Here I am


Here I am


Here I am where I stand,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku berdiri,,)

To see a calm cloud, a blue sky, & feel the air flow.

(Untuk melihat awan tenang, langit biru, & merasakan hembusan angin.)

Here I am where I watch,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku menonton,,)

To saw every creature on this world, especially someone like you.

(Untuk melihat setiap makhluk di dunia ini, terutama seseorang sepertimu.)

Here I am where I stared,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku memandang,,)

To searching something which make myself calm.

(Untuk mencari sesuatu yang membuat diriku tenang.)

Here I am where I think,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku berfikir,,)

To think every single step I take on this world.

(Untuk berfikir setiap langkah yang aku ambil di dunia ini.)

Here I am where I sit,,

(Disinilah aku dimana aku duduk,,)

To muse every word I read, every event I watch, & everything I done.

(Untuk merenungkan setiap kata yang aku baca, setiap kejadian yang aku amati, & segalanya yang aku lakukan.)

And here I am where I sleep under the tree,,

(Dan disinilah aku dimana aku tidur dibawah pohon,,)

To dream every think about you, to feel you, & to have you as My Love.

(Untuk memimpikan setiap hal tentang kamu, untuk merasakanmu, & untuk memilikimu sebagai kekasihku.)



By; Resaid of Story


Author: resaidofstoryofficial

“As a simple Rational person I was like an ice crystals which stored in a small diamond box filled with water and locked, it long enough being locked so that the boxes become froze.” I have many name, but most of the time my mother call me “Adreas”. My birthday is not one that can easy to remember, 9 day after Christmas eve & 2 day after new years, 1995. As such I have hobby to drawing & writing poem, using literature in small article & being complained by friends because talking like Philosophy, since then I start to write something like this.

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