Here I am


Here I am


Here I am where I stand,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku berdiri,,)

To see a calm cloud, a blue sky, & feel the air flow.

(Untuk melihat awan tenang, langit biru, & merasakan hembusan angin.)

Here I am where I watch,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku menonton,,)

To saw every creature on this world, especially someone like you.

(Untuk melihat setiap makhluk di dunia ini, terutama seseorang sepertimu.)

Here I am where I stared,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku memandang,,)

To searching something which make myself calm.

(Untuk mencari sesuatu yang membuat diriku tenang.)

Here I am where I think,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku berfikir,,)

To think every single step I take on this world.

(Untuk berfikir setiap langkah yang aku ambil di dunia ini.)

Here I am where I sit,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku duduk,,)

To muse every word I read, every event I watch, & everything I done.

(Untuk merenungkan setiap kata yang aku baca, setiap kejadian yang aku amati, & segalanya yang aku lakukan.)

And here I am where I sleep under the tree,,

(Dan disinilah aku dimana aku tidur dibawah pohon,,)

To dream every think about you, to feel you, & to have you as My Love.

(Untuk memimpikan setiap hal tentang kamu, untuk merasakanmu, & untuk memilikimu sebagai kekasihku.)



By; Resaid of Story


Author: resaidofstoryofficial

This was about one of my hobby as Author, I like writing some Script that sometime I called as "Note" & some Quote when I have Inspiration. But now I have started to write a story that have been popup in my head, it’s not my life story, it’s just story within my head that I put into motion. “Resaid of Story” mean, words or story that being told from you for yourself without any related to your life story yet, it keep pushing you to move on & you willing to shared them. I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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