Not Diary but Story

Not Diary but Story

“To writing a story is easy, but to write a story that you would like to read over and over again, is difficult.

Not Diary, but Story.”


Writing story is easy, you can writing base on fantasy or your own experience, the question is, can that story be good enough for you to read by yourself over & over again or just make you embarrassing.


Bunny Diary Chapter 11; Wounds

Bunny Diary Chapter 11; Wounds

Bunny Diary Chapter 11; Wounds.jpg

Everyone have wound, we live with ours wounds, either that wounds were coming from the outside or the inside, none of us like it. No one like being injured. Neither purposely or accidentally, yet either way we live with it.


Unavoidable, within our live we got hurt almost every day. People said ‘wounds will healed by the time has pass’. But not all wounds healed by themselves, some we try to look a way to healed, & some just letting them getting worst.


Is it good to let them go untreated, but then again how you treated a wounds that barely you can see, yet it could turn your personality into a completely different person.


Brokenhearted, depression, lost, & betrayal is one of many wounds that is enough to change people once they touch you.


Yet again, each emotion, each decision, even each change in your life was depends on your response for what happened in front of your eyes.


Back to the story.

As Echa being surprised by Tilis & Reanna that invited her to the schools where Tilis & Reanna teaching the poor & disable people. Unknowingly almost all students in that schools are Echa fan. For her beings surrounded & followed around by her fans is Echa first experience. Though actually, she is more famous than she thought she is, she just doesn’t know about it.


And despite her being fatigued & all from the Drama Clubs, she always tries to spend some time for her new best friend Reanna & her fans to motivated them to not giving up in life yet.


Few days after Echa visiting the schools where Reanna teaching.

Early in the morning, as Echa met Tilis in front of the gate,

“Good morning, Vice-President.” – greeting Echa with smile.

“..hmm, Good morning, Echa.” – answered Tilis,


“You are in the high spirit again today, Echa. I take that everything is okey.” – she said with smile.

“Hehehe, you can tell?” – Echa said with smile.


“Yeah, I can tell, I can tell. Even I can tell that your smile is ‘d*sgusted’ me to the very end.” – Tilis said with malicious smile.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Arg..” – Echa scared & become timid suddenly.


“Hahaha, just kidding, Echa. Don’t take me seriously. Hahaha” – Tilis laugh.

*Cold Sweat*,

“…Arg,, even though you said that, I was scared for real, & I really can’t tell the difference between your facades, Vice-President.” – Echa said.


“Hahaha, you’re right about that. Though, Pao & Angela is the only person who could read me perfectly.” – Tilis said.


“Speaking of which, Vice-President. I never seen President Student Council, Angela, coming to that schools?” – Echa asks,

“Since Sheena said all member of Students Council coming, I didn’t see her around there. And you didn’t come for the past few days too, Vice-President.” – Echa said.

“Oh! You notice the smallest detail, huh, Echa.” – Tilis said,


“Well, you know Enchi, old wise men once said, ‘Never asks a question that you don’t want to know the answers is.’ If you know what I mean that is. *Giggle*” – Tilis said with smile at Echa.


“What is that supposed to mean?” – Echa asks.


“Who know, maybe you will know sooner or never. Hahaha.” – Tilis laugh.


As Tilis laugh, they keep walking together to go to the Drama Clubs. Leaving Echa with another mystery & wonder in her thought.


But, the moment they arrive at the Drama Clubs, they withstand something unbelievable, all member in the Drama Clubs is depressed.

*Cold Sweat*,

“What’s goings on here?” – Echa asks looking at how things goings.

“Beat me.” – Tilis said casually,

“Hey, ‘cockroach’ what is happened here?” – Tilis asks to one of boy that passing her.


(Cockroach?!?!?!) – Echa thought surprised.


“Ah, Vice-President Tilis, thanks god, you are here.” – he answered with dying tone,

“Hope has come, and we are…” – just before he could finish his words, Tilis cut his words.


“I don’t give a ‘d*mn’ thing about you or your ‘sh*t’, what I want to know is what happened here?” – she said with annoyed.

*Dying Tone*,

“… I, just..” – just before he finish, Tilis cut his words again.

*Murder Aura*,

“Just so we are clear, if you try any funny explanation with dramatic tone with me again, you know what will happen to you would be much worse than this, right?” – Tilis said with malicious smile.

*Cold Sweat & Scared*,

“Arg..” – Echa & the boy scared.


After the boy explained everything as short as possible & he must make it as clear as possible to save his own life from danger, Tilis then letting that boy to go. Just as her promise to.


“So, there you got it. We don’t have enough peoples. ‘We already finished prepared everything but peoples’.” – said Tilis casually like nothing happened.

*Cold Sweat*,

“…Vice-President,,” – Echa said with cold sweat looking at Tilis who looks don’t care at all.


*Cold Sweat*,

“Nothing, Vice-President.” – Echa said scared,

“By the way, Vice-President, where is President Sheila? Can’t find her anywhere.” – Echa asks Tilis while looking around.

“You asks the wrong person, Echa. How should I know where she was, if I were coming together with you?” – Tilis ask.


“Arg,, sorry.” – Echa realized.

“But if I would guess where she is, she is probably trying to contact all her friends to help.” – Tilis said trying to guess.


“Eh!! Third years??” – Echa surprised while trying to guess.

“Not necessarily. She has friends outside the school too. Though they are good, they are very difficult to be contacted.” – explained Tilis.

“Oh, okey.”

*Beep, Beep*,

“..hmm,,” – Tilis got messages from her phone,

“S.O.S.??” – Tilis said reading her message in her phone.


“From whom, Vice-President?” – Echa asks with curious.

“..hmm, from the girl that you just looking for.” – Tilis said casually.


“Eh! President Sheila?” – Echa asks.

“Who else I’m talking about?” – Tilis said looking at Echa.

“Arg, sorry.” – Echa said,

“What she says, Vice-President?” – Echa asks.

“It say ‘S.O.S.’” – Tilis said looks serious.


“Eh? What is that supposed to mean?” – Echa asks.

“Echa, let put our bags in the class then come with me to the Student Council room.” – Tilis said suddenly as she going out from the Drama Clubs.


“Eh! Why? I think all Student Council are still in front of school gate now, & Student Councils room is empty right now.” – Echa said surprised & little bit confused.

“Not all. There is one person who always spend her time playing games, we need her help. If we want to play the shows successfully, that is.” – Tilis said with serious tone.

“O-Okey. I coming too.” – Echa said as she following Tilis.


As Echa following Tilis, they put their bags in each their own class, & just like Tilis said, afterwards they are goings to Student Council room.


In front of Student Council room.

*Knock, Knock* – Tilis knocking the door.

“Come in.” – a girl voice coming from the inside.


As Echa & Tilis going in into Student Council room, they see a girl sitting on the chair close to the windows, as she sits comfortably, she keeps playing her game console, with easy going tone she ask,

“I hope you had a good reason for disturbing my game morning session, Tilis.” – she asks as she taking a glance at them.

“Sorry about that, Angela.” – said Tilis,

“Or rather President Angela?” – Tilis said with smile.

“It doesn’t matter to me, & since you come when I already at ‘Save Point’, I would listen to your request.” – said Angela with sharp eyes,

“So, what is it?” – she asks.


“As sharp as ever, huh?” – Tilis said with smile.

“As slow as ever, huh?” – Angela said,

“Are you sure you want to wasting my time while I give you a time? That wouldn’t be a wise decision from you, Tilis.” – she said with bored eyes,


“Start talk or start walk away, choose wisely.” – Angela said with smile as she starts to play game again.


(Woah, I didn’t know that Angela can be this scary. She was like completely different person from the first time I met her.) – Echa thought standing behind Tilis, scared.


“..hmm, since you already know what I want, then let me to come to the point.” – Tilis said as she step closer to Angela,

“We need more people.” – Tilis said with serious tone.


“The old way?” – Angela asks.

“Yeah, if that is possible & allowed.” – Tilis answered.


“Sure thing, if you win of course.” – Angela said as she gives Tilis a piece of paper.


*With Different Language*,

“Thanks you, Princess.” – Tilis said as she took the paper with smile.

*With Different Language*,

“I wish your luck, Thellisia.” – Angela said with malicious smile.


(..What language they are talking with?? Foreigner language??) – Echa thought confused & surprised.


With a piece of paper that Angela give, Tilis & Echa taking their leave from Student Council room. On the way back, Echa keep wondering, & confused, for not understanding any of it.


“..Echa, hey, did you hear me? Echa??” – Tilis said trying to called Echa.


“Huh?!?! O-Oh yeah, I did listen what you said, Vice-President?” – Echa said surprised.

“..and what exactly is that??” – Tilis asks looking at Echa.

“..uhmm,,” – Echa trying to remember.


“You are 10 years too earlier to lied to me, Echa.” – Tilis said with pinch Echa cheeks.

“Ouch,,ouch,,ouch,,” – Echa in pain.

“So, what were you thinking that making you spacing out?” – Tilis asks.

“N-No, I just wondering, what Vice-President saying to President Council Angela.” – Echa said with a low tone,


“I didn’t understand any of it, what is it?” – Echa asks with curious.


“I can’t blame you for you didn’t understand any of this, since you always play the role.” – Tilis answered with smile,

“But, you probably already notice this. Sometime, when we really had busy time, you would notice there are many members that you didn’t recognized & they are not there anymore when the busy time calming down, correct?” – Tilis said.


“Y-Yeah. Who are they?” – Echa asks.

“They are actually student from others Clubs. Whenever we need more people, we would ask them for help. That also goes to them, whenever they need help, they will ask our help.” – Tilis explained,

“But, it wouldn’t be that easy, you can’t just ask them to help your Clubs when they have their own Clubs Activity. And they also have the right to refused too.” – Tilis explained even more.


“Then, what should we do if they refused our request?” – Echa asks.


“You don’t need to worry, this is the reason why we need to get our hand this paper beforehand, Echa.” – Tilis said with smile.


“Eh! What do you mean, Vice-President??” – Echa surprised.


“Well, you can say that since our President Student Council love games, she decided this kind of things by games.” – Tilis said with smile,

“In short, if you want others Clubs to help your Club, you need to play their game. You win, they followed you. You lost, they wouldn’t.” – Tilis explained.

“O-Okey.” – Echa said seem to understand,

“But, isn’t that mean we push them to do it?” – Echa asks.

“In a way, yes. But every President from each Clubs agree on this, so there you got it.” – Tilis said with smile.

“..hmm, okey.” – Echa said,


“Vice-President, can I ask you something else?” – Echa asks.

“..hmm, don’t you think you already throw another question right now?” – Tilis smile.


“What kind of languages do you speaks with President Angela before? Is it foreign language?” – Echa asks with curious.


“I will have answered that curiosity of yours with the same answer like your first curiosity in this morning.” – Tilis said with smile.

“Ach! Not fair!!” – Echa said.


“Anyway we better get back to our class, the first periods will start soon. And we will start to ask our request on each Clubs, on the first break-time.” – Tilis said as she walks ahead of Echa,

“You better come, or else,,” – Tilis said as she turn at Echa with a sharp eyes.


“Arg,, Yes, Ma’am.” – Echa scared.

“Good. Met me in the Garden later okey, bye.” – Tilis said with beautiful smile as she leaving Echa.

*Cold Sweat*,

“How did she turn from that ‘scary sharp eyes’ into that ‘beautiful smale’ with a split of second?!” – Echa said wondering while Tilis already far away.


As the bell ring as a sign the first period about to start, all students going in to each theirs class. With the first & second period starts, on the first break-time, as Tilis said Echa meeting with her at the Garden behind the school. And as they planned, they visiting all Clubs one by one, some of them cooperative while the other, Tilis need to won their game.


But with so many Clubs in schools, they end up needing more time to ask theirs request to other Clubs.


After School.

*Huft, Huft*,

“Wow, I didn’t know we had so many Clubs in our school.” – Echa tired.

“You okey, Echa?” – Tilis asks as she drinking a bottle of fresh water,

“You want some?” – Tilis offered Echa.

“Thanks.” – Echa take the bottle from Tilis.


“Luckily Art Clubs & Glee Clubs, both of them are willingly to help us without playing their games.” – Tilis said looks tired,

“Well, at least it saves us ‘g*d d*mn’ time.” – Tilis complained.


“..but, why they willingly to help us, Vice-President?” – Echa asks as she give back Tilis bottle.

“Oh that, that’s because they love Reanna works. As long as they know the manuscripts is written by Reanna, they would be willing to do anything for her. Especially Art Clubs can help us with the backgrounds, & Glee Clubs help us with musical, basically we like Siblings-in-Clubs.” – Tilis explained,


“Don’t you think it make them more useful and not to mentioning they had the same agreement like us.” – Tilis said with smile.


“Eh!? What do you mean, Vice-President?” – Echa asks.

“It mean, they would be going to the same University like you & the others, Echa.” – Tilis said with smile.

“Oh, that explained something.” – Echa said seem to understand,

“Speaking of which, Vice-President. I have been wondering about this for a while, but what’s your dream?” – Echa asks.

“..and, why you ask me that question?” – Tilis asks back.


“Oh no, like I said. I just wondering about it, since President Sheila said that Vice-President is not interested in that University. So, I just wondered what is the reason?” – Echa explained.


“Tch, that ‘b*tch’ can’t ‘sh*t’ her mouth, huh.” – Tilis said annoyed.


“Urg, p-please don’t blamed President Sheila, Vice-President. That time she was on depression mode. So, you know, it is like unavoidable thing for her to say.” – Echa scared trying to explain.


“..puft, hahaha, I know that, Echa. You don’t need to take it seriously, I just kidding.” – Tilis laugh,

“So, what do you think my dream is? Can you guess? Maybe I will answer your curiosity this time.” – said Tilis with smile.

“Really?!?!” – Echa said happily.


“Yeah, I wouldn’t lie. So, can you?” – Tilis asks with smile.

“..hmm, if Vice-President ask me to guess,, hmm, for started I was thinking Vice-President want to became a teacher, since you come to teaching too.” – Echa said trying to guess,

“But then, Vice-President is very good at sport, even in Ping Pong Clubs & Soccer Clubs, it barely can be called winning anymore, you completely won their games.” – Echa said admired Tilis,


“But again, Vice-President won completely in Karate Clubs, Boxing Clubs, Judo Clubs, & more, Urg..” – Echa scared while remembered how Tilis wins.


“Hahaha, so, what is your answer?” – Tilis asks with smile.


“..hmm, Kindergarten Teachers, maybe? Since Vice-President is good with little children, so I was thinking that would be your dream, despite how good you are at sports to become a championship or even a trainer.” – Echa answered.


“Hahaha, nice theory you have there. But your answered is not quite right.” – Tilis laugh,

“My dream is not to become a teacher or a trainer, but my dream belongs to Pao project. Basically I’m part of his team, & if you ask me ‘what kind of project is that?’ I’m afraid I can’t answer that questions right now.” – Tilis said with smile.


“..Urg, the way you are saying it, it make me more curious, Vice-President.” – Echa said looking at Tilis.


“Hahaha, nope. Not happened this time.” – Tilis said,

“So, I think we had enough rest, let finished this by visiting the last Clubs, Tracks Clubs.” – Tilis said as she walks ahead of Echa.

“Aye, aye, Sir.” – Echa said with smile following Tilis.


As Echa & Tilis walk to Tracks Clubs, that currently on the field, doing practices. They didn’t know that the President of Track Clubs, Cecily, already awaited them.


“Take you a lot of time, to come here, Tilis.” – Cecily said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be late, but I need to catch my breath before I come here.” – Tilis said with smile.

*Annoyed Tone*,

“Are you saying, I’m the last person you did visit for your request?” – Cecily said with annoyed eyes.


“Well, don’t you think the best way to dealt with the troublesome situation is, to take the easiest problem first, before dealt with the most annoying part, right.” – Tilis said casually with smile.


“A loyal wild animal, would keep barking to anyone who is not their master, huh.” – Cecily said.


“Oh, look, even a Cheetah like you can say something clever. How surprising.” – Tilis said with smile.


“……” – Cecily annoyed.

*Cold Sweat*,

(..arg, what’s with this situation? Why suddenly Vice-President taunting President Cecily from Track Clubs?) – Echa thought,


(Woah, but thinking again both of them are looks scary & this is much scarier than when Vice-President Tilis & President Sheila fighting! This is the first time I met President Cecily, but looks like would be the last for me.) – Echa thought scared with cold sweat worrying what would happened to her.


Few minutes later, after Cecily & Tilis taunting each other.

“So, you want me & the members of Track Clubs to help you for your shows?” – Cecily asks.


“Y-Yes. W-We would like to ask whether the Track Clubs willing to help us or not.” – Echa answered with low tones.

“..hmm, don’t you think we can talk that kind of things later, after you winning our game, of course.” – Cecily said to Echa.


“Urg, y-yes. I’m sorry.” – Echa said.


“You don’t need to be that scared, Echa. She may look scary, but her games are always simple. Such a muscles brain.” – Tilis said calmly with smile.


“Say what you like, but yeah you are right. The games are pretty simple, we will do one laps running (400 metres), & the one who reach the finish line first they won.” – Cecily said,

“Since there is two of you, we will do running-tag, the first person would run half laps, & the second person would waiting at the other half. Once the first person tags the second person, she must run until the finish line.” – Cecily explained.


“Eh?!?! Running?!?!” – Echa surprised.

*Little Cold Sweat*,

“Heh, it’s not like you giving us that kind of games, Cheetah. Beside, we can’t run with our school uniforms & normal shoe, right?” – Tilis said trying to bargains.


“I did expect you to say something like that, so I already ask the manager from my Clubs to prepared the spare sports clothes & shoe for both of you.” – Cecily said,

“So, you don’t need to worry about that, all you need to worry is whether you win or not.” – Cecily said looking down on Tilis.

“…..” – Tilis become quiet.


Tracks Clubs, Changing Rooms.


“..V-Vice-President, w-what shall we do?” – Echa asks.

“..hmm??” – Tilis looking at Echa.


“I-I mean you are already exhausted from the others Clubs game & I completely useless this time, that make you to take all their game by yourself.” – Echa said little bit depressed.

*Huft, huft*,

“I would be lying if I said ‘I’m fine’ without exhausted a bit. And it’s true that you are useless in this kind of things, that’s why you choose to join Drama Clubs, right?” – Tilis said while looking at how depressed Echa is.

“Urg,, sorry.” – Echa depressed.

“But that is better than nothing.” – Tilis said.


“Eh?!” – Echa surprised.

“Better than doing nothing. And better than doing it alone. Sometime there is a thing that it feels better to do it together, even though one of them is helpless, as long as they always stay beside you, that is just fine. At the very least, you are there to support them, right?” – Tilis said trying to cheer Echa,

“And do you know who teaching me this kind of thing? Well, it no other than Pao himself.” – Tilis said with smile.


“Panda??” – Echa asks,

“But, Vice-President, my feet is,,” – Echa looking down at her feet.

“Yeah, I know. Different structure in the bone, right? And I know, if you can’t do what others can do, then just do the way you do. But at least I want you to try, Echa. Try to running as fast as you can, even though we would have lost, at the very least we already trying.” – Tilis said while pushing her smile.


“Eh, what do you mean we would have lost, Vice-President?” – Echa asks confused.

“..hmm, just a feeling. You probably don’t know about it, but Cecily is a muscles-head.” – Tilis said her reason,

“The way she talks at the last minutes are totally not her. She is very irritable, & easy to mock, that’s why she is not good either with me or Angela. And yet, she is so calm today. The games, the games we use to be is also not running-tags, more like chess or Rock-Paper-Crissor. Even preparing clothes & shoe exactly fit to ours, is not her.” – Tilis explained.

“Then, are we going to change the games?” – Echa asks.

“We can’t. It’s rule that the challenger must accept any games those they challenge.” – Tilis said with serious tones,

“We will lose by default, if we try to refuse their games. But it also giving them an advantage to win. Hmm, if, yes what if,,” – she said talking to herself,


“Echa, would you run on the second half?” – she suddenly suggested something to Echa.


“Eh! But Vice-President, you are faster than me to get to the finish line.” – Echa said.

“True, but that is the same on the other around.” – Tilis said with serious tones,

“If I guessing right, the one who will be running for their team would be the President of Track Clubs, Cecily, & her Vice-President. And since Cecily love the glory of victory, she would be running on the second half.” – she said.

“T-Then there is more reason for you to be on the second half, Vice-President” – Echa said.

“No, it’s the opposite. If I face their Vice-President, I can give you a lot of head start, Echa. We can win that way, since I’m much faster against their airheads Vice-President.” – said Tilis with confidence.

“T-Then, it means I had no other choice but to do it.” – Echa said little timid.

“You should believe in yourself like you believe in others, Echa. Let do our best.” – Tilis said to Echa with smile.

“..Y-Yeah.” – answered Echa.


As Echa & Tilis finish changing their clothes, they going to the fields where Cecily & her members already waiting for them.


At the Tracks.

“So, you ready?” – Cecily asks.

“Well, I am as ready as you can see I am. And thank you for the P.E. uniform, they fit us perfectly.” – Tilis said with smile.

“Good. Then I shall tell you who you gonna races with.” – Cecily said,

“The one who running would be me & my little junior, she is new, but she is fast. Try to be nice with her, Tilis.” – Cecily said looking at Tilis directions.


“…Oh, she is new & fast, shall I called her ‘Little Cheetah’, then?” – Tilis said with smile.


“You never listen, are you?” – Cecily said.


“Some say listening to your enemy words is a foolish thing to do in any normal circumstances. Especially those who use you as their toy.” – Tilis said as she walks closer to Cecily with deep meaning as no one knows what she really means.

“……” – Cecily quiet,

“Let just finish this.” – she said as she walks away from Tilis.


As Cecily & Small Cheetah prepared themselves, Echa walk behind Tilis while whispering,

“V-Vice-President? Are you okey?” – Echa asks slowly to Tilis.

“No. It may slightly different than what I expected, but stick to the plan, Enchi.” – Tilis said with confident.


“Eh! Are you sure, Vice-President?” – Echa asks.


“Yeah, pretty sure. I still have one trick up to my sleeve.” – Tilis said with smile,

“Now, now, you don’t want make our opponent waiting, right? Let’s go.” – Tilis said as she walks to starting line.


Starting Line.


“Oh, look who is getting fired up now? You don’t need to be on your knee before the Jury say something, you know.” – Tilis said walk to her position,

“So, do you have a name, Kitty?” – she said with smile.




“Giving me a cold shoulder, huh? Hmm, how should I called you now when you didn’t even answer my question. Is ‘Small Cheetah’ fine by you?” – Tilis taunting with smile.


“Don’t listen, don’t listen, don’t listen to her.” – Small Cheetah whispering to herself.


“As I thought, Cecily warn you with something, huh? So, what did she said about me? Did she ask you to kiss a random boy if you lose?” – Tilis asks looking down on her.


“..She just said, ‘never listen to anything what Tilis said till the games end’!! It’s not something like kissing a random boy! I would refuse that from the beginning if that is the case!!” – Small Cheetah said with serious face.


“Ouch, so cold. Looks like I hit your nerver, huh?” – Tilis said with smile.


“..Arg,,” – Small Cheetah going back on her position.



“Okey, okey, don’t start a fight before the game start! I’m the Vice-President of Tracks Clubs, Penny, since today I’m not the one who running, I will be the Jury of this game, is anyone have objections?” – Penny asks loudly.


“I don’t mind.” – Tilis said.

“I don’t mind, Big sister Penny.” – Small Cheetah said.

“M-Me too.” – Echa said.


“………” – Cecily answered with nodded only.

“Alright then. I will reference the game once again, the game this time would be 1 laps running (4 metres), since there is only 4 people, we will do running-tags, the first person will only run from the start line to half lap, while the second person will be waiting until being tag by the first person before they can run to the finish line, the one who get to the finish line first won.” – Penny said loudly,

“Any question?” – Penny asks,

“If not, then those who is not participate in the game are not allowed to be on the arena or even disturb the game.” – Penny said,

“Now everyone on the position, get Ready!” – Penny said loudly.



“..Since you are being told to not listen to whatever I said, I guess I have no choice but to keep it a secret.” – Tilis said to herself with smile.


“……..” – Small Cheetah ignored her.


“..Set!” – Penny said loudly.



“..Oh really, it unfortunately for you that you wouldn’t listen to me, since I really wanted to tell you about it.” – Tilis said with smile that make people become curious.


“…What are you trying to say actually!?” – Small Cheetah curious.


“..Oh you don’t know? Panda has a crush on you.” – Tilis said casually.



“..Go!!” – Penny said with whistling as a mark for them to start running.



“W-Wait, what did you said!!!” – Small Cheetah surprised with blushing, as her body respond to Penny whistling, she starts running without balance and,


“*Blum*, ..Ouch…” – Small Cheetah falling down.


As everyone watching Small Cheetah falling down just after the game start,

*Cold Sweat*,

“……” – everyone just keeps quiet.


“..This is why I told her to not listening to whatever Tilis said.” – Cecily said with headaches.


(Ah, so this is what Vice-President Tilis talking about?) – Echa thought.


“Ah! You were lying, weren’t you?!” – Small Cheetah angry with blushing.


“Who know.” – Tilis said as she already running ahead of Small Cheetah.


“..V-Vice-President Penny, that is against the rule, don’t you think?!” – Small Cheetah shout.

*Cold Sweat*,

“..Well, there is no specific rules that ban player to talk or distract her opponent by talking, not to mention you fall by your own fault, and if you don’t start run now, we will lose the game, you know that.” – Penny said with obvious eyes.


“..Ach, you are right!” – Small Cheetah said as she starts to running.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Now, I wonder who is ‘airhead’ now.” – Penny said to herself looking at Small Cheetah running.


As Small Cheetah realized her mistake, she starts running as fast as she can try to caught up with Tilis, who is already far away thanks for her tricks. But, as Tilis keeps increasing her speed while running from the beginning, she leaves Small Cheetah pretty far. And as soon as she gets closer to Echa.


*Huft, huft*,

“…I leave the rest to you, Echa.” – Tilis said as she tags Echa hand.


“..I-I will,,” – Echa said as she immediately running as fast as she can.


As Echa leaving Cecily behind, & trying to get to the finish line as fast as she can, few second later Cecily starts to running, trying to catch up with Echa.

*Huft, huft*,

(I need to won, I need to reach the finish line!) – Echa thought while trying to speed it up how she running.


But with the way Cecily running, soon she able to catch up with Echa even though she has a lot of head-start before. Yet it is not enough, meanwhile Echa that almost reach the finish line,

*Huft, Huft*, *Falling*,

“*Blum*, Arg,,” – Echa falling down.


“Echa!!” – Tilis said as she running to Echa seeing her falling.

“……” – Cecily just passing her without care what happen to Echa.


As Echa falling down, Cecily just keep quiet, passing her, & keep running to the finish line. And won the game. Letting Echa crying, as she doesn’t know which is more hurt, between her injured or her lose in the game.


Meanwhile, as Tilis try to get closer to Echa, she surprised that somebody already there. Sitting beside Echa, lifting her upper body little bit, with gentle smile that everyone loves to see & using sign language, he said,

<Are you alright?> – Pao said with sign language.


“Pao?!?!” – Tilis surprised,

“How did you get here?” – Tilis asks as she know that Pao wasn’t around at all before.


“…….” – Cecily surprised seeing Pao.

*Sob, Sob*,

“…….” – Echa crying while feeling her pain.

<We will talk later, how it looks?> – Pao asks looking at Tilis with sign language.

“N-Not sure, she probably got sprain herself, her knee is bleeding, we need to bring her to Infirmary room before they got infected.” – Tilis said as she observes Echa injured.

*Sob, Sob*,

“..V-Vice-President, I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I’m lose, I’m sorry,,” – Echa apologize as she crying.

“You don’t need to worry about it, I told you already, right. Whether we won or lose, it alright, okey. You already do your best, I know that.” – Tilis said while holding Echa hand,

“Pao, if you could,” – Tilis said asking Pao to carry Echa to the Infirmary Room.

<I know.> – Pao said with sign language.

But before Pao lifting Echa, Cecily approached Pao,

“P-Pao.” – she called him with low tone.


<… I will deal with you later.> – Pao said with sign language as he put angry eyes toward Cecily.


“…!!!” – Everyone surprised seeing Pao angry.


And so, as Tilis & Pao that currently carry Echa who is injured, they going to the Infirmary Room as soon as possible. Leaving behind Cecily & her Clubs that become awkwardly silent.


Meanwhile, not too far from the Tracks Clubs fields, the open windows from The Student Councils Room, a girl sitting on her chair with her game console on her hands, looking the whole things that just happened like it was nothing to her,

*Smirk, Giggle*,

“Well, well, well, what unexpected reaction you have there, Pao?” – she said,

“You make myself wondering, what reason do you have, why do you care so much with that little prey of mine.” – she said,

“..and you know what, Pao. The more you care to her, the more I’m curious, the more I want to destroy her.” – she said with such scary voice & her malicious smile.


As the shadow of malicious smile remind behind the shadow, another hidden truth behind the reason, or even question still remind unanswered. But, no one knows who playing whom, only the puppets master would know, what is going to happened, what is next. As she knows, that she can’t remind on silent forever.




To be Continue.

By; Resaid of Story


This story is fiction.

All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

Bored with Relationship

Bored with Relationship.jpeg

“Relationship is not like belongings that you can throw when you grow Bored with it.”


Relationship is not tools, it’s not for fulfilling your lust, hurting them, throw them whenever you got bored with them, if that’s the way you love, then why you still wondering about your own action.

Better than Nothing

Better than Nothing

“It’s True Sorry doesn’t change Anything, but it doesn’t mean Nothing, and better than Nothing.”


Words that already being spoken can’t be taking back, so you need to do something with your action, apologize is one of them, not because you are wrong or right, but because you know there is something important than your own ego.

Live your Life

Live your Life.jpg

“Believe in Wonder, Love and Happiness!

Look Forward, no back! Do what you want to do and be proud of it

because you’re the only one who has to live your life.”


it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, how many relative that being nice to you, even how many stranger passing by, in the end you are the only one who live your life according your own accur,,no one else.

Bunny Diary Chapter 10; Teach & Learn

Bunny Diary Chapter 10; Teach & Learn

Bunny Diary Chapter 10; Teach & Learn.jpg

Some say life is a circle. Sometime you are up, & sometime you are down, but there is no mentioning about left or right. When you are down, fall, & crumble, there is only one way to go, and that is up. But again, there is nothing mentioning about left or right.


Maybe that is when we learn, the moment we fall, we learn ours mistakes either from right or left. The moment we rise, we learn to step forward either from right or left, as long as we trying, there is nothing that pointless.


Whether you choose to fail by trying & success in the end, or doing nothing & regret it later on, which one do you prefer?


Most of us would prefer the first choice, yet that would be not so easy as it looks like. Because there is nothing easy in this world, because they keep making a mistake, & because of they didn’t look at themselves beforehand, many people stuck within their own problem.


But, is that all what you got? Is that all what you can do?


Making a mistake within your life is not wrong, as long as you didn’t make the same in the future, then you can keep moving forward. Because the moment you making the same mistake, it’s not a mistake but a choice, & The Circle of life would never turn that way.


You know what is wrong with life?

That is when you live a life perfectly without a single mistake in your whole life. Well, that kind of life is nothing but a dream.


No one is perfect. Even a successful man climbing the hardness of life before he actually reaches where he standing right now. But that’s not the end, life still continue teaching, we still continue learning, & the circle, keep spinning.


Either we stay where we belong or fall only to rise again, everything is your choice.


Back to The Story.

At Drama Clubs room, the day after Echa requested help from Paola, Panda, & Reanna. With the good news she brings, she tries to come to Drama Club much earlier than she usually does, to give surprised to others. Yet as she opened the door of Drama Clubs,

“Good Morning eve. . .” – Before she finishes her greeting, one boy with painting on both of his hands greeting her.

“Good Morning, Echa.” – said one boy passing her.

“Oh Enchi, Good Morning there.” – said one girl with some dress on her hand passing Echa with smile.

*Little Confused*,



As Echa confused seeing many of the member already coming, & seeing all of them already prepared something, she couldn’t say a single thing.


“Are you going to standing in front of the door or are you going to let people to come in?” – say mysterious person behind Echa.


“Eh?!?!” – as Echa surprised she try to look at the person behind her back,

“Vice-President Tilis!!”


“Te-he, Good morning, Echa.” – Tilis said with beautiful smile,


“So, are you going to let me in or are you going to stopping me in?” – Tilis said suddenly with malicious smile.

“Arg, I’m sorry!” – said Echa moving to the side,
(Woah,, that was scary!!) – Echa thought.

“Just how many time I should say this to you, don’t just standing in front of the door, you never know when people in rush to go out from that door, you know.” – say Tilis while she walks in.

“Hehehe, Sorry, my bad, Vice-President.”

“Hmm, with you having that habit, no wonder you bumping with Pao.” – say Tilis with bored eyes.


“Eh?! W-Wait the minutes, how did you know that?”


“Who know, maybe you will found out the answer very soon.”



“But seriously, it quite surprising to see them working this hard early in the morning.” – Tilis said seeing the others member are working so hard.

“Agree.” – Echa said casually as she looks at the others member too.

As Tilis turn at Echa with *Cold Sweat*,

“W-Wait, you don’t know? I mean, you don’t know their reason to come this early morning?”

“Nope.” – answered Echa casually with straight-forward face.


“?!?!” – Tilis surprised.


“Hmm??” – Echa confused.

“Don’t you think that is obvious? They cleaning up & prepared things for our next shows, I’m talking about the good news you bring.” – Tilis said.


“Eh, but I didn’t tell them yet, I just got here myself, only President Sheila know about it. Since I was worried about her, so I told her first instead.”

*Cold Sweat*,

“Well, more or less I could guess what happened here, since I got 74 miscall & 135 messages from a certain annoying person.” – Tilis said with little bit annoyed.


“Eh?!?! From who?”

“For that question, I can answer that.” – Answer Sheila showing up in front of them.

“Oh, President Sheila. Good morning.” – Echa greeting.


“Oh, here she is, The Certain-Annoying-President-That-I-regret-to-have has come.” – Tilis said with annoyed eyes.

“Yo, Good morning, Enchi, and you, as foul as morning goes up, huh, Tilis?” – answered Sheila with different tone between them.


“Well, whose fault is that? Calling people 74 time at 3 o’clock in the morning, do you wish for your own dead that badly, if so, I will be gladly to grant your wish.” – Tilis said with annoyed eyes.



“Hahaha, Sorry, sorry. But this is a big news, you know. I was too exciting that I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.” – Sheila said as she walks following Echa & Tilis that wanted to put their bags in locker.

“So, are you saying you didn’t sleep at all yesterday?” – Tilis asks.


“Yes!!” – Sheila answered.

“And, where were you last night?” – Tilis casually asks again.

“Hmmm, let me see. Yesterday, after school, since Wolfrik busy with his study, & you busy somewhere else, so everyone spends their time trying to cheer me up, until I got call from Enchi. After that, we have party to celebrate that good news.” – answered Sheila with a big smile.

“Okey, whose money you use for that party?” – Tilis asks casually.

“Ours money, of course.” – Sheila answered casually too.


“Ours? You mean the money from Drama Clubs?” – Tilis asks.

“Yeah.” – Sheila answered casually.


“…….” – as Tilis & Echa become speechless, Tilis stared at Sheila.

“…??? What?” – Sheila said.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Woe, Y-You know that we need the money to buy some equipment & paper to recruits more member, right?” – asks Tilis doubted Sheila.


“For what? Don’t you think we have enough member right now? And the equipment we still have it, so why we need to buy a new one?” – asks Sheila.


“As I thought, you don’t know about that, huh.” – Tilis said as she got headache.


“About what?” – Sheila got more confused.

“Echa, what is ‘her’ message after ‘she’ accept your request? You meet ‘her’, right?”


“Her?? Who???” – Sheila confused.


“Oh yeah, I meet her. I’m not sure if I remember her message correctly, but she said ‘if the condition is not granted, what did you expect?’” – Echa said realizing what Tilis mean while trying to remember,

“Though, I’m not sure what she means that time. But she said, President Sheila would understand once I pass the message.” – Echa explain.

“So, with that being said. You know what is that mean, right?” – Tilis said with bored eyes.


“Huh!!” – Sheila surprised,


“W-Wait, what do you mean with that?” – Sheila become more confused.

“It exactly what you hear.” – Tiris said casually.

*Cold Sweat*,

“B-But I thought that was Paola manuscripts!” – Sheila said still not believe.

“No matter how you look at it, Paola manuscripts is not exactly hers. From the way story goes the first 5 pages was hers, but the rest is her big sister, Reanna.” – Tiris said casually.


“Urg. No way.” – Sheila in fear.


“… hmm, what is happened?” – Echa confused.

“hmm, well, I don’t blame you that you don’t understand what it means behind those message.” – said Tilis looking at Echa,

“You probably already know that Reanna is a Professional Author, right? She always does everything perfectly, and act accordingly. If you want her to write story for your shows, you need at least to follow her conditions.” – Tilis explain.



“And what is that conditions?” – Echa asks.

“The conditions are actually pretty easy. She will help you, write manuscripts for you as long as the shows goes according her. Basically, she wants to be the ‘Director of her own Manuscripts’ & doing the shows as perfect as we may can.” – Tilis explain.

“Wow, it sounds easy.” – Echa said casually.

“It may sound easy, but believe me it’s not. Among the trouble she makes, one of them is background-role.” – Tilis said warn Echa.


“Background-role?? What about them??” – Echa more confused.

“So far every manuscript you write or the others member write are basically focus on the main character. Then you start focus on second & third character, and goes on until your final character.” – say Tilis try to explain.


“Uh-hu.” – Echa nodded.

“Then how about the background character? The useless one, or in some case they called mob character, they are nothing but background. And as I told you, Reanna love perfection on her jobs, which mean she put every character as detail as the main character. Their movement, their cloths, even what they are talking about.” – Tilis explain,

“That’s why we need more people than we already have, as far as I know her, she definitely had so many character she would write in the story, & even though we doing the same story as sequels, I believe she would make the whole different story with the same story. The content inside the manuscripts become more complex but it also more perfect, on her opinion at least.” – say Tilis got headache.


“Huh!!! A-And, what will gonna be happened when we didn’t fulfill her condition?” – asks Echa little bit scared.


“Simple. She just gives us a quarter of the original manuscripts randomly, & she would refuse to help on the same manuscripts for the second time until we fulfill her condition.” – say Tilis casually with bored eyes.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Urg. Doesn’t looks simple to me.” – say Echa.


“Well, she would always do her job perfectly, almost every time she leads the shows, we had request from all over the place, even much more than when Panda play his role.” – Sheila said while still depress.


“Woah. For real???” – Echa Amazed.

“Tilis, do you think we can manage all the stuff with our current money?” – Sheila asks Tilis while looking at her.


“Depending on how much we need & how we creatively used them, it would be difficult to tell.” – Tilis said casually.


“Urg . . .” – Sheila become more depress.

“Ah, don’t be depress President Sheila! Please, you don’t need to worry! There must be a way to solve this problem, right Vice-President?” – Echa said trying to convince Sheila & asks to Tilis.


“You are too nice to her, Echa. Don’t bother to worry her, it was this ‘Witch’ fault to begin with anyway.” – Tilis said with annoyed.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Hehehe, T-Then how about Vice-President forgive her this once & told her not to do that again.” – Echa said with a little bit scared seeing Tilis got annoyed.

“How nice of you, Enchi. I hope I have a nice Vice-President & a nice junior just like you.” – said Sheila looking at Echa,

“Did you see that Tilis? Why you can’t just be nice like Enchi?” – Sheila said as she pointed at Tilis.

*Pissed Off*,

“And I wonder how exactly I got such ‘a spoiled brat’ like you as my leader?” – said Tilis as she looking down at Sheila who still depressed with annoyed eyes.


“Oh no, P-Please don’t fight you two! Please calm down Vice-President! And you too President Sheila, please don’t start taunting Vice-President Tilis!!” – Echa said trying to stop Sheila & Tilis before they fight.


“Urg,, Sorry.” – Sheila apologized,

“So, what do you think? Can we make it?” – asks her with depression tones to Tilis.


“Like I said, all is depending on how we managed things. I didn’t say there is a zero chance, all I said is we could make it in certain condition, & even if we failed, we can use ‘That’ method as ours last resort.” – Tilis said casually with face that described she don’t care at all.

*Cold Sweat*,

“O-Okey.” – say both of Echa & Sheila after seeing how Tilis expression while saying that.


“B-But what do you mean by ‘That’ method, Vice-President?” – Echa asks.


“You will see it later, right Sheila?” – said Tilis with malicious smile at the end of her line.
*Cold Sweat*,

“… Y-Yeah.” – Sheila said with shivering.

*Cold Sweat*,

(Woah, if this is something that make President Sheila shivering like this, then I don’t think it’s something good & I don’t want to ask about it either.) – Echa thought as she looking at how depressed her President & how satisfied her Vice-President.



“Okey, with that being said, let start doing our job, Echa could you help me?” – asks Tilis.


“Eh? Now? B-But President Sheila still depression?” – Echa asks.

“Yeah, & I ‘don’t give a d*mn thing’ about that, I need to be somewhere else today.” – Tilis said with casually without care.

*Cold Sweat*,

“..V-Vice-President, can you at least holding back a little bit? I think that was quite harsh.” – Echa said scared.

“Again??? Don’t you think you are too carefree as a second-year student, Tilis?” – asks Sheila looking at Tilis.


“And don’t you think you are not much different, despite you are a third-year student?” – Tilis said as she looking down on Sheila.


“W-wait the minutes, both of you, please don’t fight!!” – Echa shout as she couldn’t stop both them.


As they keep taunting each other as their fight, the fight last for two hours, in the end Tilis decide to leave & doing her job as if she is the victor, meanwhile Sheila become more depressed as if she is the loser. Though, no one knows who exactly is the winner on their own fight. But looks like Echa is the most exhausted one there.


Time passed. Just before lunch-break finish. In front of Class 2-C.

*Knock, Knock*,

“Hey, is Echa inside?” – asks Tilis to one of Echa classmate.

“Oh, she is over there. Echa, your Vice-President from Drama Club looking for you.” – answered her as she called for Echa.

As Echa leaving Terra with her others friend who just finish their lunch-box, she said,


“So, here she is.” – said Echa classmate.

“Thanks you.” – Tilis said.

“No problem.” – said Echa classmate as she going away.



“I’m here, Vice-President.” – Echa said in front of Tilis,

“What brings you here, Vice-President?” – asks her.

“You don’t need to be so formal outside the Drama Clubs, Echa.” – Tilis said,

“We are on the same years anyway.” – she said casually.

“Hehehe, sorry, it a habit.” – Echa say,

“So, what brings you here, Tilis? You said you need to be somewhere else after lunch-break.” – Echa asks.

“Correct. And it’s regarding that, do you want to come with me?” – Tilis asks.


“To where?” – Echa asks.


“You will know the answer later, so you coming or not?” – Tilis asks.

“But I have class after lunch-break, don’t you have class too, Tilis?” – asks Echa.

“I do have class after this, but we have the permission from both the Principal & the Students Council. As long as you can keep up with the others, I think that would be fine to skip the class.” – Tilis explained,

“It’s not that we skip the class to having fun anyway, right Sheena?” – said Tilis with smile.


As Sheena show up behind Echa with her bag on her hand she said,

“Well, depending on how your perspective, I did rather say ‘more or less’.”


“Eh?! Sheena?! You coming with Tilis too?” – Echa asks.

“Yeah, all the member of Students Council & students who were listed are coming too.” – explain Sheena.

*More Curious*,

“Arg,, where you guys going actually?” – asks Sheena.


“If I did say ‘we are going to see Panda’ would you throw another questions on us, Enchi the Bunny?” – Sheena said with smile.


With that being said Echa suddenly become quiet, going back to her seat quietly, cleaned up her stuff, & taking her bag with her. Meanwhile Sheena & Tilis looking at each other with bored eyes,


“…..” – Tilis staring at Sheena.


“Problem solved.” – Sheena said with bored eyes,

“If we are going to go with her to surprised her, we would never go unless her questions being answered completely.” – she explains.

*Amazed with Monotones*,

“You know, for a seconds there, I really didn’t recognize you. What a weird girl.” – Tilis said casually.


“And looks who is talking.” – Sheena said with bored eyes.


As Echa regroup with Sheena & Tilis, they eventually going to the Front Gate where the others Student Council member & the other student waiting for them. And as they regrouped, they are goings to their destinations. Using trains as their transportation.


An hour later. At their destination, they arrived at small village that close by city where they live.


“Okey everyone, let’s not waste our time! Take your bag & let’s get going..!” – Sheena shout.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Arg,, We are not there yet? Where are we anyway?” – Echa asks.


“Hahaha, Sheena, you didn’t tell her anything?” – asks one of Students Council.

“Nope.” – Sheena answered casually.

“Hahahaha, so cruel, do you want me to explained everything’s to her?” – he asks.

*Cold Tone*,

“Do whatever you want.” – Sheena answered with cold tones.

“Hahahaha, you sure about that, but don’t be jealous at me later on, okey.” – he said as he walk so close by Sheena back.


“If you can’t ‘Shut the H*ll up your mouth & walk your d*mn legs’ I would be gladly to ‘M*rder’ you here!!” – Sheena said as she turns around with such a scary face.


“…….” – everyone quiet as they got scared.


“Hahahaha, that is so sweet of you, Darling.” – he said with smile.


“Who do you calling ‘Darling’, you @ssh*le!” – Sheena said as she throws a thick book at his face.


“..Ouch!” – Direct hit.

*Cold Sweat*,

(Woah, he is scarier & creepier than Sheena. And I never see Sheena being like that before, or at least no one dare.) – Echa thought as she steps back a little.

“You just never give up, huh, ‘Cockroach’?” – say Tilis with bored eyes.

“Hahaha, thanks you for the compliment.” – he said with smile,

“Oh hello there, nice to meet you. My name is Mike, 17 years old, born in the middle of world, stars sign, favorite food you can asks me later, & maybe you already know that I’m one of Student Council, but actually I’m also Sheena boyfriend. Pleasure to meet you too.” – he said to Echa with smile.


“And who exactly you called ‘your girlfriend’, you ‘d*mn’ pervert!!!” – Sheena said with annoyed.

“Hahaha, she loved me.” – Mike laughs as he walks side by side Echa.


“Arg,,” – Echa got chilled while stepping back from him.


“….” – Tilis hit him on head with her book.

“Ouch!! What was that for, it hurt!!” – Mike said as he turns at Tilis in pain.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Tilis, don’t you think you hit him too hard?” – Echa said looking at how hard Tilis hit Mike.


“… Just wait for it …” – Tilis said with bored eyes.


“W-Will you hit me more harder?!?!” – Mike said with happy face.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Arg..” – Echa little freak out.

“See what I mean?” – Tilis said casually,

“This ‘Cockroach’ may looks like a delinquent & have a twisted head, but believe me he is smarter than he may looks like, in fact he is the most useful guy in Students Council.” – Tilis Explain.


“Eh? You mean he is a hard working guy?” – Echa said surprised.


“Ew,, What was that for? I didn’t want that kind of words.” – Mike said disappoint hearing that.

*Bored eyes*,

“Nope. I said exactly what I said. This ‘Cockroach’ will gladly do every paper jobs alone, do some errand, & even roll over if you ask him to. Basically he is ‘Dog’.” – Tilis said casually.

*Cold Sweat*,

“Arg, you are harsh, Tilis.” – Echa said.


“I am. But look at how happy he is. He even forgot what he would like to tell you.” – Tilis said with pointed her finger to Mike.

*Cold Sweat*,

“….” – Echa speechless.

“By the way, you don’t need to worry. It just takes 15 minutes from the station to get to our destination.” – Tilis explain.


“… Where, exactly we are going Tilis?” – Echa asks.


“I’m sorry, but the girl who asks me to do her favor asks me not to tell you a things & see by yourself.”


“Girl? Who?” – Echa asks as she become more curious.


As they keep walking among the nature, they actually enjoy themselves as if they are on camp. Chat by chat, step by step, filling their trips, as if the fatigue from the distance they take doesn’t matter.


15 minutes later.

They arrive at school building. There is no gate or anything, but the school itself is big. Not to mention the nature surrounding the school building making it more different than the school at the city. As they arrived, they immediately walk to the school building direction, while Tilis going different way.



“Woah, w-where are we?” – Echa asks while being amazed by what she look.


“Echa, follow me.” – Tilis said while walking to different direction with the others.


“Eh? O-Okey.” – Echa said running following Tilis,


“Where are we going? We’re not going with the others?” – she asks.


“She is already waiting for us at the Garden, she said. Better we hurry.” – Tilis said after reading her message in her phone.


“Like I said, who exactly you talking about, Tilis?” – Echa asks as she become more curious.


“I’m talking about Reanna.” – Tilis said with smile.


“Eh!? Reanna!?”


In the Garden behind the school building. Under the big old tree.

“ ‘… and so, when the Prince who was chosen as a King refused to be a King, everyone in the Kingdom surprised. For what reason he refused that, for what reason he trying to leaves that, because many people want to be a King.’ Anyone know the answer?” – Reanna asks as she telling a story under the tree while her students sit on the grass.

“.. me Ms. Reanna, me.” – said one of her student.

“… No way, you already got your turn, it’s my turn now.” – said one of little girl.


“Okey, okey, don’t fight everyone.” – said Reanna trying to make them calm,

“Okey, your turn Tina.” – she said with smile.

“O-Oh, okey. Uhmm, the Prince choose to leave his throne because he wants to live happily ever after with the Princess as an ordinary people.” – she answered.

“Eww, what is that, the Prince is the dark heroes, he loves to fight & adventures, so of course he doesn’t want to stay in the boring room like in the throne room.” – said one of the boys.


“Well, none of you was correct.” – Reanna said with smile.

“Then why is that, Ms. Reanna?” – asks one of her student.

“It’s because the Prince feel unworthy to be a King. He knows that he spills the blood for his people. But there is no good King who use his people as an excuse to kill & take others Kingdom. Fear & power is not the only way to rule over people. There are many ways to do it, but it doesn’t matter whose sits on the Throne of absolute power, many has fail, many has corrupt, & in the end of it, they being blinded by the power itself. To be able to see the world in the better way, in better possibility to help not only his people but also others. He chooses to leave his Throne.” – said one girl standing behind Reanna student.


“…. Welcome back, Ms. Tilis.” – Reanna said with smile.

“Ms. Tilis!!!” – everyone shouts happily, as they stood, they running at her direction.


“You never got tired to tell that story, huh, Reanna?” – said Tilis.


“Well, what I can do, they love the story of ‘Elysium Legend’ more than anyone.” – said Reanna with gentle.

“You may say that, but that part alone, I don’t know how many time I hear that story from you.” – Tilis said as she patting the children heads.


“Ms. Tilis, who is that girl behind you?” – asks one of little girl.

“Is she gonna be our new teacher?” – asks one of little boy.


“Everyone, let me introduce to you, this is Ms. Echa, she is the stars of Drama Clubs, say hello to her.” – Tilis said with smile to them.

“Good Afternoon, Ms. Echa..” – said everyone together.

*Little Nervous*,

“G-Good Afternoon, everyone.” – Echa said.

“… Uhmm, Ms. Echa, Ms. Echa, can I asks you something?” – asks one little girl.

“Of course you can, what is it?” – Echa said with smile.

“Are you Enchi the Bunny?” – asks little girl casually.


“Yes, I am.” – she said with smile.


“Wooaahh,,” – Everyone said at the same time, as they suddenly running to Echa direction, hugging her, handshakes her, & ask a question at the same time.


“Eh? Eeeehhh?” – Echa confused with their action.


As the children filled with excitement, without Echa knowing, those children are a big fan of her. In the end, she is being swarm by children who asking her autograph & question how she can be so awesome.


Few Minutes later.


“Finally, it ended.” – said Echa sitting beside Reanna.


“Sorry, Echa. It’s just that they are a big fan of you. They love you, they really do. They want to be just like you.” – Reanna said with smile.

“N-No, it’s fine for me. I’m glad to be able to help you. And since you promise me to invite me to the school, I think it’s like two birds in a single direction.” – Echa said.


“Hahaha, I thought you did forget that promise, since Tilis said you don’t understand what she means. Hahaha.” – Reanna laugh.

*Little Embarrass*,

“W-Well, sorry about that.” – Echa said trying to hide her embarrass.

“Hahaha, it okey.”


“Uhm, by the way, where did Tilis go with the children?” – asks Echa looking around.

“Oh Tilis, she is going back to her class. It’s her class now, she is teaching ‘How to write’.” – answered Reanna.


“Eh?? Reanna is also a teacher?” – Echa surprised.


“Hahaha, I can understand how you can be so surprised like that, and I didn’t blame you for it.” – Reanna said,

“But everyone who is coming with you today is also a teacher in this school.” – she said with smile.

*Even more Surprised*,

“Eh!! Even someone like Mike!!! For real!! Don’t you think it dangerous??” – Echa surprised.


“Hahaha, what is with that look, Echa.” – Reanna smile looking at Echa,

“You don’t need to worry, even though Mike is a twisted person, when he talking about love, family, & rising child, he is the most serious person among all.” – explain Reanna.


“Huh?! Really?” – Echa said still not believing.

“Yeah, if he is not serious about love, why do you think he keep chasing after Sheena even though he being rejected harshly.” – Reanna said with smile,

“He may look crazy on the surfaces, but you won’t know what happened to him from within.” – she said gentle.


“Wow, I didn’t know that.” – Echa said.


“Well, even I don’t know about that part of him.” – Reanna said with smile.


“Huh? Then how you can tell how Mike actually are?” – Echa asks as she surprised & confused.


“Who do you think a person who can understand others feeling without they even knowing or even talk about it, as if you were a book?” – asks Reanna with smile.

“…hmm, a-are you talking about Panda?” – Echa said trying to guessing.

“Hahaha, Bingo. I know you did know the answer, hahaha.” – Reanna laugh.

“…hhmmm, Reanna, talking about Panda, where he is?” – Echa asks.


“We may not able to see him, but he can see us clearly.” – Reanna said as she looks at sky.


“Eh!! Is he dead??” – Echa surprised.


“Hahahahahaha, No, that is not what I mean, *pufft*, hahahaha, sorry, sorry.” – Reanna laughs at Echa.


“What’s so funny?” Echa confused.


“I’m laughing too much on this chapter, won’t you stop it already?” – Reanna said,

“I mean, I did read the script, but I didn’t really think that would be this funny. *huft* my stomach hurt.” – Reanna complain.


“Reanna, who is you talking to?” – Echa confused.

“Eh? Oh, I just talk with the Author, despite I shows up on the end of pages, twice, he really makes me working much harder than anyone else, I bet he doesn’t know how to end this chapter again.” – said Reanna.


“Reanna, I’m loss. I don’t know what you really mean.”


“No need to worry about that, he is fine, he is fine, alive.” – Reanna said with smile.

“Panda??” – Echa said seem happy.

“Yeah, try to look at the school buildings, third floor, one line with this tree, you can see a classroom, the fifth windows from the left, we can clearly see him from here, just like him seeing us from there.” – Reanna explained as her eyes meets with Panda.


“…He really is there.” – Echa said as she looking at him teaching his students,

“What he is currently teaching to them, I wonder. Reanna, do you know about that?” – asks Echa to Reanna.

“…Hmm, Pao is good at almost every lesson. It doesn’t matter self-study or teaching, he is good for both. So I really can’t tell unless I’m asking him. Sorry about that.” – said Reanna trying to apologized.

“Eh, no, it’s okey. I just curious, so it’s fine for me.” – Echa said trying to stop Reanna to apologized.

*Beep, Beep,*,

“Oh! Currently he have Mathematics, & give them a little surprised test. *Giggle*, So, I guess they really do surprise with the test.” – Reanna said while reading her message on her phone & tell a joke a little.


“Huh? Wait, you just texting him? Is that even allowed?” – Echa surprised as she looks what Reanna doing.


“Hehehe, actually not. But I’m the only one person who he would never ignored. So, don’t worry about it.” – Reanna said with smile.

*Cold Sweat*,

“I do worry about it, though. There are some students on test, anyway.” – Echa said with worry.




As they laugh together, with story by story, & question with question, filling the empty gap between them. As the wind blowing gently, the grass & flowers dance together, alongside with the bird & butterfly above them, and without Echa realized, she has been amazed by how beautiful the Garden are.


“Do you like it?” – asks Reanna suddenly.


“Eh? What is it?” – Echa surprised.


“Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to surprised you.” – Reanna said with smile,

“All I want to know is, do you like it? The Garden, the schools, & the natures.” – she asks.

“Y-Yeah, I like it. It different than the school at the city, and it more quiet here.” – Echa said while looking around.


“You can say that because we are outside of the school building, Echa. If we were inside, I’m pretty sure it not much different. Hahaha.” – Reanna laugh.

“Hehehe, sorry. Since it’s completely different from my impression of this school, so I was quite surprised back there.” – Echa said with smile.

“Impression? Did someone tell you about this school before?” – Reanna asks.


“Yes, it was Ursiblue Big Brother. He told me that Panda help those poor people & disable people by giving them a free school, I was thinking they doing it in the city with small building, but I didn’t think it would be school with 5 floors. Even for school, that is already big.” – said Echa impressed.


“For beginning, yes. But Pao said soon or later some big company will being hired to removed them. So, we choose the closest village to the city & move here to be safe.” – explained Reanna,

“Originally the schools building itself only one floor, but then ever since we got help from all direction, we decided to make a change, since the number of the student also increase.” – said Reanna with smile,

“Hmm, that’s so cool, but how Panda the other can keep up? I mean they have school, skipping class every time is also not good. Is there some arranged scheduled?” – Echa asks curious.


“Correct, but you don’t need to worry, Echa. Your school is not the only one who participated, there are also other school too. Those who don’t understand, Pao will teach them, & they learn. As they learn, they will be teaching the others, that’s how it works here.” – Reanna explained,

“The adult & the teacher from different school also tries to help too, so we have more than enough people.” – Reanna said.


“You know what, to tell you the truth, actually Pao is not allowed to come today.” – said Reanna as she suddenly change her expression.


“Eh, why?!” – Echa asks.

“Because everyone loves him. I told you, right. He is one of the best, but he also have another project that he need to be done. Not to mention his weak body, keep getting weaker. Yet, he still thinking of others before himself, that’s why sometime I hated him. I hated him for not thinking of himself, but in the same time I couldn’t help myself to hated him at all.” – said Reanna talking to herself.

“Reanna?” – asks Echa seeing Reanna sad expression.

“Hmm, sorry to make you worried, Echa. I shouldn’t say something that wasn’t in the script. Hey, can you help me to get on my Wheelchairs?” – asks Reanna with smile.

“Of course.” – Echa said.


“Thanks, and since you are here, how about we looking around? Perhaps one day you can become a teacher here too.” – said Reanna with smile.

“That would be a good idea, if I’m not as easy to embarrassed as I am now.” – said Echa with smile.


“And, that was coming from the same person who is actually stars of Drama Clubs, really?” – Reanna asks with little joke.

“Hehehe, you are right.” – Echa laugh.


And so.

As Reanna try to showing around the school building to Echa, by the time she going in. Many students running at her every time she visits or passing one class. She being swarm by student who ask for autographs or even photographs, meanwhile Reanna herself just laughs seeing Echa getting trouble with her fans.


With smile & laughs filling every class that Echa visits, she spends her day answered her fans question. One by one, to the point the sunset has finally come & it’s time for Echa and the others to go home. For her, knowing she is quite famous but unknowingly she had fans that remember her characters, it relieved all her stress & fatigue she had before.


And she ready to face what is coming.



To be continue.


This story is fiction.

All persons, groups, places, laws, and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

By; Resaid of Story.