Hang in There

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“What I see in your eyes is either fear or hope.

But I didn’t see both, what I see is only a person who accept a bitter truth & reality yet they still hang in there.”


There are various people that you can tell by look only that they don’t care about truth or reality, accepting truth but refusing reality, or just the opposite. Yet among them, you can tell that there is still few people who accepting both & yet they still have happiness surrounding them.


Sink into Ocean

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“,,fear is like a fish that sinking into the ocean, what they need is just a little swim to get to the surface.”


There are a lot of things that sometime it just standing right in front of you, yet you can’t see it until they slapped you when everything already too late. In various case, all what you need to do is, just a little push. Before it actually dragged you in the wrong way.


October 01, 2018, Irritating

“It’s normal for people to ignoring the World with Headphone, but trying to ignoring the World alongside with all those Laugh is Irritating.”


Do you ever think why some people try to ignored the World, for what reason they have, and how they feel. Sometime they just trying to survive, sometime they try to lift their burden even a little bit, & sometime they just want to stay inside their own world. Because laugh & being laugh at, have different feeling just those who bully other & their victim.

Answer of Life

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“Return is easy as we write a word on paper,

Loose is easy as we throw away a paper,

But, to find “The Answer of Life” is hard as we write on water.”


Everytime we ask ourselves a ‘Question’ that lead to ‘Question of Life’, it always ended up with another question, every time we have a good question, the answer always missing, even we are looking for it desperately, & the moment you found the answer, either it was far too late or you just realized that you have no longer much time to life.

Bunny Diary Chapter 14.1; Music

Bunny Diary Chapter 14.1; Music

Music. Many people love music, less dislike them. There are Pop, Rock, Hip hop, Jazz, Rap, & even Remix as their genres. But music doesn’t stop there, there are a lot more genres & music that are born & keeps evolving.


With music you can make yourself at eased, relax, & calm. With music you can relieved your emotions, share your tears, & sing along. Also, with music you can start over to move on, & keep the beats up to the point it’s part of you.


You can play the music with any kind of instrument, even if it’s not an instrument, any kind of tools that make noise would work the same. If you can find the rhythms & combine every noise just like you combine any tone into a single melody. Then you already can call them a music.


It’s just like a Piano, piano has 52 white keys and 36 black keys for a total of 88 keys, each key has their own tone, and each tone are different. Even so, when you find the rhythms & combine them, you can play the most beautiful melody on it.


(Narrator by Reanna)


Back to The Story.

As the time passed by, one week after Reanna, and the others visited Echa, she recovered from her fever. As on the day they are visited Echa, Sheila whose still busy with the Drama Clubs, Sheena whose busy helping her parents at the Restaurants, & Terra whose parents worried over her, choose to leave Echa house earlier than the other. Meanwhile Tilis choose to stay to watch over Echa & Reanna, if they try something funny when they are alone.


And as for Reanna herself, she chooses to stay, because Pao promise her that he would be the one who bring her down stairs & going home together, after he finish with his project.


With exciting to see the preparation for the Shows, she decided to go to the Drama Clubs before she actually going to her classroom.


Drama Clubs.

*Hoping to be The First*,

“Good Morning.” – Echa said as she opened the door slowly, but as she opens the door, she surprised by what she saw,


“Eh!!” – she surprised.

“Oh, Echa! You back! Glad to see you, then since you are here I can prepare that thing, & I should tell the others too.” – said one girl passing by Echa.

“Good Morning, Echa. Did you recover from you fever?” – asks one boy passing her while carrying big wallpaper.

“..Are you stupid, she won’t be here if were not recover from her fever, now move!” – said another boy helping him carrying big wallpaper.

“Hahaha, you are right, okey then, see you later, Echa.” – the first boy said.

“Hehehe, good morning, Echa. And we are sorry that we need to hurry, so, see ya. And don’t push yourself too much when you just recover.” – the second boy said as they going to opposite direction of the first girl that greeting Echa.


As Echa surprised by what she saw, suddenly a voice coming from behind her,

“I really don’t understand. Why you always standing the middle of the door? Do you really wish to be hit by someone on hurry that much? I mean, that is a good start for plots, but I don’t think it would be that romantic in real life, you know. Since it would be pain in the @ss & annoying to get hit by stranger who is in hurry.” – said a voice behind Echa being sarcastic.


“Eh!?” – as Echa surprised, she tries to look whose voices it is, since she recognized her voice perfectly,

“Vice-President Tilis!!!” – she said as she jumps hugging Tilis.

“Woah, there, be carefull, my hand is full here!” – Tilis said as lift up the papers she brings with her knowing that Echa would hugs her.


“I have been missing you, President Tilis!!” – Echa said as she hugs Tilis,


“Hmm, Vice-President, what is that?” – She asks as she saw the papers Tilis brings is similar like book.


“If you want to ask, would you like to let me go first perhaps, before I actually beat you.” – Tilis said as she looks down on her with scary eyes.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Ach, I’m sorry.” – Echa said stepping back, as she got scared,


“So, hmm, what is that, Vice-President Tilis?” – she asks.

“What do you think it’s look like?” – Tilis answered with another question.

“Hmm, it’s look like manuscripts? New Copy? For next shows, Vice-President Tilis?” – Echa said as she tries to guess.


“That is not how people guessing something, you know. What you do is more like a questioning more rather than seeking the answer.” – Tilis said little bit annoyed.


“Hehehe, so which one is the answer President Tilis?” – Echa said.

“Well, if you want to know the answer, why you don’t ask the one who write this?” – Tilis said with smile.


“Reanna is here?!” – Echa asks with big smile on her face.

“Yeah.” – Tilis answered.

“Woah, I miss her too, I will go to meet her now!!” – Echa said while trying to run.

But before she starts running, Tilis hold her up,

“Hey, where do you think you are going?” – Tilis asks with cold tone.


“Eh? To Reanna? Why?” – Echa asks as she turn around.

“Look, there is still more to be carried behind the door.” – Tilis said as she shows Echa what is behind the door.

“Oh, okey I will help, Vice-President Tilis.” – Echa said casually with smile running to take some stuff behind the door.

*Suddenly Shouting!!*,

“Woe!! Those who have their hand free!! Don’t you feel ashamed on yourself?! Looks!!! Even Enchi The Bunny, our stars, she just recovered from her fever yet she still doing her best to work hard!! And you called yourself member of Drama Clubs!!! Huh, Shame on you!!” – Tilis said suddenly shouting to everyone,


“Eh…?!?!” – Echa surprised with a sudden shout she heard from Tilis.

*Arrogance Tone*,

“If you truly are member of Drama Clubs, don’t you think you need to work as hard as her? We are chasing after the same dream, yet I wonder why there is only one person doing their best.” – Tilis said with looking down on them.


As Tilis said that, one by one, those who don’t have much to do, rushing to Echa direction while saying,

“Enchi, let us take them. You are the star, & we are the support, just like what Vice-President Tilis said, we need do our part more, so that you can focus on yours.” – Said one of girls that coming to take tools behind the door with smile.

“O-Okey.” – Echa said little bit surprised.


Few second later, after Vice-President Tilis giving them the direction for which tools going to which.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Vice-President Tilis, you did that on purpose aren’t you?” – Echa asks while she stands behind Tilis.


“I do.” – Tilis answered casually.


“……..” – Echa just sighing,

“And why would you do that, Vice-President? I’m fine, I already recovered, & I can still help little bit though.” – she said to Tilis.

“It’s not about whether you still can help, or you want to help, Enchi. The real issue is, sometimes you need others do their own things, so that you can focus on your own too.” – Tilis said while taking glance to Echa.


“Woah, I can’t believe the words you just say, Vice-President Tilis.” – Echa said little bit wondering.


“I will take that as a compliment.” – Tilis say little bit annoyed,

“Anyway, you said you want to go to Reanna, right? Then, shall we go together? Since it would be the perfect timing to explain this thing I carry for you.” – she said more.


As Tilis leading the way, she was being asked by the other member of Drama Clubs along the way, about custom, placing background, and the other stuff. Because of that, it took them several minutes to actually met Reanna.



“Woah, it been awhile seeing you being so busy, Vice-President.” – Echa said while following Tilis.

“Hmm, yeah, I feel that too, though if ask me whose fault is that, try ask our President.” – Tilis said with bored eyes.

*Dry Smile*,

“Hehehe, I guess.” – Echa said.

“There she is.” – Tilis said seeing Reanna busy giving instruction to the other member, but before she finishes her words, Echa running to Reanna direction.


“Reanna!!” – Echa shout while hugged Reanna.


“Oh,,! Enchi, you come today. Are you feeling better?” – Reanna said surprised being hugged by Echa from behind.


“Yeah, if I’m not, I won’t be here right?” – Echa said to Reanna.


“You are right.” – Reanna said with smile.


“By the way Reanna, how did you become the narrator again in this chapter?” – Echa asks with curious.

“Oh that, that is because currently the Author have been busy with his love life & his laptop damage. So, he need to buy a new one.” – Reanna said casually,

“And since this chapter was not in the plan, most properly will become the shortest story, & not to mention, he made me as narrator from now on.” – she said more.


“Woah, that is amazing, Reanna, though I’m not quite sure what you are talking about.” – Echa said straightforward.

*Cold Sweat*,

“(Giggle), if you don’t know, why you being amazed?” – Reanna said with smile.

“Hehehe” – Echa laugh.


As they want to continue their conversation, suddenly Tilis cut their conversation,

“I’m sorry for disturb your fun, but Reanna, can you explain what this extra manuscript is about like what you did last week to Echa?” – Tilis said while giving the extra manuscripts to Echa.


“Oh yeah, almost forgot about that, Reanna, what is this Extra manuscript?” – Echa asks,


“Wait, what? So, this is really an extra manuscript, Vice-President Tilis?” – she said as she just realized what Tilis said to her.


“It is Echa, though if you ask Tilis about it, she wouldn’t understand either.” – Reanna said with smile.


“Oh, O-Okay. But, why there are an extra manuscript, Reanna? I mean, we have the manuscripts already, right?” – Echa asks still confused.

“About that one, do you remember that we lost race with Track Clubs?” – Tilis asks Echa.

*Little bit Down*,

“Yes.” – Echa answered.

“And do you remember what gonna be happened if we lost?” – Tilis asks more casually.

*Little bit Down*,

“Yeah. But, I heard that Cecily decided to help & Reanna also told me that we won, since she to the finish line without being tagged.” – Echa said trying to convince herself.

As Reanna & Tilis looking at each other for a while, then Reanna said,

“In a way, yes. You won the race, but for Angela, lost mean lost, & win mean win. It doesn’t matter how you can lost or even how you win, the result for the game is all that matter to her.”

“But thanks to Pao, he talks to Angela about this problem, & as result, only Cecily could help, since in the eyes of Angela it’s her fault.” – Tilis said.


“I still don’t see any connection with this extra manuscript, Vice-President Tilis.” – Echa said confused.

“Oh that, that is my agreement with Pao.” – Reanna said with smile.


“Agreement? What kind of agreement?” – Echa become more confused.


“Well, the report for the game is faster than what you think, you know. So as a deal, I want to give you a random manuscript when you can’t fulfill the requirement. But Pao stop me, and he give me a suggestion.” – Reanna said trying to explain,

“His suggestion is simple, but always in interesting way of thinking. And that is how you get an extra manuscript, Enchi. More or less.” – She said with smiled.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Urgh, (I forgot what President Sheila & Vice-President Tilis told me, that if Reanna is not that easy.)” – Echa thought.


As Echa can’t complain much, she decides to look at the manuscripts that Tilis give to her, but the moment she opened the manuscript, she completely lose.


*Cold Sweat*,

“Umm, Reanna.” – Echa called.


“Yes, Enchi.” – Reanna answered.


“What do you mean by ‘Dancing’ & ‘Piano’?” – Echa asks looking at Reanna with confused.

“Hm, it’s exactly what is writing there, my dear.” – Reanna said with smile.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Is that the reason why there is a ‘Piano’ over there?” – Echa asks as she see the piano at the corner.

“Yups.” – Reanna answered casually.

*Little Panic*,

“So, you expect me to mimic the music while play the Piano or you want me to actually play the Piano, Reanna?” – Echa asks to be sure.


“I did like the latest one.” – Reanna said with smile.


“But I can’t play the Piano and,,” – As Echa trying to explain her question, Reanna already answer for her.

“That’s why I’m here, Enchi.” – Reanna said,

“I will be the one who going to teach you the piano, & as for dancing, she would be the one in charge to teach you.” – she said with smile as she pointed a person behind Echa.


“Eh!” – as Echa surprised she try to follow the direction where Reanna pointed,


“Cecily!?” – she surprised.


“Yo. Long time no see, Enchi.” – Cecily said with smile,

“Hmm, am I late on something? Looks like every important person gathering here today. Well except for him & Sheila herself.” – she said looking around.


“Not exactly, in fact you come at the right timing, Cecily.” – Reanna said with smile,

“Do you know where he is right now?” – she suddenly asks with serious face.

“Oh, he is with Angela. He said he will dealt with her alone.” – Cecily answered.


“I hoped.” – Reanna said.


“Uhmm, sorry to disturb the conversation but I’m still confused right now.” – Echa said with low tone,

*Little Panic*,

“I mean, Cecily is from Tracks Clubs, right? Not dance, how does that have any related to this. And, do we have enough time until I learn Piano?” – she asks panic.


“Looks like you misunderstand something, Echa.” – Reanna said with smile,

“She may from Tracks Clubs, but her mother is a teacher at dancing school. You can say, Cecily also learn everything from her mother.” – she said more.


“and that is the real reason why Reanna & Drama Clubs always want her to join us, though she always refused.” – Tilis said casually.


“Woah, I didn’t know that. Is that true?” – Echa asks.


“Well, I never intend to reveal or show off about that. So, yeah, that is that.” – Cecily said.

“♪And you don’t have to learn Piano, all you need to do is to learn one song only. That way it’s faster & easier for you. ♪” – Reanna said with melody.


“*Confused*, Eh??” – Echa surprised & confused.

“No complaint, we don’t have enough time now. Cecily lets began.” – Reanna said.


“Yeah.” – Cecily said as she grabs Echa hands,

“For started, you need to relax your body. Until you can dance, I will be your partner.” – she said more.

*Cold Sweat*,

“W-Wait, we start training now?!” – Echa asks.


“I told you, right. The Author is busy, & this chapter will be the shortest chapter in the story. Maybe. Probably. Perhaps, who know.” – Reanna said with ambiguous smile.


And with that, Reanna & Cecily giving Echa an extra training. On the first break-time, Cecily teach Echa how to dance like a proper lady. On the second break-time, Reanna teach Echa to play Piano. And after school, both teaching Echa & giving her advice to how she can learn faster.


As time pass by, 2 weeks later.



To be Continue on

Bunny Diary Chapter 14.5; Theatrum – Ghost Ship II; Dance of Red & Blue Masked



This story is fiction.

All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By: Resaid of Story

Quote Puzzle

Quote Puzzle.jpg

“Sometimes Quote is just like a different Piece of Puzzle that you can put together like a Poetry.”


I have a games, that often I played while I was writing, collecting some ‘Quotes’ with the same themes, putting them together just like a ‘Piece of Puzzle’ that in the end of line become ‘Poetry’. Just need some few words to putting in, to become a good ‘Poetry’ or sometime ended up become story instead. hahaha

Broken Heart

Broken Heart

“People said ‘there are butterfly in my stomach’ when they falling in love, but then why it painful in the heart to have ‘broken heart'”


It’s so great to falling in love, yet it so painful to have broken heart, the place where you feel it is also different,,whether you keep moving on or just bear with it to the rest of your life, it your choice,,