Main Character

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“I may not the main character of this story, & I even not sure if I’m part of your life story, but one thing I can make sure about myself is, I am the main character of my own life story.”


Every person that come to our life is part of our life story, that is whether only passing by or just temporary stay, but even though they are part of our story, we are part of their life story too.


Gray Promise

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“You may lose your color, & we may have the same fated like the others, but believe me when I say this to you, you are not alone, because I will be there, beside you.”


Once you found someone who love you, truly love you, it doesn’t matter what happen to you, what happen to her/him when they choose to stay beside you, and they will. Love them back the way they love you, because that is what it mean to have someone that truly love you & called “True Love”.

you can’t find “True Love” like you find a tools, you can’t choose “True Love” like you choose your shopping list, all you can do is to prove your love till the end, in sad or happiness, and that’s why it called “True Love”

Bunny Diary Chapter 09; Color

Bunny Diary Chapter 09; Color

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Did you know some say color can define people personality, some say color can define people aura, & some say color can tell how lucky they are. Who know which one is right, but one thing for sure, color can tell us how beautiful things are. Even a rainbow is just a gray liner without their color.


It’s beautiful when we put a single decoration with variant color on it, & has different meaning or feeling for each person who looking on it. Color may can united people but, with color people also split, people fight, only because the difference between their color.


Imagine that the world has no color, what would happen then. It’s true that the world will still look the same without their color. But can you see the difference between the smile from someone you care or love, within the world without color & the original world.


The answer is pretty simple but had a meaning,

“In the world where there is nothing but gray, even the light in the darkness sky will look the same. Yet somehow have different feeling from the real one.”


For those who often doing stars gazing, staring at the sky, or even reading another person like a book. Surely they would understand this, when they start imagine the world without color. But this is not imaginary world, because some of us living in those kind of world even though we are living in the same world.


Story in Bunny Diary so far:

As Echa always play the role for others member manuscripts in drama club, she requested to Sheila the current President of Drama Clubs to play her own manuscripts once in a while. But to do so, she need a partner which was play the role with her before. Unfortunately, she had already forgotten his name, & not to mention Sheila the one who give her this task only mention his nickname in the Drama Clubs. Not name or even his classroom.


That would make everything more difficult to find him, & making people think that she was looking for the actual Panda. As she keeps trying, until that evening, after school & all club activity finish, she accidently bumping with a certain person that soon she learns he is Panda, the one she was looking for. But with her patient running out as he didn’t answer any question from her, she accidently throwing a rude words & got herself a shocking answer,

[I’m sorry, I’m not Deaf. I’m Mute.]


Afterward she put so much effort to apologize to him, even she makes a little mistake out of it, he still gladly helping her with her request. Together with Paola help, a second-years student with a super shy personality & timid body, that also a member of Drama Clubs that being drag by Sheila herself. With the help from Paola as voice actress behind the stage, & Panda lip sync as actor on the stage, the Show from Drama Clubs become successful. Soon, they got many request to play their Show on another school or even inside the Mall Center with specification that Panda play the role.


Few month later as Echa trying to give her gratitude to Panda, for helping her with her drama club activity even though he is not one of them. And on the end of that day, she realizes that she has been watching Panda too much the whole time, & before she knows it, she already fell for him.


But unexpected accident happened on Valentine’s Day, Panda being send to the hospital the day after he eat Echa obligation chocolates. No one explains for what happening to him, no one answer Echa question when she worried over him, & no one told her where he being hospitalized. Even Sheena, Panda ex-girlfriend that actually his step-cousin, told her to not worry. And another thing that she even can’t understand is, the reason why Sheena warn her to stay away from Angela.


Even until now, she still can’t understand the reason for Sheena warning about Angela.


4 Week after Sheena warning. Inside Drama Club room.

*Opening The door*,

“Good Morning everyone. Sorry I’m late.” – said Echa as she opening the door with little bit gloomy.

*Awkward Silence*,




As Echa confused by nobody has responds to her, one girl coming at her direction,

“Good morning, Echa.” – she said with smile,

“Now, now, it’s not the time for you to just standing around in front of the door. There is also a member that need to going in you know. Come follows me.” – she said as she grabs Echa hand to followed her.


“Mmm, did I miss something important?” – ask Echa looking around still confused with the awkward silence everyone do.

“Hhmmm? Not really, it just that we had a guest today. Early in the morning.” – answered her casually.

“It sound important, to me.” – Echa try to guess.

“Yeah. It so important that even she need to come here at 4 in the morning & had a meeting with President Sheila for at least 3 hours.” – she said casually as if nothing happen.


“Wait, what? Is not that too early even for school ground is still close at that hours!” – said Echa surprised.

“Well, maybe you are right. But the one which is caused this ‘awkwardly silence’ is the result of that meeting.”

*Cold Sweat*,

“Okey,, seem I can understand the reason of their silence & how important the results of that meeting but, can you put little efforts on your words, Vice-President?” – Echa asks.

“Nope. Why would I do that?” – she asked while taking glances on Echa.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Because it sounds like you don’t care at all, Vice-President.”

“Well,,, that is because I really don’t give a ‘damn’ thing about her. It her own fault anyway. So, any other questions?” – she asks casually with smile.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Ark,, No.” – said Echa scared.

“Good. Now before I send you to her, I did like you to help me with this paper, & this, & this,” – she said as she put a lot of paper continuously on both of Echa hand.

“Hmm, Vice-President, don’t you think this is little bit too much for me alone?” – Echa asks as her face is covered by papers.

“Mmm, don’t complaints. You are the one who said that there are no other questions, right? So please just ‘Shut your mouth’ or I give you more papers.” – she said with smile,

“Anyway I also got my hand full here, so don’t complaints. Come on, follow me. There are a lot of work to do, I can’t be doing it alone with everyone spacing out like this.” – she said casually while leading the way.


For small notice, the second-year student Vice-President of Drama Club name is Tiris, she is from Class B. She is not much different than President Sheila herself, but actually she seen President Sheila as her rival. That is the truth, and another truth is, although she is so cute & beautiful, her mouth is foul. She can say such a fouled word with such beautiful smile, whether she is happy or pissed off no one can tell which mask she put on.


15 minutes later.

*Huft, huft*,

“O-okey, this is the last one.” – said Echa tired.

“Thanks, my dear. You can just put there where the other is, I will sort out by myself later on.” – said Tiris while she arranges the other papers on the table,

“Are you okey, Echa?” – asks Tiris suddenly looking at how tired Echa is.


“Arg! Yeah,,” – answered Echa surprised with Tiris question.


“We just do 60 laps around to brings all this papers, I didn’t think it enough to make you this tired, though.” – said Tiris,

“You need to do more exercise, my dear. Don’t let a single weakness stopped you even from trying.” – said Tiris while glancing at Echa.

“hehehe, I will try, Vice-President. Thanks.” – said Echa with smile.

*Bored eyes*,

“Oh by the way, President Sheila was waiting for you in that corner. She uses our curtains as a wall to make a room for herself.” – Tiris said as she pointed her finger to the corner beside the windows.


“Eh? There? Alone? Why she is there?” – asks Echa confused.

“I already told you, right? That ‘B*tch’ dig her own grave, now she must take the consequence of her actions with others club member, including you & me.” – Tiris said with annoying tone & annoyed eyes but her face doesn’t give any of that emotion.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Vice-President, can I ask you something?” – asks Echa.

“What is? I’m little bit busy here, I need to go somewhere else this noon.” – said Tiris with arranges the papers.

*Cold Sweat*,

“It’s nothing that important but, what is with that black mist coming out from President Sheila curtains?” – asks Echa with pointed to the corner.

“Oh that, that is depression aura from President Sheila who is depress beyond my help.” – Said Tiris casually.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Vice-President, C-can you at least put an emotion to your words?” – said Echa while looking at Tiris.

“What a pain, just go already. She waiting for you, you know.” – said her with annoyed eyes.


As Tiris said that, Echa immediately going to the corner where President Sheila waiting for her.

“Excuse my pardon, President Sheila, are you alright?” – asks Echa as she coming in while opening the curtains.


“O-oh,, guess who is finally coming?” – Sheila said as her head lying on the desk.

*Cold Sweat*,

(Oh No!! This is President Sheila depress version, how I can handle this?!?!) – Echa thought,

“Hehe,, I’m sorry President Sheila, I’m late.” – Ehca said with smile.

“Nah,, it’s okey. Tiris said that she asked you to do some errand on the way to Club meeting.  I mean, someone as good as you wouldn’t be possible to be late, are not you? You love the Drama Club, are not you?” and , , , ” – and so Sheila keep talking with her depressions eyes.

*Cold Sweat*,

(Woah,,, I should deal with all of this, alone? I never see President this sad, how am I supposed to dealt with her?) – Echa thought as she put a smile face.

“Say Enchi, do you like Drama Club?” – Sheila ask suddenly.

“Yeah. I love Drama Club so much. I meet various person that I would never meet if I were not here. Despite my weakness, this place is where I found my strength. So, I’m grateful that I’m being allowed to join this club & even letting me to play many kind of manuscripts. Everyone doing their best, so I will do my best too on my part.” – said Echa with smile.


“Hhmmm, I’m must be lucky to have member like you, Enchi. Thanks you.” – said Sheila with a little smile,

“You must be already knowing that you can going to ‘Literature University’, being artist, or even become the producer of movie by joining our club, right Enchi?” – ask Sheila with serious tone while she lift up her head from the desk.


“But that kind of things happen only if you had a chance or your role is good enough to impress them. Ever since our Drama Club is the only dominant club in our school, & we even play our show outside the school ground, that chance is given to us so often. Even it pushes us to the point that we need to rejects some of their request.”


“President Sheila?” – Echa confused as Sheila keep talking with serious & deep tone.


“Oh sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to scared you.” – she said with smiled,

“But, you already know right? About the guest today early in the morning?”


“Yes. Vice-President Tilis already inform me about that, but she doesn’t tell me the result of that meeting.”


“Hahaha, it seems her sadistic side are no limit, huh? She never chooses sides, that is what I like from her.” – Sheila said with little laugh,

“To tell you the truth, actually the result of that meeting is granting everyone dream, except for Tilis, of course.” – Sheila said suddenly with serious tones.


“What do you mean, President Sheila?”

“What I mean is exactly what I said. Do you know who is our guest today morning? It was the first daughter of Grand Mall owner. She is one of famous Movie Director & also Principal of Literature University. ”


“Eh?! Really?!?!?!?”

“Yeah. She said she will give us a scholarships & also will be accepted as a student in her University.”



“But before that, she wishes for us to play one shows as sequel & she will have documented our activities too.”


“Oh really? And which shows she want us to play, President?”

*Suddenly Depressed*,

“Ghost Ship; Lonely Girl.” – said Sheila as her tone getting more low.


“Eh?! Ghost Ship?!!”

“Yes. Do you remember whose manuscript it was?”

“If I’m not wrong, it was Paola manuscript, right?” – said Echa trying to remember.

“Yeah. And you know what is happened next, right?”


As Echa hear that words from Sheila, she remembers things that happened recently & had a huge impact to the Drama Clubs. Paola decide to quit from the Drama Clubs. Of course everyone understands her reason, it was no other than Panda himself. After she learn that Panda being hospitalized & won’t coming back for a while, she decides to quit.


Because of that, Drama Clubs forced to refused many request to perform their shows in another school. Since many of the request itself are related to Panda & Paola. There is also a little fight between President & Vice-President, perhaps both of them doing the same things for the Drama Clubs benefit, but they have a really big difference between them.


While President Sheila like to force people to play the role who she thinks is good & actually they are good, Vice-President Tilis always reconsider others feeling before she asks & think thoroughly for what will happened in the near future. But in the same time, Vice-President Tilis always try to keep the Drama Clubs member under control, meanwhile President Sheila give them a freedom to choose whether they want to stay or leave the Drama Clubs.



“You know Enchi, Tilis said if I had not forced Panda & Paola to play their role this would never happened, & if I tell our guest the truth, this kind of chains reaction would never happen.” – Sheila said with depress,

“I think what she said was right, if only I would listen to her more.”

“President.” – said Echa with worried,

(President, she looks sad, she is usually the one who always cheer us whenever one of us down, but this time when it’s her turn, we’re helpless.) – Echa thought.

“Well, what I can do Enchi,, everyone dream are on stated, I may looks selfish by agreeing with her without Paola permission, but,,”

“P-President Sheila, if there is anything I can do to help, I would gladly to do it. As you always said there would be nothing happen if we do nothing.” – said Echa trying to cheer her.


“Thanks, Enchi. But there is really nothing you c-,,,” – before she finish her words she realized something,

“You are right, there would be nothing if I do nothing. If Paola decide to quit, then we just need to ask her to coming back, or at least asks her to help us & we can promise that this would be the last time we ask her.” – she said,

“Thanks you for your advice Enchi, & this would be a selfish request of mine, but can you convince Paola to do it once more?” – asks Sheila looking at Echa like it was nothing happen before.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Y-yeah, I’m happy to be able to help you, President. But, the sudden change between when you depress & when you have a selfish request as if it was nothing happen before, it really remind me of Vice-President Tilis. I mean, why me?” – asks Echa little confused.


“Well that is because you are also the main character in her manuscript beside Panda, of course.”

“E-eh, yeah you right. But still, I don’t really know where she is right now. When I try to convince her to come back the day after she quit, she was absent. Even until today she is not coming to school, yet. And I don’t know where she is living too.” – said Echa complain.


“Oh about that, I just call Wolfrik & he said Paola currently doing Hanami ‘Sakura Viewing’ with her Big Sister & Panda too.” – said Sheila casually after she ended her call.

*Cold Sweat*,

(Her respond is as fast as always once she decides on something, huh? Look like President Sheila back to normal.) – Echa thought with bored eyes,


“Wait, what?! With Panda?” – asks Echa surprised.

“Yeah, officially he checks out from the hospital today. But he will start school next week. You don’t know about that?” – Sheila asks,

“And here I thought you already know about it.” – wondered,

“Alright, how about you go seeing him, right now?” – said Sheila with smile.


“Eh?! Now??”

“Yeah, there is not much to do anyway. And while you ask Paola for our little favor you can see ‘Him’ too, two reason in a single way, don’t you think?” – said Sheila with grinning,

“You don’t need to worry about us, just go. I will make few preparations for when everything goes well, & ask the rest to help Tilis, since she have been in her bitchy mood today.” – she said,


“Well, can’t blamed her since she is the one who handle everything when I’m out and,,, today she had another plan besides sorting piles of manuscripts,,” – Sheila said with bored eyes.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Perhaps the second one may be the reasons she is like that, President Sheila.” – Echa said looking where their conversation goes.

“Hahaha,, she have been like that ever since she join us, Enchi. So there is nothing wrong with it, she does what she does, & I do what I do, right?”

*Cold Sweat*,

“There is obviously many things are wrong over there,”

“Hahaha, don’t sweat it, relax, Now just go, get our manuscripts & our star, go go,,” – Sheila said while pushing Echa out from her special room.

“E-Eh now?! But I still have class, President Sheila?”


“Hehe, don’t worry, many teachers absent today, so most of the time would be ‘self-study’, good luck.” – she said with waving her hand,

“And don’t come back until you got him, okey.” – shout her.


“Wait, what?” – Echa surprised from afar.



“In the end you send her out, huh?” – a voice coming from behind Sheila.


“What do you mean, Tilis?”

“You do know the reason ‘He’ care to her, & you obviously know the reason why ‘She’ care to him. It may sound similar like ‘Her’ but there is a big gap between them, do not make more victims than it already has.” – Tilis said with serious voice.


“Is that a threat?”

“No. Just an advice from your Vice-President.” – Tilis said while turn around.


“Hehe, I know I can leave that kind of thing to you,,,”

“Here.” – said Tilis before Sheila finish with her words & handed some manuscripts instead.


“Eh?!?! What is this?” – surprised.

*Malicious Smile*,

“You said it by yourself, right? That you will prepare few things & helping me out before you could leave.”

“Wait, you were listening?”

*Innocent Smile*,

“Of course.”


“Oh come on! Give me a break! And don’t give me that kind of smile after your ‘malicious smile’! It creepy me out!” – Sheila got annoyed.


And so, as the Drama Clubs President back from her gloomy room (pushed by her Vice-President), they prepared what they can prepared for the next shows. Whether the answer is yes or not, at the very least they are trying. Even though each of them has own reason to be depress, that doesn’t mean doing nothing would change a thing.


Meanwhile at Hanami Park, the place where Sheila told Echa to find Paola.

(Mmm, so this is where he does Sakura viewing, it quite far away from my house, but it pretty close by the hospital center. I wonder if I can come to here with Big Sister next time, it only takes 20 minutes with the train anyway.) – Echa thought in front of Hanami Park gate,

“Now that I’m here, I need to find him. This will be a little difficult with this many people around.” – she said to herself.


[P.S. – Hanami (flower viewing) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers; flowers (“hana”) are in this case almost always referring to those of the cherry (“sakura”) or, less frequently, plum (“ume”) trees. From the end of March to early May, cherry trees bloom all over Japan, and around the first of February on the island of Okinawa. The blossom forecast (sakura-zensen) “cherry blossom front” is announced each year by the weather bureau, and is watched carefully by those planning hanami as the blossoms only last a week or two. In modern-day Japan, hanami mostly consists of having an outdoor party beneath the sakura during daytime or at night.]


As she going inside, she began her search, to look around, to find Paola & Panda. But few minutes after she began her search, she just realized how big it is the Hanami Park,

*Cold Sweat*,

“Wow, how I can find her with this much crowd?” – she asks to herself with cold sweat,

“?!?!?!” – she remembers something,

(If I’m not mistake, Paola is a shy person, & she would always go behind Panda even when she goes outside. So, isn’t that mean they will try to find a place where there would be not much people?) – thought Echa,

“That’s right, I just need to find a place with less people.” – as she said that she immediately run, following the road.


Few Minutes later, as she keeps looking for Paola & Panda while running, before the edge of Hanami Park, she taking a break.


“I think I’m running too fast, *huft*. I need to take a break.” – she said as she resting on one of sakura tree.

“Are you okey?” – a mysterious voice coming from behind Echa.



“Look like you have been running for a while, are you doing jogging? I don’t think you are wearing the right outfit though. Are you a thief?”


“Eh? No, I’m not a thief or someone do exercise,”

Before Echa finish her words, the mysterious voice offers her something,

“Then, do you want some drink?”

“Eh, really? Thanks, I really do need some water.” – Echa said with smile.


“Don’t mind it.”


“Ack,, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, it just happened that I’m so thirsty, and,” – before she could finish her words.


“Hahaha, you don’t have to worry about it. You look thirsty, just drink.” – the mysterious girl said with smile.

“T-Thanks.” – as Echa said that, she took a can of orange juice as ‘she’ offers her.


As Echa drink, she tries to take a look at the mysterious girl who kindly give her a drink. With her appearance like an adult, side long & layered long hair style with black raven color, she looks gorgeous. Not to mention her dark purple eyes behind the frame of her glasses, match with her beautiful white skin.


Echa also realized that she is on the wheelchairs, which mean she unable to walk with her own feet. It would be rude of Echa if she tries to ask about it. As she sees her with so many drinks on her lap, Echa offering her help as returning a favor that she gives her a drink.


“Mmm, T-thanks again for the drink.”


“No need to worry about it, since I got lucky today.” – she said with smile.

“Eh, what do you mean?” – Echa confused.


“Hehe, I got 2 extra drink from the vending machine, you know, the lucky number on them, right? I got them, hehe,, V.” – she said with make V with her finger.

“Hahaha, so that is what you mean.” – Echa said with smile,

“Anyway, can I help you to bring the drink, I think your lap will get cold if they stay there.” – Echa asks with worry.

“Mmm, you have your point. It started to get cold there, but are you sure about that?”

“Yeah, at the very least that is what I can do to help those who helped me before.” – Echa said with smile.


“You have a good heart.”



“My name is Reanna, but most of my close friends call me Anna. Nice to meet you.” – Reanna said with lend her hand to Echa.


“A wise parent once told their children, ‘to never trust/taking anything from a stranger that you don’t know about’. But if I told you my name, & you told me yours, we can be more than a stranger, don’t you think so? It also a common sense to introduce ourselves before asking the others name, right?” – Reanna said with smile.

“Y-Yeah. My name is Echa. Nice to meet you too, Reanna.” – answered Echa with smile & shaking Reanna hand.


As Echa got a new friend, she helps Reanna as she told her she would. She taking the drinks from her lap & push Reanna wheelchairs, while she walking slowly behind her. And on the way to their destination, they have a lot of conversation, that make them like a close friend.


But as Echa arrive at Reanna destination, she sees Paola running around play with Panda. She never sees Paola smile like that, the same goes to Panda, that smile he have been completely different than his smile on the Drama Clubs.



“……” – Echa blushing remembering how Panda smile at her before.

“So warm, huh?”



“I’m talking about his smile, so warm, so attractive, and with that ‘smile’ alone, he can make many girls to fall over him, if you know what I mean of course.” – she said with smile.


“Huh?!?!” – She confused.

As Echa & Reanna going to Panda & Paola direction, Reanna shout,

“Okey children, play time is over, time to dig ours lunch, I brought ours drinks too.” – she shouts with smile.


“Eeehhh?!?!?!” – Echa even more surprised.

“Oh, Big Sister, welcome back.” – Paola said as she running to Echa & Reanna direction.

With sign language,

<Welcome back, Rea. You took quite a time to go, are you alright?> – asks Panda to Reanna with worried.

<I’m sorry to make you worried over me, but I’m alright. I meet this girl on the way back, I believe she is your friend judging from her uniform.> – Answered Reanna with the sign language too.

“Mmm, oh is that you Enchi?” – Paola take a look at her,

“Oh! It really you! why are you with my big sister, Enchi?” – she asks.


“……” – no respond.

“Hmm, Echa? Are you alright?? Hey Echa? Eecha,,,”


And so, as Reanna keep calling her, she doesn’t know that Echa actually have been in shocked, & that make her stunned. For the fact that what they are talking about on the way back was actually about how she admires Panda & confused her admirable feeling with love. Yet even she didn’t mention Panda name, it would be enough to make Echa embarrass.


Not to mention she also surprised knowing that Reanna is Paola Big Sister & close friend of Panda. And she also realized, that the reason Reanna approach her is no other than because she recognizes her uniform.


Few moments later, as they sit together beneath Sakura tree, they have their lunch together.


“Hahaha, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to surprised you this way & I didn’t expect you to have that reaction, hahaha.” – Reanna laugh.

<You are going too far, Rea.> – Panda said with sign language.

“Hahaha, sorry, sorry. Let me introduce myself once more, my name is Reanna, Big Sister of Paola, I’m an Author, thanks you for taking care of my little sister all this time.” – she said as she bows a little bit.

“E-Eh, Yeah. Y-You are welcome.” – Echa said with a little bit nervous,

“Mmm, by the way, is it alright for me to eat this sandwich?” – she asks.

“Yeah, of course. I made them by myself, & food is being made to be eaten, so I would be glad if my friend is eating them.” – Reanna said with smile.

“Big Sister, where is my drink?” – asks Paola looking around.

“Here we go, Strawberry Milk, right?” – Reanna give a Strawberry Milk to Paola.

“Yeah. Thank you.” – Paola took the drink, & running away.

“Paola, don’t run too much after eat & don’t drink while running around.” – Reanna shouts.

“Okey.” – Paola said from afar.


*Awkward Silent*,

“……” – Echa quiet.

“What is it, Echa? You have been quite for a while. Is my sandwich not in your taste?”

“Ah, no, Your sandwich is good, Reanna.”

<……>  – Panda silently looking at Echa.

“Really? Because for me, you look worried over something.” – asks Reanna.

<Echa, you still feeling guilty over the past accident, are you not?> – suddenly Panda said with sign language.


“!!!” – Echa surprised by Panda question,


“……” – with silent Echa just nodded as her respond.

“Mmm, ‘past accident’ what do you mean Pao?” – asks Reanna who sit beside Panda.

“Chocolate.” – suddenly Echa said a word.



“I’m the one who give Panda a chocolate caramel, that accidently I put salt in it, & make Panda eat it.” – said Echa confessing with gloomy.

“So, are you saying you are the one who make him being send to the hospital?” – Reanna asks.



“And are you trying to say it all your fault that this happen?”




“What are talking about? It clearly that was not your fault.” – Reanna said after hitting Panda head.

*In Pain*,




“It may be true that you are the one who give him a chocolate, but you said it by yourself, right? That salt thing is accident. And you even don’t know about his condition, so it certainly that was this idiot fault. Knowing his own condition is bad, he eating it anyway. With that being said, there is nothing to be blamed about.” – explain Reanna.


“There are no such as things as ‘it all my fault’ or ‘if I don’t do that,,’ & bla,,bla,,bla,, If you doing it by accident, & you feel sorry about it, then that’s fine isn’t it? Sometimes it better to feel sorry once & move on afterwards, rather than blaming yourself & putting burden on your own shoulder, that way it would just kill you slowly.” – said Reanna.

<It just like Rea said Echa, it’s not your fault. It’s mine.> – said Panda with sign language.


“Sob,,Sob,,Sob,,” – Echa little bit crying.

*Patting Echa Head*,

“There, there, you don’t need to be so hard on yourself, Echa. Let it what was happen flow under the bridge, & let’s make a new step as you forgive yourself, & we forgive you, okey?” – said Reanna gentle with smile.

“Thanks.” – answered Echa with smile & a little relieve.

“You are welcome.”


“By the way, Panda.” – asks Echa suddenly.


“Mmm, I’m sorry to ask you this, but since when you wearing a glasses?” – Echa asks with shy.


“Wait, what?!?!” – Reanna surprised,

“I know that you are nervous, & blamed yourself for something that you didn’t do purposely, but seriously Echa, how you not notice his glasses this whole time?” – asks Reanna wondering.


“A-Ack, sorry, it’s just that I never saw him with the glasses before.”


“Well that’s because he only wearing them in front of the computer, & since his eyes getting worst, doctor asks him to always wear them from now on, right Mr. Who-never-listening-some-warning?” – Reanna said while staring at Panda with annoyed eyes.

*Look Away*,


“You better be,” – said Reanna sounded little bit mad at him.


(Wow, I never see Panda act like that before. Reanna is awesome.) – thought Echa quietly.


In the middle their conversation, suddenly Paola running toward Panda & pulling him,

“Panda, Big Brother Panda, come with me, I saw a beautiful butterfly, come with me, fast! Before they fly away, hurry! Hurry!” – Paola said as she keeps pulling him.

<……> – Looking at Reanna.

“It’s okey, you are finish eating, right.”


<….> – Panda nodded.

“Then, you can go with her, but be careful, okey.” – said Reanna gentle with smile.

“Okey,,,” – answered Paola.

<OK.> – said Panda with sign language giving Reanna & Echa a thumb.


As they are leaving, Paola bring her sketchbook alongside with her, & draw things that she would like to draw,

“Woah, Big Brother Panda, look, look, it so beautiful.” – she shouts while pointing at the butterfly.

<They would fly away if you are make too much noise & scared them.> – said Panda with sign language.


“Oops. Sorry.” – she said as she starts to draw.


“I didn’t know that Paola can drawing too.” – said Echa with smiling watching Panda & Paola.


“Even I got surprised when the first time I saw her drawing my face.” – said Reanna.

“She is so energetic, adorable, & her smile is natural, I just hope she can be that way at the school too.”


“Hahaha, the way you are saying is like a father worried over his daughter.”



“Panda, Panda, what is the color for those butterfly? I forgot my coloring pencil, so better I write a note for later.” – asks Paola to Panda while looking at him.

<This one is purple.> – say him with sign language & pointed to which butterfly he mean.

“?????” – Echa hear their conversation.

“Okey, and this butterfly?” – asks Paola again.

<That one is yellow. And what is on flower is sky blue.>

“Okeeey,, oh how about this one? What color are they?”

<That one is. . .>


As their conversation continue, Echa questioning herself for what she actually just hears,

“Is she by any chance..?”

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you.” – suddenly Reanna cut her words.



“You are thinking that she is ‘Color-blind’ didn’t you?”

“I-I didn’t mean to. . .”

“It’s okey, since that is the truth anyway.” – Reanna said gentle.


“E-Eh?!?! But?? Eh!? Really?”

“Yeah, why I should lie. Why do you thing she keep her bangs long & always wearing hoody jacket at school?” – asks Reanna.

“She try to hiding that fact?” – Echa try to guess.

“Yeah. And actually that was working perfectly. Behind her purple eyes that still as beautiful as normal person would think, no one knows that she is actually ‘color-blind’. Different than Pao, people will always think that he is just an ignorant or at the very least being called ‘Deaf’ by a certain person.” – Reanna said while glancing at Echa.

*Embarrassed & Surprised*,

“Eh?!?!? H-How did you know that?” – Echa little bit flustered.

“I don’t know. Ask the Author, he is the one who told me to say that words to you.” – Reanna answered casually with bored eyes.




“You know, I have been waiting for 8 Chapter to show up. But, I ended up on the end of line in Chapter 9, now even the Author confused how to end this conversation. Since I’m part of important character here. Give Me a Break Already!” – Reanna complain,

“Hey, I didn’t complain, you are the one who got distracted by the games. Now finish this already, it over 20 page now.” – said Reanna complain to the Author.

*Completely Confused*,

“W-Who you talking to?” – Echa completely loss.

“Must be nice to be the main character that show up on the first chapter, huh?” – said Reanna looking at Echa with bored eyes,

“But if I think about it, the first 4 chapter are quite boring, must be hard for you to go along with that stupid Author.” – said her pitying Echa.

*Cold Sweat*,

“I literally don’t understand what you are trying to say right now.” – answered Echa.


“Don’t worry, I got used to it.”

“I’m not!!”


“Hehe, Well I’m not sure about that either, but there is one thing I can say to you, ‘I may not the main character of this story, & I even not sure if I’m part of your life story, but one thing I can make sure about myself is, I am the main character of my own life story.’ Do you get it?” – asks Reanna gentle & smile.


“…… Yeah.” – answered Echa amazed by Reanna & unable to say much words.


*Just Remember*,

“Oh! By the way, why are you here again? The Author just remember about that part, & since I fell asleep when ‘He’ explain everything to me, so I will just ask you, is that okey?” – asks Reanna casually.


“Oh No!!! I completely forgot about that?!?!?!” – Echa panic.

“Wooaaahh, even the main character forgot her own scripts, huh?” – said Reanna with bored eyes.

“We’re back!!” – Paola shouting as she holding Panda hand like a little sister who would holding her big brother hand.



“I was being send to here by President Sheila, we have special guest today, and she would grant every Drama Clubs member wish, if we granted her wish first.” – Echa said trying to explain from what she just remembers, & it really vague.


“Mmm??? I think that is nothing to do with me???” – Paola confused.

<Guest? I thought Sheila never use her parent connection to be famous.> – said Panda with sign language to Echa.

“Oh yeah, the guest is different, like I said, she was special, which mean she coming not by President Sheila parents or anything like that, but by herself.” – explain Echa.

“Mmm,, despite that Paola quit the Drama Clubs & Panda still not fully recovery, & the fact that you are here even knowing there would be a lot of work in the Drama Clubs mean, this special guest you are talking about, her wish are related to both of them, right? Or at least that is what I thought.” – said Reanna trying to guess.


“That. Was. Correct.” – Echa amazed.

“Oh really? So, which manuscripts she wants you guys to play?” – ask Reanna.

“President Sheila said, the manuscripts are the same as before but she wants a sequel for it too.” – explain Echa,

“The tittle is ‘Ghost Ship: Lonely Girl’, it was written by Paola, right?” – Echa said casually.

“Huh?!?!?!” – Paola surprised.

<???> – Panda confused.

“Mmm,,???” – Reanna thinking of something,

“Paola.” – Reanna called her.

*Little Scared*,

“Arg!! Yes. Big Sister.”

“I thought you are afraid with ghost?” – Reanna asks Paola.


“Eh? For real?!?! But she read the scripts perfectly fine, back then.” – Echa surprised as she looks at Paola.

“……” – Paola quietly become timid.

<Well, actually she can’t sleep alone or sleeping in the dark afterward.> – said Panda with sign language expressionless.

“Panda, if you say something like that, can you at least give a little emotion on it, you face is like Vice-President Tilis now.” – said Echa found Panda similarity with Tilis.


“So, what are you going to do now, Paola?” – asks Reanna to Paola,

“You know better than anyone else that you afraid with ghost, then why you submit that manuscripts to Sheila?”


“Sorry..” – she answered as she hiding behind Panda.


“This is a problem.”

“Eh? What happened?”

“That manuscripts, ‘Ghost Ship’, she actually writes that when she was elementary school, it was her project, & she didn’t finish even quarter of it.” – explain Reanna,

“So, I helped her by finishing the whole things. Since I was already an Author that time, it is easy for me to do it.”


“Eh?! Are you trying to say that the one who writes that manuscripts were you?!?!” – asks Echa.

“More or less, though actually the Author is the one who writes that story, not me. ‘He’ just throw the responsibility on me.” – answered Reanna with bored eyes.

“T-Then, could you please help us once more? I know I’m being a little bit selfish here, but could you please accept my request? Ours Drama Clubs request, please!!” – said Echa Begging to Reanna.


“Mmm, you don’t need to begging like that, Echa. I would gladly to help you, since being an author is my hobby & also my jobs, that would be like a piece of cake for me.”



“Yeah. Do I look like a liar to you?” – said Reanna with gentle.

“N-No, but really. I really appreciated your help Reanna. Thanks you. Thanks you a lot.” – said Echa shaking both Reanna hands.

“Hahaha, seem you have a dream to chased on, huh?”

“Yes, I do. Oh! Paola, Panda, would you look like to play the same role again?” – asks Echa realized that she almost forgot that.

“You don’t need to asks them, Echa. They would gladly to help since I’m the one who write the manuscripts & got dragged by their mess, right, Panda?” – Reanna said with a sharps eyes on both of them.


“Ok.” , <Ok.> – answered Paola & Panda together.

“Wow, that would be great. Thanks you, Reanna, thanks you Panda, & thanks to you too Paola.” – said Echa with smile.

“Don’t worry about it, just tell Sheila this, ‘if the condition is not granted, what did you expect?’ can you tell her that?” – said Reanna with smile.

“Eh? I can do that, but what is that mean?”


“It’s good if you don’t know, but I bet she would understand once she knew it was a message from me.” – Reanna said with smile.


“O-Okey.” – said Echa confused,

“Mmm, and before I forgot, when did we start our training?” – asks Echa wondering.

“Oh Sweetie, you can’t practice without manuscripts, correct? At most I can finish my manuscripts in 12 days, since I’m helping Pao with his project & school teaching. It would be impossible for me to write all of that in just 3 days.” – expain Reanna.


“School teaching?” – Echa confused & then she remembered,

“Oh, you mean ‘teaching children’ things that you are talking about last time?” – asks Echa while looking at Panda.

<Correct. We took turn each month since not everyone has free time. This month is my turn to teaching them.> – said Panda with sign language.

“Then, would you like to come with us, Echa?” – asks Reanna.

“I can??”

“Of course, you can.” – said Reanna gentle.


And so their conversation goes on till the sunset.

Before the days actually become dark, Echa decide to going home together with Reanna, Paola, & Panda half way. Afterwards she split since she takes different train to get home.


As for Reanna, Paola, & Panda, they keep walking since the place where they are living is close by. The ‘words’ that said ‘they keep walking’ is not quite right, because Panda carry Paola on his back since she fell asleep, & push Reanna wheelchairs slowly on the front.

<Thanks.> – said Panda with sign language suddenly.


“Mmm, for what? You have a good friend & I just play along with you, that’s all what I did. I’m also happy for her too, since it’s the first time I saw Paola play with other people beside us.” – Reanna said with smile.

<Me too. But I’m talking about the lie.>

“Mmm, lie? I didn’t lie at all. All I did is just telling her a fabric of the whole truth.”


“Isn’t that is exactly what you want me to say, rather than telling her the ‘truth’ that she would never ready, & she would never be, no one is ready for the truth, you prefer to burden them alone.” – Reanna said gentle,

“That’s why I’m here, you may lose your color, & we may have the same fated like the others, but believe me when I say this to you, you are not alone, because I will be there together, beside you.” – Reanna said with smile as she holding Panda hand.

<Thanks you, Rea.> – answered Panda with smile.


To be Continue.


This story is fiction.

All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.


By; Resaid of Story.

Feeling Sorry

0257 Feeling Sorry.JPG

“There are no such as things as ‘it all my fault’ or ‘if I don’t do that,,’ and bla,, bla,, bla,, If you doing it by accident, & you feel sorry about it, then that’s fine isn’t it? Sometimes it better to feel sorry once & move on afterwards, rather than blaming yourself & putting burden on your own shoulder.”


Sometime when you can’t forgive yourself from the mistake you made to others, even though you already say sorry to them & they forgiven you, all you need to do is to find a way to forgive yourself, and move on.

In some circumstance, you will find it difficult to forgive yourself, but in many way more than one, that’s the only way to move forward.

World of Gray

0260 World of Gray

“In the World where there is nothing but Gray, even the Light in the Darkness Sky will look the same. Yet somehow have different feeling from the real one.”


Everything still look the same even in different color, but there is also a time their color giving us another feeling that they shouldn’t have in their original color.

Just Different

Just Different.jpg

“You think I’m Bad?

No. I’m just Different.”


Some people said those words is just an excuse to be sarcastic, but don’t you know there is a time when whatever do is wrong for others. Well, we live not to pleasant others, we live our own life & seek happiness by our own way.  That’s Life.

Imitation of Friends

Imitation of Friends.jpg

“if you are led around by these Worthless Imitations of friends, it will be very Unpleasant.”


There is few people who live their life in freedom, just like a lone wolf, taking a decision without even need being led around by others. and there are some people who just being led by these worthless imitations of friends, led around with a decision that they even can’t take by themselves & as what they really wanted. the outer layer of your desire is one thing, but what did you really desire & fit on you are different matter. Why following other to become someone you are not, if you can become yourself. these few people only understand, are one of them? or you just the rest of them.