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“What is Next sometime is not the Next.”


Problem within your life, solution in every your decision to solve problem, & question of your life that never ending, everything is like liner. Each of them await to be able to slap you & seeing your reaction, sometime what is next is not the next at all, sometime it’s just a fabric or piece of what actually come to your life.


Bunny Diary Chapter 06; Lion & Wolf

Bunny Diary Chapter 06; Lion & Wolf

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Imagine that the whole years are just like a book, with 365 page, 12 chapter & 2.628.000 words each chapter, what do you think? Every end of the years we close one book and open the new one in every beginning of the years.


Don’t you think it’s funny? To think the last thing you see in the last years was also the first think you see in the new year’s.


What is your resolves in this year?


It been the same question over and over again, each years that passing by whether you like it or hate it. Either you wasting your time to whining & give up or you keep trying each years until eventually you reach your dream. It all your choice.


The question is only, whether you willing to do it or not.


Let’s go back to December 24th, 2004, 09:00 morning, Panda room.


As the light shine on the person in bed from the windows, he turn himself to the right side of his bed with his eyes still closed while saying,

“Good Morning, Brother.”


Few minute later.

Since there is no answer from his little brother, as he open his eyes to looking why he don’t get the answer, he see the bed from the other side of the wall is tidy,

“Brother!!!” – he said surprised that his brother not in his bed, he get up & accidently shouting.

Then a voice from a mature women can be hear from the outside of the room,

“Wolfy, if you already wake up, get yourself down.” – she shouting from the first floor.

“Yes Mom.” – he answered as he standing beside his bed because how shock he is, he found a notepad on Panda pillow that was supposed to mean for him.

[I’m going out, sorry I switch off the alarm clock.] – what is writing on the notepad.

With a expressionless eyes,

“Oouu, and thanks to you I’m wake up late, Brother.”


Little Note about Wolf-Boy & Panda, in every morning.

Every single morning, or rather every single time when Wolfrik say ‘Good Morning’ to Panda, he always throw the alarm Clock to Wolfrik face. Or at least something to throw at him, it doesn’t matter what it is. The reason is, Wolfrik will start scream, shout, or even repeat what he said when Panda do not respond Plus (+), he always waking Panda 2 hours before the time that already being set on the alarm clock.


As Wolfrik going out from his room, he walk to the direction of stairs. Panda room & his room are a single Roof Room with two bed that separate by the small table in the middle.


Hear the Wolfrik step going down from the third floor his Mother shout again,

“Wolfy, you better go shower. You not shower for 3 days, I will prepare breakfast for you.”


“Thanks Mom.” – he answered with little sleepy.


But the moment he step his foot on the first floor, the bell door ringing,

*Ding-Dong, The Bell Door Ringing.*

“Oh there is a guest coming,,,”

Before she finish her word,

“Don’t worry Mom, I got this.” – he said as he going to the door.

“Thanks, Dear.”

As he opening the door,

“No probl…..Ach,,you?? Why you are here?” – as Wolfrik surprised for the second time, he couldn’t finish his words properly and the reason he got so surprised is because the guest that coming is his girlfriend.

“Hey, is that the first think you saying to your girlfriend early in the morning??” – she said little bit annoy by Wolfrik reaction.

“S-Sorry Sheila, please come in, it must be cold outside.” – he letting her going in with cold sweat.

“Despite how rude your attitude toward me, you still care, huh?” – she said while going inside.

“What are you, saying something like that, An Old Lady?” – he said.

“Thanks you.” – she smile.

“Ah, You are welcome.” – he said with cold sweat.


The way she respond was not something to be surprised by Wolfrik that already get used to it. Since it’s Sheila principle to keep smile & say ‘Thanks you’ to whoever try to bully, rude or even mocking to her. But kindness or calmness is not the thing here, she always saying stuff like,


“Smile & be Happy in front of your enemy, it will burn them anyway.”


Laugh about something like that is not normal, but what to do, what she was saying is just right. Anger & Sadness just make your enemy happy, can’t blame the reality about it now.


As she chat with him, Wolfrik Mother that still in the kitchen ask,

“Wolfy, who is coming?” – she ask shouting.

But before Wolfrik could answer, Sheila already did,

“Aunty, it’s me. Sheila.” – as she try to going to the living room.

Two small children peeking from the living room door, as soon as they see Sheila going to their direction they shout,

“Wach! Everyone Run, Sheila The Lion is coming! The Lion is coming!” – they run & shout to warn the other.


“Hehe, you think you can run from me? I’m coming for you, Roar.” – she said while chasing the kids.

With bored eyes he watching how his girlfriend behavior,

“Seriously, why you are even here, Sheila.”

“Oh welcome, Shelly.” – greeting Wolfrik Mother to Sheila.

“Thanks Aunty.” – as she stop chasing the kids.

By the time Wolfrik going to the living room, 3 children are running to him,

“Good Morning, Wolfy Brother.” – they said together.

“Ah yes, Good morning for you too. Hhhmmm? 1, 2, 3,, only 3? Mom, where is everyone?” – Wolfrik ask by the time he realized that usually everyone will running toward him every morning.

With cooking,

“Don’t worry, your Father & Shelly Father are winning a free ticket to the Amusement Park, & right now they are having fun with them.” – his Mother explain.

“I’m more worried when those two old man are together. In the end of conversation is always talking about married.” –  he responded with cold sweat.


“Oh don’t worry, even so you don’t hate it right?” – Sheila said with smile at him.

“If you try to make fun of me, you already win the contest.” – he said little annoy.

“Hehehe, you are welcome, Darling.” – she said with smile.

“But, why Eric, Erin, Amy, & Chichi not coming with the other? And why you are even here?” – ask Wolfrik still wondering.

“Again with that question? Is it wrong for a girlfriend coming over to her boyfriend house?” – she ask back.

“Amy & Chichi want to help me with preparing the dinner tonight, as for Eric & Erin will coming along with you guys.” – explain Wolfrik Mother.

He getting more confused,

“What is with that plan? Is somebody coming tonight? And coming along? With whom? To where?”

Wolfrik Mother & Sheila looking each other, then Sheila look at him,

“Wolfy, did Panda not telling you anything?” – Ask Sheila.

“I don’t think she leave any note for,,,” – before he finish his word, he remember that Panda leave one notepad that he still holding in his hand.


As he take a look at Panda notepad again, he see that Panda writing something on the back too, as he turn the notepad there is a note that saying,

[I message Sheila to come over, study is good but you need to relax some time to time. Especially when you shut-in for over a month to study & make her worried. Also all member in Drama Club got her temper, already. Calm her down, I pray for your life.]


With little relieved & annoy from his message,

“Sorry to make you worried, Brother. Anyway where he is right now? Did he going to the Amusement Park too?” – ask him to Sheila.

“Nope, he going somewhere else.” – she said casually as she try to hide something.

“You know something, don’t you?” – he ask suspicious.

“Nope, I have no idea what you are saying.” – she said while looking at other direction.

“Okey, if you don’t want to tell me, there must be a reason, right? And so, where did you want to go?” – ask him.

“Before that, you need to go shower Wolfy. And finish your breakfast then you can go.” – complain his Mother looking at him still a mess.

“Oh I almost forgot. Aunty, Mom said she will coming over around 15:00 o’clock.” – Sheila said to Wolfrik Mother.

“Yeah, thanks for telling me that. Or actually it’s fine if you don’t tell me about it, because she already send me a message. Even though she is busy with her job, she always have a chance to give a message to her friends. You have a wonderful Mother, Shelly.” – Wolfrik Mother said with smile to her.

“I know.” – she answered with a big smile on her face.


And so, women conversation is began while waiting for Wolfrik & the children ready to go. Nobody know what they are talking about, even the children don’t understand. After Wolfrik finish his breakfast, they start to get going to their destination, the Mall.


Eric & Erin are the twin with different gender, they born in the Christmas Eve, that’s why they always wanting to watch the Big Christmas Tree inside the Mall Squire. They never wanting any present from other except watching Christmas Tree, you really don’t want to know their reason because even they doesn’t know why, they just want it.


For Sheila, she really doesn’t mind about it but, for Wolfrik it always become a little misunderstanding when he going out with his Girlfriend together with Eric & Erin.


In front of Ice Cream Store inside the Mall.

As Sheila standing with Erin that holding her right hand waiting for Wolfrik & Eric that buying some Ice Cream for them,

“Sorry to make you waiting.” – say Wolfrik with holding two Ice Cream following by Eric, “We’re Back.” – with two Extra Large Ice Cream too.

“What is with that Ice Cream, I thought you don’t have enough money to buy extra-large for them?” – Sheila surprised seeing the Ice Cream for those two.

“Here is yours Ice Cream. Well don’t worry about it, I got it for half price.” – giving Vanilla Ice Cream to Sheila.

“Thanks. But how you get the half price again?” – she still don’t get it.

“The Worker remember that this day is Eric & Erin birthday, and since we always visit this Store, they giving us a half price. Also,,” – Wolfrik little blush.

“Also what?” – Curious.


“Also they saying thing like, ‘Oh so you bring your Wife this time, good for you sir. Today we have a special event to give the customer who coming as Couple a discount, would you like to try it Sir?’ so basically they think that you are my Wife.” – he said with his face turn into red.

Happy hearing that Sheila embrace her left hand to him with smile,

“Oh come on, I know you are happy to know that people think that way about us.”

“Urgk.” – his face getting more red.


“Come, it is not the time to be embarrassed about small stuff. It’s our children birthday today, we can’t let it pass by just like that, right?” – she said while pulling his hand to walk around the mall.

“Please stop joking around.” – he said with expressionless face.


As they walking around the Big Christmas Tree, they keep holding hand each other, since it is crowded & not getting separated. To make both Eric & Erin able to see the Big Christmas Tree, Wolfrik carry Eric & Sheila carry Erin on their shoulder.


Around the Big Christmas Tree.

“Sorry, Sheila. I make you to do this with me.” – he said with feeling sorry.

“Nah, don’t worry about it Wolfy. I just take it as a lesson & learn from it for our family later on. And maybe, I adopt both Eric & Erin as our children, you don’t mind don’t you?” – she said with smile at him.


“What the?” – as he surprised hearing that, his face turn into red.


“What is? You should be lucky to have me until the rest of your life, Dear.” – giggle.

Remembering something,

“Yeah, I’m the luckiest man to have you right beside me. Until I remembering something about the first time we date.” – he said with cold sweat coming from his head.


“Hhhmmm, What happened?” – she try to remember.

“You don’t remember? It was like this,,,” – Wolfrik remind Sheila.


3 Years Ago, Inside the Orphan house.

*Sign Language.*

<Brother, you look happy today. After you really down yesterday, what happen?> – Panda ask with curious.

“Oh you notice?” – he said while smile at his phone.

<Well to be honest, you really creep me out by smiling at your phone the whole time. So, what happened?> – little bit scared.

“Hehehe, sorry about it. Oh yeah, something really good is happening today. Yesterday I just nervous to confess, but starting from today morning we are officially dating.” – with lovely dovey aura coming surrounding him.

<I don’t follow it. Confess? Dating? Who you dating with?> – Panda getting more confused & curious.

“Sheila. Our childhood friends, you remember her, right?” – try to explain.

Shock hearing that,

<You must be kidding me!> – Panda said with scared.


“What are you talking about, Brother?”

<Did you forgot already? She always try to put a girl clothes on me & Paola! And push us to play on stage with the rest of us.> – Panda said with fear by their traumatize.

“Eh? Sorry about it.” – he respond as he just remembering those accident.

<Now she is your girlfriend, she will use this opportunity to ask me to play in her club activity.> – Panda said with Cold Sweat.

“I’m really sorry about it, brother.” – he said feel bad about his Brother & Paola.

<<But as long as you are alright with her, & can make her happy, maybe I will be safe from her. And I’m Happy for you too, Brother.>> – said a voice from his phone with smile.

“I don’t know if I should say ‘Thanks you’ to you or what, with the way you saying right now. Oh please, keep it secret from Mother & Father, okey. I will tell them when the time is right.” – he said while whispering.

<I’m not the one you worried about, but Chichi & Paola that play with me is running to the living room, just now.> – he said with Straight Face.

“Oh damn, Pao. Why you didn’t say it sooner? And don’t say it with those ‘straight face’ it confusing.” – panic & try to chasing Chichi & Paola that run to tell Wolfrik Mother about it.


And so something similar happened within the whole week, starting with ‘You must be kidding me?’ and ended up with the reason why they are in shock. It’s not a jealous or something that look impossible, but it’s just their traumatic causing by her. Now their traumatic story become his story & his traumatic. How tragic.


Back to the present.

“Wolfy, did you listening to me? Wolfy!”

Realizing that he have been spacing out,

“Sorry I was spacing out in the middle of story, what you were saying again?”

“I said, how old is Eric & Erin?” – she ask with curious.

“Oh, about that. If I’m not wrong, Pao said they are 5th years old this years.” – try to remembering what his brother told him.

“So you don’t remember, huh?” – with bored eyes.

“Sorry, sorry, I can’t remember all of their birthday. It was Pao who always remind me about it. Ah talking about him, I think I see him passing by just now with a girl. Is that his girlfriend?” – looking back from the way he walk before.

As Sheila notice he want to looking for his brother, she pulling his hand back,

“Nope, let him have some fun will you. He already big, you don’t need to worry about him that much. Anyway, we need to bring Eric & Erin to home, they already fall asleep here.” – she said while pulling him.

Little bit down & worry,

“Yes, you are right.”


As he walk together with her, he letting go his worried & believe what she said to believe his brother will be alright.


Meanwhile, on the second floor of the mall, not far from the Big Christmas Tree, someone is watching Panda from the balcony. As everyone can see her long Black hair & White Scarf around her neck combined with her Black Coat is standing there, alone. No one dare to get close to her, no one dare to hitting her, or even ask for her number, no one. With her cold eyes, her glasses & stared are become one, as she put despise look with jealousy she said,

“Hhmmm, this will be Interesting. Don’t you think so, Panda.” – she said with Malicious Grin.


In the other hand, one week after The Christmas Eve, approximately 2 hours before The New Year’s come, Wolfrik stuck with Sheila, again.


In the New Year’s Festival.

With her hand clingy to him,


“So, why I’m stuck with you again, Shelly?” – he blushing.

“Hhhmmm, why you ask? Is not it pretty obvious, that because you are my boyfriend.” – she said while getting closer to him.

With his face turn into red because Sheila so close to him that he can feel her warm from his right hand,

“Arg, please stop that.” – he said with his face turn to red.


“Nope, I know you like it. I just wondering if nosebleed will come soon, hehehe.” – She said with smile,

“Anyway, you are so focus on study until you forgot to take a rest, everybody know about it.” – as Sheila say that, she little bit down because of worried.

“Yes, I’m sorry to make everyone worried over me. Especially you, I’m sorry.” – feel bad.

“I don’t need your ‘sorry’, I just want to know the reason why you are so focus on study. I know since we are a third-years, it is good to spend our time to study but, you are focus on something else besides study. What’s it? Maybe I can help you. You don’t need to burden it alone on your shoulder, Wolfy. You have me.” – say Sheila that look at his eyes to seek answer.

“Yeah, you are right. I can’t just lock myself without any explanation & make everyone worried even though they just try to help. I’m sorry, Sheila.” – he said while pat her head.

As she little bit annoy by Wolfrik habit which always been that way from the beginning she said,

“You should! So what is it that make you this way. Is it job interview with my father? Or something else.” – she ask.

“No. Maybe half of it, but no. I just need to catch up with him. You know all his story, right? That’s why you always make him as your superstars, so that he distracted from the truth. Thanks for taking care of my brother, Shelly.” – he smile at her.

“He’emd.” – she is nodding.


As they stop by & sit on the bench, under the tree they continue their talk,

“So, are you going to University? Or Going to work?” – with drinking her drink.

“I don’t think it’s as simple as that.” – he answered with serious.

“Why?” – Confused.

“Because it’s like a Cram Schools, but it’s actually University. They ask me to come at their place every weekdays, & there will be a test every months, though it already start from 6 month ago. It’s pretty nice of them, giving me money as long as I attend the class everyday. But in the same time, I can’t stay as it is, so I will have part-time job with both My Uncle & your Father, Shelly.” – Wolfrik try to explain.

With her eyes trying to understand, she ask,

“Are you really going?”

“I’m sorry. But yes, I will. They already giving me the exception to come along, so I can’t let this chance down easily. Are you gonna be alright when I’m gone?” – worried.

With her spirit she standing up & pointed her finger to him,

“Of course I’m not! But if you are going to give up halfway, I will gonna beat you up till dead, do you understand?”

“Huh, ah yes Ma’am.” – he said with scared

“Even I’ll be lonely here. If that is the only way, then I just need to work as hard as my Father, & reach the top like my Mother, right. So, just wait for me & I will come to you.” – she said with smile.


“Yeah, I will be waiting for you. Thanks, Shelly.” – he answered her smile.


With both of them smile to each other, time is flowing fast as The Fireworks is already start.


Wolfrik standing to stay beside Sheila & holding her hand, as she looking at him, he whispering,

“I really do love you, Happy New Year’s, Sheila.”

As she blushing & smiling at him,

“Yeah, I know.”


And so with those two holding each their feeling together, promise that mean to kept as it written on the new chapter that just began.


Even a Lion is just another kitten when they are in love. Even a Lone Wolf is just a lonely animal that need love. All can understand what it mean, the only problem are how they seeing things.


That’s the only thing that keep them together, & another thing that keep coming as they grow to love each other even more. For them everything is already clear, the only thing they need is just to step forward to which fate will bring to them, they never know.


As the story actually was mean for both of them, Panda become more & more mysterious. The more answer you seek, only question & conclusion that come to mind.



To be Continue.


This story is fiction.

All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story.

Wolf & Lion

January 15, 2018, Wolf & Lion (Bunny 6).jpg

“Even a Lion is just another Kitten when they are in Love.

Even a Lone  Wolf is just a Lonely Animal that need Love.

All can understand what it mean, the only problem are how they seeing thing.”


With love everything is acceptable, the difference, region, age, even the gender. Many doesn’t understand, many just laughing, yet they seek the same thing. Sometime all you need to understand is closed your eyes, ignored those who laugh, & listen for who they really are,,

Your Resolves

January 8, 2018, Your Resolves (Bunny 6).jpg

“What is your resolves in this year?

It been the same question over & ever again, each years that passing by whether you like it or hate it. Either you wasting your time to whining & give up or you keep trying each years until eventually you reach your dream.

It all your choice.”


Every single year we have something similar that called resolves, promise,  goal, or even the will to be accomplish on that year. Many people failed, some are trying their hard, & few actually reach those resolves. Either you whining & give up or you keep trying, it all up to you. but just remember, Death are certain, but the time is not. don’t let yourself regret.

Each Year Story

January 1, 2018, Story Each Years (Bunny 6).jpg

“Imagine that the whole years are just like a book with 365 page, 12 chapter & 2.628.000 words each chapter, what do you think? Every end of the years we close one book and open the new one in every beginning of the years.

Don’t you think it’s funny? To think the last thing you see in the last years was also the first think you see in the new year’s.”


Every ending is just the beginning. Did you ever hear that words before, each time we finish the day, another day coming afterward. Each time we solved problem, another problem come. Each time we reach our happiness, tear always following behind. It’s like they waiting for their turn. But either way, it will make you stronger than your past, & finally reach to the end,,only to begin the new one.

Most of Light

November 27, 2017, Most of Light

“Most of Light are Bright, but whether you used it at Daylight or at Night are different matter.”


Imagine that each of us is “Light”, light suppose to be bright. It difficult to be brighter at Daylight, & even more scary within the dark, that even your light will shivering alongside with your soul. That’s why we need to stand, that’s why we need to move forward, & that’s why we never give in. To face the days & reach our future.

I am Who I am to be

December 18, 2017, I am Who I am to be.jpg

“I’m not good like the other because I’m not the other, but I am is who I am to be.”


Sometime or even many time people comparing you with themselves that they think already perfect. Why bother to see a ant on other island if you can’t see elephant in front of you. Say this to those who comparing you, “I am who I am to be, I don’t need your opinion to be myself.”