicarakan..)

I’m still not stable at sleep,,

(Aku masih tidak stabil pada saat tidur,,)

Maybe I say good night at this time,,

(Mungkin aku mengucapkan selamat malam pada saat ini,,)

But for the truth I’ve not slept yet at that time,,

(Tapi untuk kebenarannya saya belum tidur pada saat itu,,)

I always fall asleep, and wake up at early morning,,

(Aku selalu tertidur, dan bangun pada pagi hari,,)

But when I am sleeping, I just dream about nightmare or worst of it was a void dream..

(Tapi ketika aku tidur, aku hanya bermimpi tentang mimpi buruk atau yang terburuk adalah mimpi hampa ..)

It is hard to have a dream which is like what you want when you fall asleep..

(Sulit untuk memiliki mimpi yang seperti apa yang Anda inginkan ketika Anda tertidur ..)

Although it is not about everything, but it is always about every thought to choose,,

(Meskipun tidak tentang segalanya, tetapi selalu tentang setiap pikiran untuk memilih,,)

And the thing will be taken by a thought.

(Dan hal tersebut akan diambil oleh pikiran.)

It doesn’t mean about everything or every thought,,

(Ini tidak berarti tentang segalanya atau setiap pikiran,,)

It is just about what thought will be taken by a thing.

(Ini hanya tentang apa yang dipikirkan akan diambil oleh suatu.)

Emotional personality or rational personality..

(Kepribadian emosional atau kepribadian rasional ..)

Which one do you take to be your personality,,

(Yang mana yang Anda ambil untuk menjadi kepribadian Anda,,)

Emotional personality is always warmer than ice (thinking with heart),,

(Kepribadian emosional selalu hangat daripada es (berpikir dengan hati),,)

Or rational personality is always colder than flame (thinking with logic/mind)..

(Atau kepribadian rasional selalu lebih dingin dari api (berpikir dengan logika / pikiran)..)



By: Resaid of Story


Author: resaidofstoryofficial

This was about one of my hobby as Author, I like writing some Script that sometime I called as "Note" & some Quote when I have Inspiration. But now I have started to write a story that have been popup in my head, it’s not my life story, it’s just story within my head that I put into motion. “Resaid of Story” mean, words or story that being told from you for yourself without any related to your life story yet, it keep pushing you to move on & you willing to shared them. I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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